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  1. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    Why not? What should it be backed up to? Itself?
  2. Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS

    I love how we are all doing GalaMorgane's job for her
  3. Alliance Members Wanted

    It's great to see someone so active, but please try not to spam the forums with these. You have already made 3 of the same topics
  4. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    yep, this is what I have. Unfortunately, I did not have this when my laptop broke, so I had to rely on support and then hope no one had stolen my account
  5. Still no news on next update

    They want it to be a surprise. Last time the surprise of the Viking was ruined when someone (I won't name names) told EVERYBODY that the new troop was the Viking
  6. Still no news on next update

    I believe there will be an update this next week. Although, if it's taking this long it is good news. Probably means they are testing and making sure there are no bugs this time around
  7. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    I think what @Maerique is saying is, the stats for the ninja's aren't even right. Although, the only thing that isn't right is the fact that they just either don't have a weakness, or have a resistance to something that doesn't make sense. For instance, Frost Ninja's got 100% resistance to fire, which turned out to be just a visual bug
  8. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    We shouldn't have events that are based on luck, we need events that involve strategy in them. Like the Boost your Castle, Offense, and Defense Events, even the Alliance Party Event. All of those require strategy
  9. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    nice, I didn't get even a Legendary reward until my 3rd chest. Really frustrating event here, no pals for me
  10. So Many New Units, Towers, Spells ... No New Quests?

    Yes! Spawn Necromancers, Vikings, etc. The Quests makes people want to use troops that they don't normally use!
  11. Minor Animation Bug - beast shadows

    Because the beast forms of Niddhog and Aska are the same as Eldrak and Aki. It is not a bug
  12. Fritz not dealing damage

    This is weird. Fritz is now fine for me, but it's like the bug is turning on and off. Some of the time he works, other times he doesn't
  13. Animation Bug - Gargoyle Tower

    I think it is caused by Blizzard as it happens every time I used Fritz as well
  14. Minor Animation Bug - beast shadows

    Right, it's like when flare was introducing the new Viking Troop. They gave us a black outline and had us guess what it would be