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  1. If you are going to download, install and play "Royal Revolt 2" and you wish to win bronze, silver, gold, platinum and especially diamond league as many times as possible, this guide can be useful. It can be useful also for beginners and in a minor way low level players, while for medium level and high level players maybe their strategy is compromised. For high level players, locked dungeons are a bad news. To participate at leagues, you need to upgrade throne room to level 3 at least. Medals decrease significantly when you upgrade units and spells, whileincrease very slowly when your king levels up. The crisis continues until that your throne room is at level 10 and your units and spells are maxed. The medals remain constant if you continue with the upgrades of the remaining levels of your throne room, units and spells. Levelling up the king increases slowly the medals until you reach about level 100, later the medals will remain stable. Players with maxed throne room and maxed but not forged units and spells have problems against bases which give >34 medals (which are generally forged). Strong/hard/difficult bases (which are generally better placed in global leaderboard) can give more medals. Below I'll write the following instructions to skip medal crisis (I didn't follow that strategy because my first priority was to maximize units and spells, instead of waves, gate, obstacles and towers). 1) Do not upgrade units and spells. 2) Do not join or create an alliance. 3) Upgrade throne room, taverns, farms, blacksmith, sylos, guardhouse, laboratory of inventions, chamber of treasure, waves, gate, towers, obstacles, alliance tower (insta troops can be useful) and barrack (waves with only knigths are a bad idea). 4) Unlock blacksmith slots. 5) Participate at Pro League, festivals and ninja/zombies/yeti events. 6) Speed-up farms, tavers and blacksmith. 7) Open chests only if your chamber of treasure is full. 8) Buy inventory slots and gold, xp, food and upgrade tokens (unfortunately pearl/blacksmith token doesn't exist). 9) Collect unique super items and pro items with gold gear, food gear, xp gear, luck gear and medal gear. 10) Fight with your highest food gear, medal gear, xp gear, gold gear or luck gear. 11) Sell or melt down other items and weaker versions of your unique super items and pro items. 12) Forge towers and obstacles. 13) Use upgrade token only to waves, towers and obstacles. 14) Spend pal food only to 1 pal. 15) Do not play dungeons. 16) Watch advertisements in bottom right corner of "daily rewards". 17) If both gate, sylos, taverns, farms, throne room, chamber of treasure, guardhouse, laboratory of inventions, blacksmith, barrack, alliance tower and waves are maxed, both blacksmith slots are all unlocked, both towers and obstacles are maxed and highly forged, both king is above level 100, then it's the moment to upgrade tower of magic, units and spells and, as soon as possible, to forge units and spells and finally to join or create an alliance.
  2. I sometimes receive "one time" offers in bad time. For example, on Wednesday 6/2/2019 I received an "one time" offer (in that day it contained 5k gems, 3 Gaspar guardian and 50 guardians at 109,99€) in the early morning as soon as I had logged out (and not logged in!) and I noticed it in the evening, after I had come home, and I could not have bought the next morning (also because I bought 9k gems in the previous weekend). I prefer to receive "one time" offers as soon as I log in (instead of log out), so I'll better prepared with budget.

    PAL drop rate very low

    Pal food is improved in pal chests in the last days.
  4. Top players can win easily (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond) leagues also without considering leaderboard medal bonus.
  5. Dungeons require much food compared to other battles.

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    When I will reach level 130 (I reached level 120 before the end of January) I will buy/collect all pro items with skull gear and with luck gear at their maximum level (to have the best possible stats).

    What influences the speed of forming dragons?

    I forgot to mention the level of war boost (in the case of frosters and pyromancers) and of pro boost (in the case of paladin).

    Necessary of increasing the maximum hero lvl

    In fact I spent money to maximize some spells and some waves in a shorter time.

    Monthly Festivals

    I don't see the picture on my laptop.

    Answers January '19 Q&A

    We are in mid February, version 4.5 was released 3 days ago and I'm still waiting February questions.
  11. The increments of health and damage are related to froster without considering war boost. Dragofroster has very high damage compared to "normal" froster and the increments with unit (and also spell) perks are proportional.

    RR2 Tutorials, tips & tricks by TURK KARDEŞLER

    Welcome to this forum, @sizcoksunuzBenTurk of Turk Kardesler! From today we have a reference youtuber, after Pellez and Flothaboss' retirements.

    World Record of Connection on February 11th 2019

    It means that many players are interested to new guardian, dungeon limitations, Sanzu set, monthly festivals, version 4.5 and new conditions for conquests. But the number of daily visitors is on average halved.

    Answers January '19 Q&A

    That idea is in my list of my ideas. When it will be implemented, I will have less problems to follow my strategy about forgings and I will pay attention only to money, gems, pearls, vouchers, gold, crystals and maybe also tokens. I'm still waiting February questions.

    Half a year with you guys :D

    I created my ign 2 years ago, but I logged into this game for the first time 1 week before (and another week before, I brought my laptop from the technician to install the official version of Windows 10).