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  1. AwesomestKnightest

    Super bug (War)

    Translated for convenience
  2. AwesomestKnightest

    Guardhouse of Thanatos suggestion

    In Royal Revolt 2 we have the ability to copy and paste our waves to provide convenience when sorting our defensive waves of troops. Why not add this feature into OR? It'd be very useful, as it is in RR2, and it's just so much more convenient than having to go through and hand pick all the troops
  3. AwesomestKnightest

    Olympus Rising Halloween Forum Event

    Ah, thought it was a boiled slug. It'd make sense being Prometheus and all
  4. AwesomestKnightest

    skull feature

    Yep, Horokos is definitely better. You have 6.5% SP on those gloves after 61 forges, but 6.3% on the gloves that you haven't forged yet. That's definitely the better deal
  5. AwesomestKnightest

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    tsk tsk tsk, cm'on now, let's not be indecisive, either you like the dungeon or not!
  6. AwesomestKnightest

    Question about Tammy.

    Here is Flothaboss' video on it, just to help you out Some really good advice here, provided by Flotha! Very helpful
  7. AwesomestKnightest

    Question about Tammy.

    Imo Tammy is better when you have a big army because he heals an equal 7600 for each of them, however, if you have to run to the gate and don't have much health (as is usual when rushing) then Phoebe is definitely better. Overall I'd say that Tammy is better, cause 9 times out of 10 you won't have to rush, but it's up to you to decide which is better
  8. AwesomestKnightest

    Community Spotlight

    This is my most viewed video!! This is the Viking I drew!!
  9. AwesomestKnightest

    Community Spotlight

    It's kinda like an event. The best post gets to be in the SPOTLIGHT! Just post... of these and you're eligible!
  10. AwesomestKnightest

    Community Spotlight

    Very awesome thread here!!! I do have a question though, am I able post some of my dungeon guides here?
  11. I like this. It's been so hard to earn pearls, even though we have the PL to help with that. Having the ninja event more often is especially important to me as I'm sure it is to everyone else as well
  12. AwesomestKnightest

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Since when have scrolls been part of a pay to win feature? They aren't P2W at all! The game isn't forcing you to use gems in a battle, the player decides when to use the scroll! It's not the game that made you use it, you just attacked a hard base. If you can't win a battle without using scrolls then maybe you should drop down a few tiers. In my opinion, Time Warp, or any other scroll for that instance, doesn't need a nerf in any way, shape, or form. Using scrolls SHOULD help you in battle. There are many scrolls that I feel are very under-powered, Armageddon being one of them. It is nearly useless, even at my level!
  13. AwesomestKnightest

    Olympus Rising Halloween Forum Event

    IGN: AwesomestKnightest Well, I was gonna invite Zeus, but he's not into the kind of things that his brother Hades is (for instance: Halloween), so I decided to go with my second choice, Hades. "Why, thank you for inviting me AK" says Hades "It's no problem, well actually it kinda is, I didn't want you here in the first place, I hear you get a little rambunctious when you drink to much ambrosia"
  14. AwesomestKnightest

    New pal

    Yep, clarification here, it's called the "Sunbear Skin". Looks pretty cool imo. Fun to see that flare is introducing new skins
  15. AwesomestKnightest

    Royal Revolt 2 Spooky Halloween Event open now

    IGN: AwesomestKnightest The king checked the mirror to see how he looked but noticed something creepy behind him!