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  1. Are you gonna provide ninja rewards to all again ? I mean to those who already got rewards from the last ninja event
  2. Will the rewards of Ninja & War also be increased or they will remain same ?
  3. This will cost us a lot of gold for maximum prolonging ?
  4. Yes Yes Yes ! I Hope you'll find a way to do it ?
  5. They can add country name with the flag look at this screenshot ✌
  6. This is a screenshot from a game I used to play here they are showing the flag of a player's country & also the name of the country, so Flare can also add the name of country beneath the flag like that ?
  7. Every time when someone sends me friend request in game I need to ask him "Where're You From" so his thing will help us to know where from a player is online ?
  8. Yeah I know flare won't but giving them our ideas can change their minds lol Lets clarify your question: I am talking about the 24h bonus which is only 1 gem I've seen 2-3 games which provides resources like gems to their player every half an hour or every hour, I thought flare should also add such bonus for us (Royal Revoltians) ✌
  9. Oh yeah I need to improve my pro league skills ?
  10. I've seen many multiplayer games having hourly bonuses of their currency, just like we have Gems in "Royal Revolt 2" 1 gem per day is not enough please add something more than that ✌
  11. My Answers 1. A- Russia B-USA C-Brasil 2. Player Geoff Hurst, England vs West Germany - World Cup 1966 3. 3. Indonesia. France World Cup 4. Egypt vs Uruguay 5. Pakistan (Sialkot City Punjab) 6. OFC - Oceania Football Confederation 7. England and Netherland 8. Brasil and Germany 9. World Cup 2014 - Brasil ( 14 Goals) 10. Norway - 8 Goals =1938 (2) ,1994 (1) & 1998 (5) My IGN: Professor-X Game I Play : Royal Revolt 2
  12. Why Granny Event running without any official announcements this is 2nd time you gave us an event without any announcements before Granny same thing happened with Blacksmith Meltdown Event
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