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  1. Neptune

    Historic Info

    Where did u leave the spells? The cat ate them all? 😒
  2. Neptune

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

  3. @Madlen if u`re just the "messenger" of Sam/Chris or whoever else is out there, then tell them to throw this "new" improvement to the trash, it`s nothing special. Example: Having a max sword with 3300 Loh stats vs a 3400/3500 doesn`t make any difference, so please STOP TROLLING US.
  4. So it's not an improvement of normal forge..?
  5. Neptune

    Teams deliberately losing + no upgrades.

    @HOLYDIVINE..that "Rambo style" HAHAHAHAHA 😂🤣
  6. Neptune

    Historic Info

    There's still Google out there 😒
  7. Neptune

    Forge Bugs.......why?

    @Madlen this issue should be fixed asap. After forging a unique and matching it with the current level, it still shows the forge option instead of refine.
  8. Neptune

    Visual effects and features.

    The weather factor would be awesome.
  9. Neptune

    War blessing bug

    Holy, np, we still can win. Let them use the 'Bug'. They paid for it.. GOLD lol
  10. It was suggested to me coz it is a fun game that offers Sirens belly dancing and now I'm trapped in here, no other game makes sense anymore. 😏
  11. The Only Tip I shared regarding forging, it was the use of 4* items, the most recent item gave better values, it was more a personal experience that led me to those actions. Plenty ppl didn`t know how to forge due to this lack of info by the devs. Anyway, that era is gone and I`m done here too.
  12. I`m aware of these stuff since months ago. At this point I don`t care either. The game stopped being fair since months ago and if u wonder why most of "forum" guys don`t post anymore, it`s due to these "don`t care" behaviours by the devs. I`m sorry to say this but u left us no other choice Yeah yeah, only 100 ppl own those powerful items, then why it`s so hard for the devs to "normalize" those OP items and match them to your current level? They are items for levels 141 and not 131. You were aware of the OP since u were a moderator and u did nothing, not a single topic so I don`t think u fit in such conversations..sorry!
  13. Neptune


    @Tomaxo what on earth I just watched? hahahahaha
  14. Wouldn't it be interesting to have some extra visual effects in the path? I was wondering if you could implement a time zone light dimming. Let's say if I'm going to face someone in the other side of the world..if to me it's morning, there will be evening...what if its path could be darker and the towers glowing some more? Iapetos, Prometheus towers could light up the areas where they are located, same for Nyx, Poseidon.. Phoenix fire, Griffin thunder etc.. I guess it might look cool and challenging. Also something else...a bigger improvement.. An 'Action' camera angle... imagine being in the path..face to face with your opponent units and towers, then a Griffin jumps over our heads and electrifies everything... this fighting mode could be toggled on/off with a button like attack/defense option that we got. And speaking of buttons/features.. add a button to turn on/off the spells while the hero is in autoplay, we can click/touch the spells Where we think they will do the job properly and not being casted wherever. Whatever idea you may have, we are here to talk and share them among us.