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  1. "rifine" is not simple: 1. you must terner account the resistances you want based on the hero - 2 as you chose the meastrie in Ithaca 3- and the level you can reach (here I am in difficulty)
  2. In fact, D. as a general I must always be present, with the "little ones" and you're absolutely right!
  3. The low-level resources must be channeled, according to the model of the game - keeping in mind the war heroes - the defensive base - the invocations that serve the most - and above all rings and equipment - we must make "stylistic" choices
  4. tu non hai ancora compreso che gli oggetti che hanno queste persone ( forgiati con il bug durato 1 anno e mezzo) noi non li avremo mai - lui si riferisce e secondo me in maniera lecita , a una problematica effettiva , provo a renderlo più chiaro: per avanzare ed avere un buon pheme devi salire di classifica, e combattere contro questi Signori che hanno forti potenzialità e "privilegi" di equipaggiamento - anelli - rifiniture e bla bla - è difficile - se si riuscisse, almeno e dico almeno a UNIFORMARLI nei parametri massimi assegnati ad oggi, magari per chi ha passione della classifica, con tanto impegno, può farcela. ora come ora sono IRRAGGIUNGIBILI PER PRIVILEGI che hanno rispetto al 95% dei player di questo gioco.
  5. they are simple questions, where you can answer with a Yes or No, I think it can do it.
  6. so you will not lower all the buggy objects? will you leave them the "privilege" they have? does it seem fair to us?
  7. no CURSED object, I only said that the central band 14/17 k has become bigger ... observing the parameters of each color, and that's why I asked you ... but I'm a neerd ....
  8. otherwise I can not understand why? in these two days I took objects with% greater. that's why I asked you all! mine was a question, there was a question mark, if I'm not mistaken?
  9. the incidence is higher in the central area. Something is changed.
  10. the average items value is quite higher
  11. Good morning all we have an improvement on the% of objects , have you noticed?
  12. hahahhhahah …. humorous!!! ! better: can I see your objects with "rifine"?