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  1. ProfessorX

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Are you gonna provide ninja rewards to all again ? I mean to those who already got rewards from the last ninja event
  2. ProfessorX

    New war mechanism coming?

    Will the rewards of Ninja & War also be increased or they will remain same ?
  3. ProfessorX

    New war mechanism coming?

    This will cost us a lot of gold for maximum prolonging ?
  4. ProfessorX

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    Yes Yes Yes ! I Hope you'll find a way to do it ?
  5. ProfessorX

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    They can add country name with the flag look at this screenshot ✌
  6. ProfessorX

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    This is a screenshot from a game I used to play here they are showing the flag of a player's country & also the name of the country, so Flare can also add the name of country beneath the flag like that ?
  7. Every time when someone sends me friend request in game I need to ask him "Where're You From" so his thing will help us to know where from a player is online ?
  8. ProfessorX

    Add Hourly Bonuses

    Yeah I know flare won't but giving them our ideas can change their minds lol Lets clarify your question: I am talking about the 24h bonus which is only 1 gem I've seen 2-3 games which provides resources like gems to their player every half an hour or every hour, I thought flare should also add such bonus for us (Royal Revoltians) ✌
  9. ProfessorX

    Add Hourly Bonuses

    Oh yeah I need to improve my pro league skills ?
  10. ProfessorX

    Add Hourly Bonuses

    Hell Yeah ?
  11. ProfessorX

    Add Hourly Bonuses

    I've seen many multiplayer games having hourly bonuses of their currency, just like we have Gems in "Royal Revolt 2" 1 gem per day is not enough please add something more than that ✌
  12. ProfessorX

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    My Answers 1. A- Russia B-USA C-Brasil 2. Player Geoff Hurst, England vs West Germany - World Cup 1966 3. 3. Indonesia. France World Cup 4. Egypt vs Uruguay 5. Pakistan (Sialkot City Punjab) 6. OFC - Oceania Football Confederation 7. England and Netherland 8. Brasil and Germany 9. World Cup 2014 - Brasil ( 14 Goals) 10. Norway - 8 Goals =1938 (2) ,1994 (1) & 1998 (5) My IGN: Professor-X Game I Play : Royal Revolt 2
  13. ProfessorX

    Sudden Granny Event

    Why Granny Event running without any official announcements this is 2nd time you gave us an event without any announcements before Granny same thing happened with Blacksmith Meltdown Event
  14. Yar mujhey game kiun quit karwaya phir lol ?