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  1. Ogre's New Weapon

    I do believe so as I haven't seen the bug appear in a while Thanks
  2. Ogre's New Weapon

    Yeah, I use him mainly for harder attacks like high level bases and dungeons, etc. My usual pal is Tammy (or Pal-A-Din), though
  3. Ogre's New Weapon

    Don't like what?
  4. You could do that, or you could do something like the donation button. Have the PL tab flash when you can collect
  5. Pro League - spells location on the screen

    Is this a compliment? Cause it sounds like one at first but could also be referring to the "new me" LOL
  6. Ogre's New Weapon

    Oh Oh!!! I know!! It's Ice Damage, so Fritz!!! Thanks to Invizzzible for the hint! rofl
  7. Sounds like a really cool event. But why does the cool stuff always happen when I can't play lol. Viking Festival, Halloween Festival, All the Zombie Themed Ninja events. Two horribly timed crashes I guess What I mainly like about this new event is the dungeon digging time, although it's not much help to players who are stuck on dungeons. All it does is make them feel horrible
  8. Message to Alpha Guard

    I could use some cookies and a glass of milk LOL
  9. Pro League - spells location on the screen

    How is that language? I wasn't even calling ARREMBIMBA an idiot. I was simply saying that if someone can't handle an itsy bitsy change for 35 minutes, it's a bit overboard. I guess, after further analyzing, this is actually a fair suggestion. It would make things simpler and would cause less commotion. I, personally, don't have a problem with it, but I can see that most do lol, so, go ahead and change it
  10. Pro League - spells location on the screen

    Dealing with a lot of stress lately, I apologize if my behavior seems a bit off
  11. Message to Alpha Guard

    Hey guys, so, you probably seen that I haven't been on since mid yesterday, but here's the problem. My laptop has once again found a problem on the hard-drive and I am unable to play . I have no time table set for my return. You can probably imagine how frustrating it is to have this same thing happen to me, only 6 months after it happened back in October. Good news though, this time I saved most of my documents to OneDrive, including RR2, so when I do come back, I won't have to wait for support. Thank you for understanding and I'll keep you posted on what happens
  12. Game is not Saving on Playstore

    Hello, you should send a ticket to flaregames support here:
  13. Pro League - spells location on the screen

    You're not getting what I'm saying lol, it doesn't matter what keys you use for two spells, cause at the beginning of the game, the spells are labeled 5 and 6, so it's not a mistake and it shouldn't be a problem unless you're an idiot who can't change the way you play for 35 minutes
  14. Pro League - spells location on the screen

    My my, this is petty. The spells are in slots 5 and 6 when you only have 2, and then bump up to 7 once you get 3. Really not that hard. I understand it takes a bit to get used to, but this is not a mistake, nor is it a problem :D. Good day
  15. I think a way to solve problems like players spamming inbox's with applications and no communication because they don't speak the same language, or even having as the alliance is to do the following: Implement an "alliance rules" page where players can see the requirements for joining the alliance and what you should do when you are in the alliance. I think this would help explain to players the reason that they are not being allowed into alliances, making the generals job a whole lot easier. I will also connect this with one of my previous suggestions of greying out the "Apply" button for players who do not have the correct amount of min donations for the alliance, once again making the generals job a ton easier. Tell me what you think of this!