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  1. Decrease costs

    Thanks for bringing this up Couper. It actually costs a lot, unless they reduce the forging costs (as we are non-stop forging ), then we can afford high skulls.
  2. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    Instead of nerfing perks, you should support the idea of improving them as in the last months there are crazy gatekeepers that can't go down even with an overpowered hero. I'm with @vasudeva1' idea of restoring demolition the proper strength so it could affect the gatekeeper and the gate itself. Plenty players have improved their towers through Ithaca, so no need to nerf but buffin perks a bit.
  3. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    Well chat system was definitely better in a simple way as it was..showing the time when ppl arrive or leave, also the notifications were working properly. Now the "i" doesn't work at all. @CaptainMorgan take a look into this issue aswell and if your team could implement the feature of copying the txt in the chat, that will be great too. Cheers
  4. Trophies Criteria

    @HOLYDIVINE there`s no other option to get rid of this, just move up in levels, and don`t stay at trophy edge :/
  5. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    To get smth properly, the league "wars" will be held with 4 allys per war or 1vs1 and who wins gets the trohpies and goes up in ranking..!? If it will be 1vs1 then it will be more interesting as those allys that will have the numbers and being active, could achieve what they deserve and not ganging 2vs1 or 3vs1.
  6. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    Rewards You say...? 1st and 2nd league gets gems for ending up in top 3/5 (it depends on how many allys will be per league). 3rd/4th league gold for the ally itself so their generals can afford keeping blessings active and improve some more. Just few ideas
  7. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    All tasks fulfilled boss, Hades is down!!!
  8. Hero buff

    Hercules - ok Prometheus - Hp Perseus - Damage + CD Ariadne - HP Odysseus - Attack Speed + CD Helen - ok Cadmus - Attack Speed + CD Achilles - Attack Speed + CD Jason - ok Athena - Damage + CD Ajax - CD Artemis - CD Having unique items or cursed ones, every hero can become overpowered. We should test these heroes without such items and get a better opinion about them. So my vote went for Perseus as he has a lot of attack speed and speed aswell but when it comes to Cooldown, his main spell needs a buff, also the damage that he does to the structures, it feels like he hits air also other heroes feel useless in front of a blessed defense, can't even imagine in front of an unbeatable statue, so CD and damage are the main perks that need a buff, for every hero but especially for Ajax since he can't use other spells. P.s we can forge and forge stuff but still we lack few perks in our heroes as we can't mount everything, for instance, if I need Loh + CD, then I miss Attack Speed/stun/petrify..just saying, so if their main spell could be buffed a bit with that CD then yes it will become interesting.
  9. @HOLYDIVINE, I'm adding a piece of info so you can rethink regarding books. Just to upgrade a single level of Bia, costed me over 90k of books. I will have another level and it will be maxed out, so think for a moment if you demand such changes. At the current situation don't bother much, just try keeping things balanced and nothing will be a waste. The only thing that could be helpful, it would be reducing the costs of Ithacas and forging as it feels like playing non stop to farm gold and books.
  10. You got my like for sharing the link but from now on keep the forum for yourself coz it seems we don't dare to type smth, it would be dumpster here dumpster there to say all of you are wrong, Only dumpster is right.
  11. Conspiracy

    Conspiracy or not it's "War" after all. It's meaningless to talk about someone's strength while each one of you knows that even in a 1vs1 you can't beat the top teams. They got the resources, they got the members, they got the cash...any of you got all of them? Of course not, otherwise you would have been on top. End of the story.
  12. @dumpster why posting evidences is foolish? Enlighen us please.
  13. Couper I've received plenty attacks from high levels just to take 23-25 trophies and this is not right, the only one that should take 25 trophies it should be a lower level toward a higher one or someone at a similar level.
  14. In just 5h, it`s about 300 trophies loss, Gosh this never happened before
  15. All higher levels that take all those trophies from a low level user :)))))