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  1. Regarding your trophies, Ninjas will never! be a problem. Sorry, don’t understand your suggestion.
  2. Flaschen

    Denke mal du bist im falschen Spieleforum.
  3. Ninja crash

    Same here!
  4. RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    thx Opelle, me I learnt sooo much regarding your effort.
  5. Regarding the event rewards

    Thank yo so much ! Great to know.
  6. Hi folks, me I have no use for the current event rewards, is it true to take them (the teeth) into the next event if I'm not online at the end of the event? How does this work? The exchange will be 1:33, or...
  7. Can't check in after todays patch

    Same goes for you @Warriornator.
  8. Can't check in after todays patch

    Thx @ Mag, before approx 10 min there arrives an Update at the everything works fine again. Next time I will show more patience and wait till the store show me the update, 8 h are much for a junkie like me ^^
  9. Hey all, kindly help, after the patch today I can't log into the game. if I start the app using IPad Air with actual version, I was asked to update, clicking at the button I will be forwarded to the app store and have to click at the "open button", after that I will find me back at the game which asked me to update to the new version... and so on. Any idea ? Hope my english isn' to bad!
  10. Lost my account / Perdu mon compte

    Hi folks, this morning everything worked fine, now if I try to start the App, using IPad, I will be ask to update the game, if I click at the botton I will be forwarded to the Apple App Store, Royal Revolt 2, if I click now at the open Button there I was sent back to the game but no update starts, the same message arrive and ask me to download.... Can't start the game.