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  1. Is Someone Looking For Alliance

    Hey Parth 418! really cool that you're starting your own alliance, but you posted this in the wrong section. This is for players looking for alliances. You want to post this here
  2. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Lol, I cannot believe that this is the answer that they came up with. Either it was like a game of telephone, where it was misinterpreted as the player bonus when Gala told them about it, or Gala thought we were talking about something completely different and...well....went off topic, sorry Gala
  3. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    To make things worse, for those who don't have Fritz and get him in this Pal event, they will be disappointed...majorly! The Fritz pal has an ENORMOUS bug that makes him deal half or even none of the damage that he is supposed to
  4. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    One more thing to add to this debacle, there is no end date. It starts tomorrow, but ends.......when?
  5. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    *throws up* Not sure what flare was thinking here, what are you waiting for? Do something "fun" like you said we should be expecting this year
  6. suggestion about battle reward and forge

    1st Suggestion: Love this idea, Olympus Rising has this already implemented. With how much XP it is to level up, I'd prefer to get around 10k if you find it instead of the 30 you get in OR (but maybe that's just me because I was low level ) 2nd Suggestion: I do believe this has already been suggested. You are saying a forge page that is similar to the upgrade page, right?
  7. Werewolf Sound Effect ​​​​​​​

    I noticed that in Flothaboss' videos he has only the sound effects on, no music. So exactly the opposite
  8. Community Week 😍

    Community Week or Festival either one would be great
  9. Dragon animation of dracomancer takes too long time

    The problem I have every time is when a dragon spawns it brings my king backwards and he isn't hacking at a troop or tower that he was previously hacking at. Very frustrating. This is the same thing as the Beast cutscene, easy fix
  10. Meme Corner!

    The smiling emoji had to have come from Calvin
  11. To start off, I'd like to let you all know that this is the definition of nitpicking so watch out . I'm not complaining or anything, but in my most recent attack I started really paying attention to the sound effects of the troops when you spawn them. The creak for the cannon, the, well, cheer for the monk, and the....interesting sound effect for the werewolf. I really like to describe this as the "growling stomach" sound effect. Tell me if you've noticed this in your attacks
  12. Birthday chest

    7 days from now. Only a few people have it replace their monthly Pal Chest
  13. Birthday chest

    Frustrating, yes, but chances are that you will get a pal from that chest anyway
  14. Ninja Tiers

    I enjoy playing the event also, but it's not random, it's the same stinking bases every time. I wish there would be more of a variety in these event
  15. Told to take a Break?

    Very rarely can you be online for more than an hour. It only takes 15-20 minutes (perhaps 30 at some times in the day) to do all your raids. I guess if you are talking to someone then you can be on, but the way they made the game, it is hard to be on that long, and especially hard to be on for more than 2 hours