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  1. Neptune

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    And speaking of "costs" @CaptainMorgan, what is the cost of a single item, from 1* green to whatever the last forged one could be..?
  2. Neptune

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    That`s why we buy gems, to have stuff instantly lmao
  3. Neptune

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    It`s funny though, instead of simplifying the entire process, @CaptainMorgan and his team made it even crazier. And Cap, speaking of costs, come on, this is rebalancing? Still "millions" to be used in order to have an item "asap"? Also, I suggested to have an "instant" forge, rather than waiting for days/weeks until we make ALL that gold for 1 single item. Cheers and thanks for your support.
  4. Neptune

    We Need Compensation ASAP

    Still 131mil Gold left, that must have escalated faster than Flash himself 😂
  5. Can you shorten those 1vs1 wars? 3 days vs same opponents becomes boring..
  6. Neptune

    Overpowered gatekeeper

    It doesn't die due to crazy life on hit + reflection, spells though should have a bigger impact on the GK, they don't scratch it at all unless u got 2 Apple of Discort, then Yes u might have some chances. Example: 1 Okeanos = 7k 1 Loh of GK = 25k Devs can try to enlight us, How to deal that kind of damage to that GK?
  7. Neptune

    4 consecutive wars

    That could be a bug, had that issue myself, won 4 other wars in a different alliance and got them.
  8. Neptune

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    Yep, smth must be done regarding the chosen war heroes.
  9. Neptune

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    Any chance Odyssey could start a day earlier, between Saturday and Sunday, not Sunday to Monday...? Also these 1vs1 wars are a way too long (3 days), imho 2 days is ok
  10. @IllidanVishnu it seems to work for most of us.. that`s bad in your case 😕
  11. Neptune


    Yes, congrats
  12. Neptune

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    It will be fun Negan 😂
  13. Neptune

    Hero Powers in 2018

    Can't agree more.. Enemy gets stronger after level 115-120, maybe those spells that have only 1 function, they might need some other effects after a specific level and up... I got a suggestion for Stag, what if it could jump in the other side of the path and destroy Nyx/Charon as they are considered non-threaten towers and units ignore them..!? On the other hand, Artemis as a heroine, when she start aiming to hit the target with her venom arrow, what if you could increase that fraction of a second (when she jumps) so we could aim manually, properly and hit the target? For instance...It should be us locking the target down and not to be done automatically (adding a visual effect like we could aim with a sniper)...if in a corner there are 3 towers and only 1 is charon, then we should be able to aim for the charon and not hit Hydra. Cheers
  14. Neptune

    I think I'm done...

    True, there are choices, your profile picture says it all 👏