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    Community week during Christmas holidays

    Are there plans for a community week during Christmas holydays? We have lost about 60% players (almost exclusively with less than 3000 trophies) since August 2017. In addition this game has lost several tens or even hundreds of positions in app store (at least in my country).
  2. In 2018 there was only 1 community week (in the 2nd half of April, without considering community month in March), while in 2017 there were more community weeks (for example in May and in August). It would be very sad to finish 2018 with only "1" community week, thus I suggest the next community week in about 2 weeks or before the end of this year. It's also a good reason for players to continue this game.
  3. I don't like waiting for the next alliance party in 2019. I'm really losing the patience. Actually granny event is useful for me only to buy inventory slots at a lower price.

    What's the best pro-set?

    Flothaboss (he is one of my inspirations in this game) collected all unique super items and pro items at least before his retirement. Actually I have >200 among unique super items and pro items. Unfortunately alliances of 1 player cannot participate at war seasons and conquest events.

    Resources booked until the new year

    During Xmas holidays I will write a new version of list of my ideas.
  6. I don't want to wait 2019 for the next alliance party. I wish instead a community week during Xmas holidays.


    There are too many blacksmith event in less than 3 months: it's the 4th one since September. The last alliance party was in August. And in the last months, the frequency of weekly event is reduced (now we have to wait about 10 days if we are lucky). Finally I will have to waste thousands of gems to speed up forgings about my items with skull gear.
  8. 13) How are alliances which respect the minimum number of (active) players sorted in war season if they aren't multiples of 6? 14) How are alliances which respect the minimum number of (active) players sorted in a particular tier of conquest event if they aren't multiples of 4?

    Black Friday and special gem offers

    On black Friday, special gem offer is changed: before there was 30% discount without extra gems, after there isn't discount, but with +50% gems (with expiration on cyber Monday). Result: I bought 30k gems at 109,99 € (instead of 20k gems at 74,99 €) on Sunday.

    Link Account

    Your post isn't very clear. Maybe you want to transfer your account into another device or to save your game progress on cloud.
  11. The last alliance party was in August.

    Black Friday and special gem offers

    Today is Thursday and actually there are gems discounts at about 30% (they will expire tomorrow evening). But in 2017, there were gems discounts at about 50% during black Friday period, and maybe they expired during the weekend or during cyber Monday. I'm undecided whether to buy a gem chest or to wait hoping to find gem chests with better discounts soon after, but also not to find gem discounts. My plan is to spend those gems to maximize waves, to upgrade to the last level alliance tower and conquest buildings, to improve my skull gear up to at least 33,1% (actually mine is at 32,9%), to add other inventory slots and to buy other 5 pro tickets by the end of this year.
  13. 12) What is the difference between PM and DM?
  14. Previous questions were in the previous months, then I start from 11. 11) What is DM and how to write and to send it to the other members of this forum?