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  1. @Madlen a simple question please :at which level we can have 120k cooldownd or 140k poison shield like old items? Please answer my, at lvl 132, lvl 135, lvl 150....lvl 3 millions.... lvl never because we are non elite and for this we are unworthy for anything? Can we have a concrete answer?
  2. At this point it is useless to speak, needless to spend money ceding to their promises (punctually not mantenyte), they had said that they would have solved instead it was all false, I do not say it with controversy but with the bitter finding that they have taken us deliberately in All this time There is only the elite!!!!
  3. @Philstar @d9d9 It is pointless to make war between us also because nothing has changed and the game "powers or no powers" remains unbalanced for still many months or perhaps forever P. S. for me is good helping lover player to grow fast, maybe is nee3some compensation for players like d9d9 who paid all in term of long lime for upgrade
  4. With 5 workers how long does it take to improve all the towers and barricades and qunti lvl you climb? At least this can tell us because you have the data and we need to understand how long it must remain guy'il "unbalanced" Thank you for an answer
  5. vasudeva1

    More balanced war system

    The players of these alliances would circumvent the obstacle by voluntarily reducing their trophies causing even problems to the players of lower LVL with which would be matched on the map
  6. vasudeva1

    AJAX is really UNSTOPPABLE

    the nerd of Ajax and Helios towers killed Ajax, I hope something will be done to bring him back to life
  7. "Enjoy your stronger items until the new levels come." ……….he don't said after new levels come 🙂 (a smile for you because we talk friendly and not in a hostile way)
  8. but now we are not discussing in a hostile way, we also discuss in a friendly way with you who are against us. Madlen and the developers said that the overpowered items could not be touched for technical difficulties, my solution allows to eliminate the technical difficulties and at this point it becomes only a speech of will. Since they said they wanted to solve the problem but that they were blocked from a technical point of view, now they can be happy because they can fix everything without problems P.S. Even if you have not overpowered items like you've always said, I'm sure if I had them, a strong player like you would be happy to play on par with others ... do not you think?
  9. we waited 6 months, we can wait a few more days if this serves to eliminate the disparities (I do not use the word privileges or gifts but "disparity" I think it is a suitable term)
  10. 1) having overpowered items is in fact a nerf for the defenses of all the other players2) the developers have always said that they did not fix the overpowered items because it was not technically possible, as opposed to some who did not suspect that it was only to protect an elite. My solution gives the possibility to solve what we have been told is a technical problem. If the developers do not want to adopt the solution that I proposed then the suspicion will become a confirmation, at which point we will save time to come to the forum to give our feedback knowing that it is only lost time since the feedback that does not come from some players they are systematically ignored.I made my proposal in good faith to try to help developers do what they say they want to do but have not succeeded due to technical problemsI repeat, playing overpowered items automatically means a nerf for the defenses of all the other players, you just said you're against nerf so I'm sure you'll understand
  11. I did not say that those players are fault, but I could ask you the same question: what fault do we have that we must be condemned to discrimination? However, the problem does not arise for you because you have always said that you do not have these items overpoweredP.S. I do not want to ruin the conversationhave a good day
  12. yes, for this reason I have proposed that the requirement to improve the defenses, but also the powers and the units must be the achievement of the lvl 132, to be made possible by updating a couple of temple in 2 weeks. I remember these players have had an advantage for 6 months and I think it's too much
  13. @Dheth what do you think about my solution ? i think is fair fast and easy to apply
  14. @Madlen when new lvls are added, the old buggy items will lose some of their effectiveness when a player who is now at lvl 131 will switch to lvl 132 ... up to the max of the new lvl? If the answer is affirmative is there a way to "force" these players to go up lvl? I better explain the second question, improving only the defense structures (towers and barricades) of how many lvl rises? I ask this because some players could be interested only in improving the defensive structures if this did not involve any "inflation" of the buggy items as a result they would have defenses and items always at the maximum.An easy solution would be to put as a requirement to improve the defenses to have the lvl 132 and at the same time when passing to lvl 132 the items are reported at the maximum value for that lvl. This solution that is easy to apply would eliminate problems in 1 or 2 weeks giving finally everyone the opportunity to play a game fair and all complaints would be deleted immediatelyIn this way, those who want to be clever and keep undeserved advantages should give up having better defensesP.S. you asked me for feedback and this solution that I propose does not require any technical complication and is applicable from the day the server update is released .... fast, easy and fair solution
  15. @Artemus @Hellslord I had proposed to put a cap for the items to the various lvl with the new update so that all the items were leveled to the maximum of the ascensional lvl, this would have eliminated every iniquity and every discord