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  1. What is your favourite unit and pal victory dance?

    News: Janus pal is available.
  2. Less than 5 months have passed since the arrival of the viking, pal flute, ect. There are less than 7 months between the arrival of the necromacer and that of viking.
  3. Boost your Waves event

    It's very sad! 189 upgrades in 2 years, 177 days, 1 hour and 5 minutes with wave upgrades, which have also 10 days cooldown (more than 1 week)! Almost all wave upgrades have +2 morale points! And there isn't space to put 3 werewolves or 3 vikings (48 morale points total) in a wave (maximum 46 morale points)! I will be too old!
  4. Ninja Tiers

    My alliance is at level 52, has 6 empty slots, but only about 35-40 players are really active in war season and at ninja/zombie/yeti events. Furthermore, my alliance has knight, cannon, barricade, ogre, werewolf and firebolt tower permanently boosted; the minimum donation is 150k gold (but >= 500k is recommended). Therefore, my alliance isn't able to/can't invite all players of your alliance. Finally, my alliance is really very active in alliance chat. Another detail: knight+cannon is less effective than knight+ogre+werewolf (in both cases, all them are boosted and I tested in my defense).
  5. I like to collect unique super items, festival items and pro items, so I get items with skull gear from festivals, ninja/zombie/yeti events, war seasons, friend super chests, throne room offers, one time offers and Pro League seasons (I don't know if it exist a pro item with skull gear). In the future, I will think to buy super chests during granny events and super chests packages, due to discounts. I also care about of my king's items (for example, as weapon, I prefer a sword, not an ax, a hammer, a stick, ect., because I started playing this game with a sword, and in addition, I still saved the starter items in wardrobe "B"). Does a pro item or an unique super item sword with skull gear exist as weapon?
  6. I don't like to delete a perk from an item and then re-forge for another perk.
  7. Ninja Tiers

    Why is your alliance still at level 31?
  8. Wednesday and the question arises again

    But community weeks lasts 9 days.
  9. Guide on how to get lots of free pearls!

    1) Attacking other players with your highest possible luck gear (also gold gear and food gear could be fine, however, in the last case, you should need more fights). 2) Participating at war seasons, ninja/zombie/yeti events, festivals and Pro League seasons. 3) Buying items at Granny if your Chamber of Treasure is full and later melting down them. 4) Watching advertisements in bottom right corner of "daily rewards" if your Sylos and your Chamber of Treasure are full. 5) When you are opening chests, melting down items as long as you have free blacksmith slots. 6) Do not open chests if you haven't free blacksmith slots. 7) Speeding-up farms, taverns and blacksmith.
  10. Please stop it flare

    I receive that kind of offer every 2 days, but I haven't bought yet. When I will reach level 105 (I'm at level 104), I will think about it.
  11. Janus

    Flothaboss got pal food in large quantities and very quickly also before being hired by Flaregames.
  12. 24 Hour Black Smith Event is BS

    Blacksmith event and also Granny event are the ideals to unlock inventory slots before birthday chests.
  13. Janus

    How do you (and Flothaboss) get so much pal food very quickly?
  14. Restoring my account

    Please click on the following link (submit a request), write your account data, click on "Account issue" in "Issue" section and fill in the other fields.
  15. The answer is "yes": after the end of last Pro League season, I bought Ceres and it can wear its pal/skin.