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  1. Not getting Ads for days now (with or without VPN enabled). Seem within my alliance only Android is the least affected. Day before yesterday I had to let of steam. Post removed (rightly so I guess) although I would have taken that post as a stepping stone to engaged more with the community at large. Post was cut of policeman style where the post was handled in handing the ticket to the driver for speeding and leaving with a warning. Had I been the cop I would given the ticket leave a warning but also have taken the time to try to get an understanding of why the driver was speeding and given examples why speeding is "bad". But whatever.
  2. Guess I will voice in. I regard this update as very disappointing on all fronts but I still have personal goals so I will stick around as long as those personal goals are obtainable. Why I see this update personally as one big fail: The new content is for large alliance players only. I myself am part of an alliance not even capable of competing in normal alliance wars let alone ever getting a chance to enter or partake in the latest content. So if I want to view any of the new content I would have to abandon my current alliance. Again this introduction seems mostly geared towards large already established alliances ignoring the fact that new players have to face of to even higher odds in any competition if you could even call it that. Now a new player might have to face of against players with alliance buffs coming out of their ears or face a waste land of no player around their level but half forgotten/party inactive midlevel players with difficult to impossible beatable bases. My hope was that the new update would at least fix the broken ad-system only to see I still have to rely on my own workaround to be able to get said ads. In fact it now seems the issues has gotten worse because now you get confronted with cool down timers if you are in the wrong 'zone'.
  3. Hey, I agree. I just tell what worked for me as a workaround. If this helps folks as a temporarily Band-Aid till FG fixes this grant improvement system...
  4. Bummer... But perhaps not playing 6 hours might still work? Note: An alliance player account running on Android 8.1.0 seem to get the ads regardless of using VPN or not. Wonder if the OS version could be a factor....
  5. Ran into that issue at first. Wait at least 6 hours before retrying. Delete the localstate folder and retry. You may have to delete that localstate folder a couple of time though before the system "fogets" you are a EU-player. Hope this works for you. Ooh btw stay on VPN whenever you start RR2 after you get it working else the system might see you as an EU-player again.
  6. Wow, today I was getting boots via ads (having VPN active to a non-EU country) this happend: I crashed out, twice in a row I may add (RR2 crashed completely and I had to restart the game again) and I still was able to get all my needed boosts done. No cool down whatsoever and even when a "boost" icon would go grey on me retrying the boost icon several times would get the ads going again. Think about this..... So tell me what this improvement was again FG?? Ooh btw I play from a Windows 10 device.
  7. Then they should show they are ready to be serious about it and have us windows users have the full range of options. Subscription options come to mind??
  8. That's a workaround. NOT a solution and if you think about it you known it too.
  9. I recently returned to the use of VPN once more. I am glad I did. Up til now I again have been able to get Ads again beyond the EU restricted 1 Ad per 6 hours. Even more so as I noticed that even when I would get no offer notice it lacked the 6 hours cool down. With whatever "optimized code" the recent update was peddled by FG it is still discriminative towards EU players. Perhaps FG removed the cooldown again for the non-EU players but we all know by now these kind of notices are rare to be announced. Most of the time we the players get it out in the open.
  10. One ad then a cool down of 6 hours for me too on Windows has become the norm.
  11. Perhaps if the cat would be more around the mice would not dance less.. Now assume the cat is a representative of Flaregames and us forum members being the mice would you not come to a possible conclusion Flaregames needs to be more present on these forums and perhaps communicate a little more? Just my two cents.
  12. The right thing is arguably vage. What one would consider the right thing could be seen as the wrong thing by someone else if their view on live are the yin to someone's Yan. Only when both parties have a common ground a possibility of a concept of right and wrong could be established.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway–European_Union_relations Sigh...…….
  14. Am I mistaken in the fact that Norway is part of the EEA? Does that not make Norway somewhat part of the EU? Perhaps also this GDP then? If it is btw global warming the best way to avoid further issue's with the questionable improved ads system would be to stop playing this game or make reeeeally sure the energy used is completely gathered through pollution free renewable energy sources….. Or it is just this current update 4.0 and one before it 3.9.2 and nothing else.
  15. Lets put this system to te test then shell we? Starting today and lets see for 1 week? Now upfront my alliance happens to use the same ISP/timezone which for this benchmark make it even better to test this so called improved system. Alliance member 01 Win 3 ads Alliance member 02 iOS 6 ads Alliance member 03 And 6 ads Alliance member 04 Win 3 ads I will be recording the boost/ads possibility every 2 hours and add the results.
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