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  1. Kroni

    solved Crashing in Alliance Chat

    Same here, game always crashes if I try to enter the VIP chat + sometimes if I try to send a post at the normal chat. Using current IOS version.
  2. Meanwhile it’s pay to win... have to notice. ?
  3. Kroni

    Counting down to the new update

    Not Even FG will be as Naughty as to implement 4.0 on a Friday. ?
  4. Kroni

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Sorry, I feel fooled regarding the 150k crystals ??? Me Im really excited for the reaction of the top allys, will they spend the amount for Nemesis beast? if so, ?? FG. In my view, it’s much more meaningful to spend pals for his ally. Maybe 4.0 will give us much! more crystals, if not, sorry, this offer is brazenly.
  5. Kroni

    Free Videos Error⚠

    Same here, no rewards after looking the vidz, using iOS.
  6. Kroni

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    every hour 3 min Connection Slave it or leave it...
  7. Kroni

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    Me, I prefer they will start promotion for version 4.0. #dreamforrr2future
  8. Kroni

    bug / Inssues/ 100 gems

    If everyone has the boosts, it is worth nothing, expect again to learn to fight with/against arblasters ^^
  9. Kroni

    bug / Inssues/ 100 gems

    It’s a smart move by FG, 10 days for calming down and reflect on the next war. Need no compensation, but respect FG
  10. Still the same Problems, using IOS.
  11. When will FG start to fix and inform us when this mess will have an end?? These mess started at Saturday morning !!! and we just recive one time the usal bla bla, its really an impudence how you treat us, kindly talk to us about the further Procedere asap. Its a shame how you treat your customers.
  12. Kroni

    New Festivals !

    There is no need for Festivals anymore since FG sells the sets what you used to fight for in past, really sad, it’s much easier and cheaper to create just some items and sell them for approximately 20 bucks than to install a festival. Looks like sale, for me.
  13. Kroni

    New Jumper Tactic

    Pro Tickets are cash, so think twice.