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  1. One day the devs might actually listen and either stop the Conquest event or reduce the frequency dramatically. The forums will then be filled with posts moaning at the loss of the chests and boosts. If you don’t want to take part in Conquest then don’t. I personally think it’s a great event to earn gold, gems, xp and finish with boosts and reward chests.
  2. I found a snake tower that would not take any damage, i had a dragon hitting it and 3 hammerstrikes but it did not lose any health and cost me a star.
  3. All I see are players moaning about Phoebe because it’s so powerful or they don’t want it nerfed and it’s so boring. If you are unable to beat Phoebe regularly then you should learn to play RR2 properly. There are so many different options now which can take Phoebe down in seconds. Even kow using Sultan can kill it quickly or use donkey and push it around while ranged kill it. Players and alliances have invested heavily in the pro leagues to obtain Phoebe which involves real money but because you don’t have it you come on the forums asking for it to be nerfed. If you are so desperate to get Phoebe join a new alliance which has it but you will find out a good defence with gargoyle tower boost etc is much harder to beat. why should a pro beast that alliances have saved for, sometimes taking ages be the same defence level as a pal that we all get for free from our chests daily or in Conquests etc. Haven’t a 1st division team invested more than the team from the neighbourhood so deserves to be at a higher level??
  4. I am sure it’s been mentioned lots of times but why can’t we have a few path designs that we change to at the click of a button. I was looking at clash of clans and they have had it for ages. It would be the same as the outfits A-D for example.
  5. Oh god not again. I have lost connection twice since coming home. ios
  6. Since the guardians have been introduced Phoebe has been turned into a mild annoyance. I use Sultan but wait until Phoebe appears to summon Sultan then run behind Phoebe pushing towards my army and hit bombs and toxic and firestorm and Phoebe is dead in seconds.
  7. It is sorted, I updated on Saturday and then despite refreshing the App Store it did not show anymore updates. I wrongly presumed that I had the final update as others were still experiencing problems. I was going to delete the post but thought I would leave it rather than deleting something that’s makes me look like an *****(this is not a swear word)🙈 ,just on the off chance that others had missed the multiple updates.
  8. I updated the game on Saturday and checked after and there weren’t anymore updates but when i checked back this morning there was an update dated 19/12/2018 so I have updated and so far all seems good.🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  9. I am trying to compete in the war but I am suffering with constant crashes regardless of whether I use the guardian. I raided one players base and the game completely shutdown on the last two towers in the courtyard both times but has also happened multiple times on other bases. This morning 3/4 raids crashed and on the last one I tried the in game video hoping it would send the copy up to the crash but unfortunately it didn’t and just crashed. I appreciate the gems they gave us for the other problems but this is sending me crazy with frustration and I cannot understand adding a new feature like the guardian with a festive break approaching leaving players stuck losing fights in wars, festivals and pro leagues. RR2 has been dancing on the edge of an abyss for some time and rather than coming up with ideas to save the game you are kicking it straight into the depths.
  10. I raided a base and I used donkey to trip jester boxes but when I got to the courtyard and was taking the last two towers down the game crashed. I was advised by a teammate to not use a guardian but when I raided the same base it happened again at exactly the same place. This update should never have happened with the holiday season and obvious lack of staff that this entails. The war will be a joke with players struggling to finish raids. I am using iOS which is all updated
  11. Wych

    Freedom of speech

    As we are in a season of goodwill and heading towards the New year I felt it is a good time to mention about players being banned from the forums. I can sort of understand a temporary ban if people have spoken out vehemently and you do not agree with their views. But I know of senior players from my alliance and other alliances getting banned without any knowledge of an end date. Even people who commit serious crimes are given a length to their sentences and I am hoping that you consider this before the damage to the game is irrevocable.
  12. I wanted to get as much action as possible with howl, froster dragon and Sultan all meeting in a cataclysmic battle. my ign is wych
  13. The Christmas skins are great but I think the price of £39 is to expensive for my son to afford. I know you get gems and food but this is only a game after all.
  14. Wych

    OMG we have lives?

    Then don’t play! This like everything else in RR2 is optional
  15. 9 hours and we have not heard anything in response. The way people’s complaints and concerns are dealt with is to be honest insulting. I would like to tag you Madlen so I could get a reply but worry I would be quietly removed from the forums alongside all the other senior members who have voiced their opinions.......
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