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  1. Wych

    Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

    I thought we used to get 2 chests for getting in the top 500 before
  2. Wych

    Game crashes

    I am on a new iPad which is fully updated and every time i try and update a tower it crashes, this only started after the recent 4.2 update
  3. Wych

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Phoebe is only over powered if you do not work out how to kill it quickly, spawn insta cannons as it approaches and push Phoebe around as the cannons kill it. I have had more problems with primal howl which goes into crazy mode.
  4. Wych

    Can't donate Pro-League Tickets

    You can only donate tickets you have purchased
  5. Wych

    Tapjoy offer

    I have two open tickets for 1000 gems, which so far I have not received a reply for ☹️
  6. It would be better if they increased the spirit howl morale depending on the level of the pal rather than the player. I will still have to attack lvl 130 players and be attacked by the new chosen elite with their Uber Ceres in the wars and conquest.
  7. Wych

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    This is unreal, it always happens over the weekend. I have to do my fights now and have scored 0 in two of them so far due to connection lost. It’s almost as if they want more players to quit....
  8. Same but I am not sure if it’s a display bug because all mine are max so can not check
  9. Wych

    I was banned. in PRO-LEAGUE why.

    Are you definitely banned?? Or were you just to late to take part in this pro league. I know it used to be no entries 18 hours and less before the end but not sure now with the earlier finish.
  10. Wych

    Free Videos Error⚠

    Same here on IOS 😭
  11. Wych

    Make Attack Strategy!

  12. Wych

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    I agree, the community week was an amazing thing and we only missed out on the end. The worst things impacted by this problem are the war and the pro league. My 15 year old son plays and he had 2 disconnections playing the pro league on the early levels which really annoys me because he spends his own money buying gems to take part. So I think we should have the 500-1000 gems with the 3 war boosts but also include extra chests for everyone who took part in the pro league.
  13. I am trying to fight in a war with constant disconnections, this is making the game unplayable. How is this fixed?
  14. It does seem stable now but have lost so much time☹️
  15. I am on IOS and can connect but when I try and do anything it crashes. This community event has been amazing and it’s sad it ended this way.☹️