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  1. Trophy System

    I made some proposals in my various interventions, but if you accuse me of being a troll obviously my last post has hit the mark
  2. Trophy System

    @Infamous the problem is the total lack of transparency, in a normal system those who work more earn more, but here who does nothing goes on, who works goes back and do not even tell you what the mechanisms or limits, here everything is smoky and randomthey gave us at least some transparency! Is it so hard for flaregames to give some transparency?
  3. Trophies frustration

    @CaptainMorgan, 3 heavy attacks and 70 trophies lost in less than 45 minutes, every day all day he checks my statistics.I hope this time you will give me a serious explanation instead of saying as usual that I have reached the maximum number of trophies for my lvl, because since I went up lvl the heavy attacks multiplied
  4. Trophy System

    @dumpster I went from lvl 119 to lvl 120 and I was massively attacked in a very short time from 11500 to 10900 trophies, it is obvious that the maximum number of trophies for each lvl is bullshit
  5. Trophy System

    there are players who want to keep playing and suggest improvements to the trophy system, there are other players who like this trophy system and suggest to others that if it's not good they can look for other games and then abandon flaregames.Who knows if flaregames is more interested in leaving things like they are and losing users or improving the trophy system so as not to lose users
  6. Trophy System

    talking to you is useless, you live in a world of your own. You tell me why I (and other players like me) I never find players who give me 25 trophies and if I do 60% I lose trophies? I repeat, the problem we are talking about is not being strong or not, but a bad system that does not give you the chance to recover the lost trophies, it is not difficult to understand
  7. Trophy System

    what are you saying ? players who have lvl higher than mine who make 62% remove me trophies means to be weak? I have been told that I have too many trophies for my lvl means not being active? Ask the developers about my activity statistics.As usual you come here without knowing anything without bothering to read the previous posts and say things randomly nonsense ..... I repeat as usual because not neither the first nor the second time you do it
  8. Trophy System

    I went up to lvl last night and in the following hours they slaughtered me, so I hope you do not repeat the absurd plot of trophies for every lvl. Also they do not kill my defender and they make 23 trophies, those who make 60% take away trophies. But the point I repeat you this lousy system that does not give the chance to recover the lost trophies and does not consider the lvl and the blessings of the players to evaluate the strength in the calculation of the trophies that take you away or win when you attack them P.S. I do not say this only for me but for all the players, because if everyone here thinks only of what's good for him we can not improve the game
  9. Trophy System

    I have ambrosia full, Cadmus on an island of ambrosia and have reported Cadmus twice on Olympus.Also here we do not talk about luck or bad luck but a system of trophies done very badly that does not give you the chance to recover the lost trophies and each time they tell us the joke of too many trophies based on lvl reasoned ..... maximum trophies that no one knows how many are for the various lvl so it is obvious that it is a trivial excuse
  10. Trophy System

    7 attacks of 25 trophies in less than 10 hours and on the continuous map you find opponents of 3 trophies. Is there still someone who wants to defend this lousy system?
  11. Cursed Chest Issues and Suggestions

    a member of my alliance found this mission for the second time in a row, impossible to accomplish. At least be honesty write "we want the 250 gems," I guess the answer will be "the missions are random." Please try to do things right and do not put on the crap of impossible missions P.S. if it is not the right topic, I ask @Infamous to move it to the appropriate topic thanks
  12. Trophies frustration

    thanks @dumpster, in fact the waves are old and must be improved
  13. The bect NOT help from from suport

    @Eswat I'm sorry for what happened to you
  14. Trophies frustration

    8 idtos phoenix dead in front of gate of caos and 11 trophies lost whit the gatekeeper dead the players who attack me with 6 lvl above me make 66% and take 10 trophies away from me. This trophy system is worthy of a Miki Mouse