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  1. As madlen suggest i write in correct way so.... I don't agree whit dumpster because in lower league will bi impossible take all war chest because opponents give few vp
  2. @Madlen instead to delete my post tell to developers to activate the blessings for my current league
  3. The proposal is Do you want 4000 gems ok keep them but Gate of chaos most be available for all, non for cartel of alliance ( you know what o talk about 😉) New blessings most be avaible for all In this game evry players pay for buy gems anf every players could enjoy whit new features and new blessings Stop discrimination, its unreal the discrimination made by flaregames in favor of those players who create a cartel. I repeat we have a huge discrimination in or, all players use money for gems but only few players can enjoy the game whit all features
  4. Please show us your maestries, items and other things you ask, will be much easier for you to explain and for others to understand
  5. @Madlen we need blessings for our current league, please give me a solution instead to come here only for tell me "please don't show the name of cheaters " we need and answer and a solution quickly
  6. i edited my post , my alleance war promoted in this war and we don't have the additional blessing, so why we have to play whit an handicap ?
  7. @Madlen my alliance is promoted in this war but we don't have blessing for this league. Do you are able to do a correct thing ????? just one !!! just one, it is possible ?????
  8. Is like a normal forge but you have dismantle a 5* silver item (add 1 perk) or 5* gold item (add 2 perks)
  9. hi @Madlen a member of my alliance has lost 1500 gems around midnight between Friday 11 and Saturday 12 January without him having used them to speed up the improvements, they just disappearedplease check ING name: Biga72
  10. Red Squadron all top 3 blessings and seal gate of chaos
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