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  1. if you want my ban just ask. Until then you are asked to rely on the words you read and not on the interpretations you want to give. I repeat made a turn on the forum of royal revolt and you'll see that we talk quietly of hacked servers
  2. 1) i told someone, someone means someone who has discovered the tricks of the game, if you read somewhere "developers" is your problem on the forum of royal revolt talking about hacked servers it may be possible that it happened here too and bugs have been discovered about gatekeepers, again for the umpteenth time: I'm responsible for what I say, not what you understand2) if instead you are trying to shut me up to eliminate the uncomfortable voices then I understand the meaning of this your intervention
  3. dear boy, fascism is dead and luckily there is freedom of speech, whether you like it or not
  4. but what courage do you come to talk about since they have filled you with all the gifts of the Titan League's blessings? made an alliance from scratch, play without the superblessings and then we will see if you come here to talk about lazy players and super odyssey
  5. I'm starting to meet Cadmus immortal as gatekeepers always in players of the famous top league alliances, maybe they know something that we mere mortals do not know, maybe the developers are going to intervene on Perseus and "someone" has "indicated" to "old friends" the system to have Cadmus immortal
  6. to recover the gap with the old items need at least 10 lvl which means at least 1 year, you are giving 1 year of advantage to your friends thank you very much, you have a way to behave unqualified. Please at least don't try to make fun of us thanks
  7. vasudeva1

    Teams deliberately losing + no upgrades.

    careful I think dumpster wants to go back to being a moderator or ask to appoint a moderator who thinks like him in order to silence every time we make speeches that he does not like (requests for a fair game)
  8. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    It's a nice idea, but Shiva is (a) God and not mythology and some might not like to put divinity and mythology together in the same way that a Christian would not like to see Jesus with Zeus. Moreover no one can kill Shiva, only Visnhu can stun him (even destroy Gandagerunda history), alternatively you could put heroes as Karna, Bishma, Arjuna I think this would please many.What do you think of the inclusion of heroes taken from the Mahabharata?P.S. personally I prefer Sri Vishnu as eternal and infinite as the universe itself 🙂
  9. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    It is true, but since this game has a strong attractive power, it could continue to yield with small tricks intended to keep new customers instead of stubbornly killing them with choices that I think are very questionable and then produce new games with a greater cost of time and resources.In practice if I have a product that has good potential I try to keep it alive and improve it instead of killing it at all costs and then start from scratch with a new product that is not said to be successful
  10. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    I hope they do not make the same mistakes made in the past and that they are a bit more far-sighted
  11. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    it's not a complaint, it's an observation. Not only will this also affect the wars where new players (also good and good) will have no chance to be competitive in the higher ties and having no opportunity to move forward will not make purchases and / or abandon the game. In my opinion these considerations should make them those who are above the developers, a minimum of corporate strategy in the medium term it takes, but it seems that here "surf on sight"
  12. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    it happens often there are many players of lvl 131 with few trophies and are on the map of players of lvl 110-115
  13. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    @Philstar my prediction is this:Forge more powerful and then add new lvl with great benefit for those who are today at lvl 130-131, (so me too) flaregames did this when the lvl was added from 115 to 131 and now they will do it again, again I would perseverively make money, but I think it's a disgusting thing because once again the old ones are helped and the new players are penalized. The problem of many players around lvl 100-115 is to face lvl 131 players with few trophies, this thing in the long run protests frustration and abandonment of the game. Flaregames as usual instead of making correct and intelligent choices continues to satisfy the demands of the old, the way of failure has been tracedI hope I'm wrong
  14. vasudeva1

    any Updates or new events???....something????

    sorry i delete my post