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  1. Cost benefit analysis

    the presence of Captain Morgan is very important and is a great help as a reminder that it was alysea
  2. Cost benefit analysis

    transparency towards its customers seems to be not important for flaregames
  3. Bug Report - Ajax is really bad

    it would be right, besides the medium-high lvl Ajax and Athena only serve to make resources
  4. bug invocations

    I do not know, always from the store I downloaded a game of gamelofte when the game starts the cursor of the mosue changes
  5. bug invocations

    I immediately thought so too, but it would have been a mistake if it had been a single invocation, but 2 invocations at the same time are not a mistake, it's physically impossible
  6. Trophies Criteria

    for me this is an injustice
  7. bug invocations

    hi @HOLYDIVINE, what you say could have happened if it had only one invocation, but two invocations at the same time can not be clicked by mistake.In addition, a system to avoid using a single invocation is to put a mouse cursor clearly visible, but the developers have never wanted to do anything by hiding behind the fact that Microsoft does not allow it
  8. bug invocations

    while I was attacking a lvl 102 player, so weak that I was playing with only the hero without troops, the game thought to use not one but two invocations at the same time, stealing gems from me. @CaptainMorgan please check and solve this possible bug because it is disgusting, I feel robbed
  9. Trophies Criteria

    however, the choice to reduce the maximum of lost trophies was a choice in the right direction
  10. Trophies Criteria

    I confirm
  11. Lega Nord looking for player

    and today there are the consultations by Mattarella
  12. Bug Report - Ajax is really bad

    I think it's time to bring back Athena and Ajax as they were before the heavy nerf
  13. I agree, these defenses are not hard, but they are monotonous, I remember meeting you twice on the map with these defenses. They pass easily, I do not agree to call the Phoenix because they are converted soon and if they manage to pass they are all killed by that tower of poseidone, the trebuchet would serve but because of their stupidity they are all converted. The effective way is to play the "Rambo mode" but the game is monotonous because you face 50 opponents, 50 difrese equal ... in practice you do 50 times the same attack
  14. you are an expert player and you know that with these defenses that you often meet because you use them all, are out of reach of damocles and pheme is not enough to destroy nyx (at least pheme that you have with 17000 trophies, with 18000 I do not know) . I do not play in autoplay because I do not like it, and all the attacks I do in manual as well as units I prefer griffins, trebuchets and hydra or spearmen. Every time I find myself facing paths with only the hero, obviously I can not use all the heroes because with many of them the failure of the attack is guaranteed ...... and this you know That said, the defenses overcome them but the game is very monotonous, because you always fight with the same 2-3 heroes and always in the same way
  15. @HOLYDIVINE I also add that they all have the same defense scheme, and the game is monotonous and boring because there are no variations. The only one I met with different defenses, which were not based on nyx but on a studied path is Puria but he is an other level