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  1. Enjoy . Hans is a really fun pal!
  2. Vanity token will give you a vanity hero setup slot in your Throne Room. You can choose one of your setups and change the appearance of the items in any way you want. The stats of the items stay the same. It's just a visual change. For example: if you have 9 pieces of random equipment and you really like the look of the new Sanzu set when it's all together. You can use a Vanity Token to make your hero look like the Sanzu Set for 7 days . Hope this helps
  3. It's possible it expired in the middle of the battle. If you are sure that it didn't then you should send a support ticket to flare
  4. This festival is terrible! The skins are cool, but I got less than 400 currency in my chests, each, not combined. For a 5 day festival that is freaking ridiculous.
  5. Thanks @Nikko! I'm very excited for the release of Nonstop Knight 2! Hoping I can make some videos on it so that I can be right there in the action at the beginning of the game! I have a quick question. I may have missed this somewhere in your post, but is there gonna be a Nonstop Knight 2 forum in the same place where the new OR and RR2 forums are?
  6. This would be epic to have in the game! Fingers crossed, let's hope this theory is true!
  7. No. Hans's speical ability only works for pearls found in the CoF. Doesn't work with items found there
  8. I forgot to mention a big thanks to @QueenDianne1 for helping me upload this video when my internet was...let's just say not cooperating lol
  9. Yeah, they seem to have done that a few times in the past though. I have been in the top 100 quite a few times recently and my rewards have been buffed from what they had previously appeared to be
  10. Excited for a new platform but disappointed that all of our stats will disappear. Hopefully we can see all the forum community members here hop over to the new forum and enjoy the classic discussions again
  11. Same here! The MCU Spiderman movie was better than all the other Spiderman movies in the past combined lol. I loved Toby McGuire in the classic spiderman back in the early 2000's, but the acting by Asa Butterfield is awesome
  12. Nonstop Knight 2 is not yet out for everyone, that's why there isn't much feedback yet
  13. Right now we have a designated Wave Setup to go with each Defense Layout. Wave Layout 1 goes with Defense Layout 1, Wave Layout 2 with Defense Layout 2 and the same for the 3rd layout. I think we should be able to have 3 different wave setups, but be able to use any of them with our different defense layouts. Let me explain. For Defense Layout 1, we should be able to choose to have Wave Layout 1, 2, or 3 in order to have more of a variety of troops to choose from. The same would go for Defense layout 2 and 3. This would make different wave setups a lot less of a pain to change when you are trying to make a better defense combo for your base. For example: Wave Setup 1 could be for cannons, wolves, and ogres. Wave Setup 2 could be for necromancers, wolves, and monks. Wave Setup 3 could be for archers, ogres, wolves. And Defense Layout 1 (just for example) could choose from any of these waves to have as it's defensive troops I think this would greatly reduce the pain of setting up your defense. What do you guys think?
  14. This is both good and bad at the same time. I just had gotten used to the new forum changes, but now we are changing providers and it'll be a whole new experience. I guess it's kinda exciting. I am very disappointed that I will be leaving behind my forum stats, as I worked hard here to earn my reputation. Anyway, thanks for letting us know of this change
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