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  1. Trophy System

    We can argue over and over about this but most of the active players move up with their forces, being active, farming +3 and rarely +25. At your level it could be different so share your experience, how does it many +25/-25 you make a day...make us see clear if you can. Thank you
  2. Trophy System

    dumpster I just shared an idea if it could be done that way, but if you think it`s ok this way, so be it. As a personal experience once I get to the trophy edge I make like 150 trophies lets say and lose 150 within 24h. This is why I think trophy system should be revised...why shall I level up that fast? I want to enjoy fights for the level where I`m at and not being a target of -25.
  3. Trophy System

    If I fail then yes, I would accept the fact that my target is stronger than me and Yes, -10/15 would be on me and my target can get those points, but if I succeed +3 would be enough, same if they win/lose over my defense...does this sound too greedy?
  4. Trophy System

    I still believe in +3/-3 system that would be much more fun. Being attacked 10 times with -3 loss than a single one of 25.
  5. Whirlwind bug

    Sharknado, that doesn`t mean it should be a guaranteed unique but waiting this long while seeing others getting them so often even as duplicate, it`s frustrating.
  6. Whirlwind bug

    Guys I do have a feeling due to these bugs smth is not working properly in my account, that`s why I brought them up. I`ve seen most of your comments around forum regarding such things but wanted to make a separated topic since they`re individual issues, I hope FG could take a look into this.
  7. Whirlwind bug

    Since Ajax got nerfed I haven`t used him much, except doing the Odyssey. So I thought of maxing him out one more time and started by upgrading Whirlwind. Once It finished upgrading, I got that bug "New powers available" and it never goes away (it appears in every hero now) but what is even worse, it seems that spell after the upgrade lost its values/numbers. And ,CaptainMorgan , I do believe that the issue of not finding any unique even after opening 50 titan chests relates to some sort of bugs in my account coz it has no logic at all if you increased the odds. I also have faced bugs like the one I mentioned to you another time that some units get stuck in a corner and they don`t follow the hero. Please take a look into this issue since frustration seems to get increased each day. P.s completed a challenge in the Odyssey some weeks ago, chosen Medusa`s health but after finishing the challenge, that 0.8% was not added to her. Just letting you know what I've noticed so far. Thank u
  8. Trophy System

    Well somehow yes but there are lots of 20-25 trophy loss that are not fair. It shouldn`t work this way. Personally speaking I don`t want to cause 25 trophies loss to someone, I`m ok with +3/-3!
  9. Duplicated unique items ..

    yeah and the rest of us seem not to have a chance to get a single one of them
  10. Trophy System

    ok Sharknado, here`s another proof that the trophy system sucks. This happened within 7-8 hours!!! Also 3 heroes moved back to mount Olympus
  11. Trophy System

    I would be happy with 90... within 24h I lost like 200, being attacked every 5 mins, that's just insane!
  12. Pls add feature for gatekeeper

    That would be good to have a defensive set up for our statues. Doing so we can use them in whatever battlefield and equipping items on them according to our opponents. P.s CaptainMorgan regarding that feature of having an On/Off button to those spells would simplify the autoplay a lot. Cheers
  13. Who has a beast prometheus?

    Hi Hellslord, here`s mine. He`s still weak due to his low HP unless I could max all his cooldown perks.
  14. about unique items

    Gosh, we keep suggesting but sadly, we are aware that not everything can be implemented