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  1. dumpster they better not read what u just mentioned above, and it will be the biggest mistake if those upgrades will take that LONG, not only that we have lots of stuff to FORGE, but now we will have to worry for the LONG time that they might take. Please @Madlen do suggest to the devs that it has been a hell of time for all of us (non-131) to move up in levels, forge items, and in the meantime compete. Most ppl will definitely quit, it`s BORING to wait for smth that it takes longer than 4-5 days per level (unless u allow us to upgrade more than 1 spell/monster at a time).
  2. Yes we get those low values too often. Higher values come up randomly. It happened to me to get a pair of boots for Achilles with physical resistance that were around 17k but such values are "rare" though 😐
  3. I noticed smth that didn't happen since months ago, while getting to the GK, solo, with Hercules and being in a distance from the GK, no powers used, no hit was done, the GK killed Hercules in less than 2 seconds while he was trying to avoid the contact with the GK. That was only Area Damage and Reflection on action as Perseus didn't lift his arm at all. This scenario is worse. P.s the guy that has this Gk is part of your team dumpster, Texas.
  4. Refining an unique with another unique could be interesting. We won't bother if we get duplicates or if we did wrong with the normal refine. Transferred perks/values could be 50% to avoid exploits and once we move up in levels, we can forge them and they can match the new level values but the perk that will be boosted, it will remain to a total of 50% of its value. P.s not allowing to refine Potency over Potency and get 150% of its power. ❎
  5. Yes dumpster, you are right but when I suggested monsters, i didn't specify which one but in the other curse that says "call 50 Phoenix in battle", in this it could be "kill 500 monsters/units", just to fulfill the task.
  6. I'm going to put this in a different perspective, as Zeus is holding a Halloween party. (Zeus having fun with other Gods and the last one to join the party is Hades.) Zeus: finally, you made it 😁 Hades: yea 😒 Zeus: How are things in the underworld? 🤣 Hades: umm..u know, it's Halloween everyday 😒😱🎃
  7. @NaN the autoplay is good as it is. It can't be perfect. We play massive fights, we farm resources. We can't play 100 opponents manually please. What Dheth requested is an issue that we all face. As long as this autoplay is not perfect, maybe those tasks related to that could be removed. I want to add this other task: Destroy X number GK... it takes forever to find weak Gk among top teams, so please do consider removing this aswell. Stuff to be added: kill x number of monsters, destroy x number of towers, destroy x number of gates etc...may fill those removed tasks.
  8. Dumpster, one last thing coz we are off-topic here.. Upgrading more than 1 spell at a time, won`t make u JUMP levels serious now!
  9. I'm amazed at the way u think, seriously. I no longer am surprised at your quotes. Don't u ever think for a moment that we need lots of ppl to level up and be able to compete? Losing gears? Come on
  10. Yes it would be nice of devs to allow us to upgrade more than 1 spell at a time. Ajax and Artemis require weeks to be finished 😐
  11. You guys play non stop, that's the real bug.😒😅
  12. Neptune

    Funny Moments

    Unless u summon a Phoenix and it resurrects them all 😂😂😂
  13. I think that it's really hard to fix things like that coz u have to deal with cursed items, items values, unique values, mastery boost, old vs new items.. everything got nerfed/buffed over time 🙁
  14. Don't ruin the so called Fun please. The old Forge is gone. What we expect now from Cursed items, it's rare perks. They are the only one that makes an item special. The uniques got very low values to be considered Special. There is a list of things to be re-balanced if they removed rare perks.