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  1. Phil, I can tell u for sure he was really great before he got nerfed. Before the forge system, he was a beast of a solo hero (no need for elemental damage spells, no need for bia and no need for his uniques, just a simple equipment). Maybe the only solution to him could be to bring his powers up, also his Damage, so practically he can become a 2nd Hercules and people will start to enjoy playing with him.
  2. A : While using Athena`s main spell (fist of power), it says let`s say 10k lighting damage. When we cast it vs a Nyx tower, it does 30k lighting damage you say? Same amount go vs units and GK? B : A Hydra tower that says 25k poison damage.. I asked if this damage got any multiplier vs the hero only or units too? Like dealing x2 more damage and becoming 50k..!? How towers damage really work? C : Ok, you replied that the multiplier for spells it is x3. Now.. Each unit got an amount of damage, let`s say Cyclops that deal 3k physical damage.. This kind of damage, got any multiplier? If yes.. it works vs GK only? Structures? Waves? What? I hope I`m asking in a better way now.. Thanks in advance, cheers.
  3. If Demoliton gets nerfed, nerf Frostbite too (brake this system). At that point I`ll be curious to see everyone fall in every defense like flies.
  4. I would like to have an extended description of mechanisms of this game and here are some questions: 1. Bia what buffs? (Perks, damage etc) list them all please. 2. Ice damage (fb) got buffed up to 300%.. how it really works? Through attack speed? Cooldown? Damage? Or bia? Or with all of them at once? 3. The hero's Damage is affected by bia? Attack Speed? If so, what's the real multiplier? 4. When dealing damage to units/structures via elemental damage, what's the real multiplier damage that we deal? How to calculate it? 5. Towers damage multiplier is? And that damage affects what/who? Units/hero? 6. Heroes with built-in resistances are still vulnerable such as Cadmus/Prometheus that get too much damage by fire.. is it possible to increase that built-in resistance from 50% to 60%? Same for Artemis that just few ppl use. 7. What is Units/spells damage multiplier? If that multiplier gets activated..how or when it does get activated? 8. Are you aware that some buffs from the odyssey crossed that 20% that you mentioned in another thread? If so, what are you going to do with this issue? Remove/cut the excessive %, let's say from 31% barricade buff, you cut it down to 20%? I'm asking this while we are still on time and the game won't get broken. 9. Does the gk damage affects units/hero? If yes, what's the multiplier? 10. On a side note.. is it possible to add a re-rolling option when we refine an item or unique object? There are those moments when we have to deal with a 50-50 moment, using a silver item, can we re-roll using wisdom/gold/gems so instead of X we then choose Y? Just remove that ? that comes up. Regarding the above questions.. I'm aware of few of those mechanism but just how to use them coz I win but I don't know the real damage they deal so some detailed information could be helpful to us all to build unique heroes. Thanks in advance.
  5. Why asking for nerfs while you never used max Hercules vs a max defense? Max Hercules is normal vs max defense. Don't ruin heroes while you are not maxed yourselves.
  6. I've observed spells do more damage to towers while being in attack mode.. hero's attack speed gets decreased in defense mode..as a result of this, he/she doesn't recover health faster... having lower AS you have less chances for demolition to take actions and the rest is a chain effect.
  7. Actually in defensive mode everything get reduced.. attack speed, damage, spell damage etc.. it would be good knowing the % of everything in attack and defense mode..
  8. If it Is for the copy purpose.. everyone can try it one time and copy a defense.. but my suggestion/request relates to the amount of fights we do.. seeing the opponents layout makes us choose the proper units and move on to the next opponent faster. That's all
  9. Is it possible to add a Tower indicator? A triangle per each tower, showing where they are rotated..!?
  10. Skulls difficulties seem crazy though.. I'm not complaining but they make no sense.. you have to squeeze everyone to fulfill that handicap 😕
  11. A friend of mine broke his phone coz of these bugs seriously.. what are you planning Madlen?
  12. @NaN I don't go after details coz it's a waste of time and not fun but all I know is that hero+units+spells do less damage in defense mode (idk that % but it is a considerable one)..that's why we keep switching on/off those modes in order to have more units at the gate also deal more damage to everything and I hate the fact that AI casts spells wherever/whenever (although a button to enable auto-casting could be helpful).
  13. It is said that switching to defense you get less damage but also u deal less damage.
  14. @MILOS I`ve that kind of statue too, but non-shield heroes need specific tweaks. Hercules require a lot of LOH in order to stay alive. 4k is NOT enough.
  15. @Warriornator I`m not a dev, and I`m feeling disturbed by reading all your comments about other games in here. This game it is fine as it is. If you don`t know how to manage it, then Ask HOW to improve things. Regarding damages that you receive, that`s the purpose of a defense, to kill the attacker and its units. That`s the whole story.
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