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  1. good morning , Is it possible to increase the effectiveness of regeneration?
  2. I saw the news .... for two euro cents ... all for sale …
  3. adds a further tactical level, as in .. one can decide to not fight back on an island at all in order to not let you get a huge bonus for the rest of the week by giving up volunraty an island; you still get the bonus but not as huge  …. THAT'S COOL
  4. Report post from Dumpster Proposal: - keep standard war blessing distribution structure the same. Blessings are full strength, you earn more by promoting your alliance to higher leagues. we had no doubts…..
  5. this section is for questions to developers - not your personal considerations
  6. good morning from Italy - I like fighting Ajax quite much , whirlwind works good only in situations like in my pic . you should avoid it in most other cases. ciao ciao Artemus ❤️
  7. I Like this IDEA very much , it would PUSH every alliance to do their best . Good job @Philstar
  8. You have to repay the alliance who have undergone this thing and that you have communicated it
  9. Sorry Madlen, but my various requests for this problem, have gone to end up in the trash? The difficulty we had as voltures (for your mistake) with even communication, where are they finished? -When will you give us a refund? Do I have to repost everything?
  10. Thanks Captain Morgan, this makes things easier for me and will help a lot. Miss you much! kiss kiss Artemus ❤️
  11. I wanted to inform you that we are in January .
  12. I saw you answering D. In 2 seconds, you could do it with me, too.
  13. good connoisseur, except for butter: P of peanuts, here I think a snake that bites the thing for months.
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