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  1. Rewards in war season need improvements. 1) Add guardian chest after pal chest, but before pro chest. 2) If an alliance wins a war, it will receive a super chest, a pal chest and a guardian chest. 3) If an alliance loses a war, it will receive a legendary chest and a voucher chest.
  2. My current alliance reaches 15-16M ninja coins regularly and it's only at level 75, while ninja defense is set at 11,5M ninja coins. There is enough space to add boosts to ninjas, zombies and yetis. I also asked to add pro chests among rewards at the end of ninja/zombie/yeti event to players who get maximum score in tier 14 (top tier) or to alliances at level 80. But war season needs an even greater improvement of rewards (there aren't guardian chests).
  3. Gate Towers are welcome in festivals: you have to consider players who need to upgrade units, spells, towers, obstacles, waves, farms, taverns, sylos, throne room, gate and other buildings. Gate tower = more battles to reach 15 crowns = more gold and medals = more upgrades. Moreover, we spend gold when we melt down an item.
  4. When it will be ready, I will do some surveys. I'm also writing a guide for high level players since February.
  5. I thought basilisk tower xp would grow exponentialy and not logarithmically at increasing of its level.
  6. It's your second topic about your problems to buy gems. What is your device?
  7. Could it be Reddit (I registered on Reddit in February 2019, i.e. about 2 months ago)?
  8. Previous questions were in the previous months, then I start from 31. 31) Does pearl boost of Hans pal work also on items found in the chamber of fortune and then melt down? 32) Can I receive packages (example: starter, warrior, worker, gold, spell, unit/troop, etc.) if I don't open gem chests from alliance subscription, gem chests from daily rewards, gem chests from conquest, pro chests, legendary and super chests from ninja event and war season for a few days?
  9. Has new provider got many milions of users? Finally we know why Nonstop knight 2, Flick arena, Tap empire, Monsters with attitude and Super spell heroes are asbent in current provider.
  10. I like how tech tree is now: a part related to attack, a part related to defense and a part related to energy, worker and watchtower.
  11. I haven't got her yet, but I watched the video and I noticed that I underestimated the Advisor/princess: she is much stronger than necromancer!
  12. Guardians have more health than king, so heal aura and life drain aura are less considerable.
  13. Version 5 is released. LacunaC, you forgot to vote. I'm sorry, Alumbri.
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