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  1. Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay

    update: I reached 100 kills in Solo Mode earlier today!!! I average 1 kill every 3.42 turns I play. So 100 kills in 342 matches, not great, but it's some improvement, seeing as I was 6 kills and 100 matches which leaves me at 94 in my last 242!!
  2. Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

    Gate Towers really weren't a big deal until they added the Basilik Tower, making it almost impossible to get 100% if a player has 2 of them by the gate
  3. Well, to go with the Pro Festival idea, the chances are that it would be a new Pro Pal
  4. POLL: What perks you mostly like?
  5. Plate size?

    He may have used google translate, so...we all know that darn Google Translate, it always gets things wrong
  6. 0 Trophies for Raiding the #1 Player!

    Okay, well, I just explained why it's like that. You're acting like it's a new thing, when it's not
  7. Force Enemy Troops to have Different Colors!

    What do you want flare to do with Ogres, give them a T-Shirt? lol, Ogres are less of a problem, but one way to make them a little more visible would be to make their diaper full blue and full red instead of being striped
  8. 0 Trophies for Raiding the #1 Player!

    Are you joking? It's been like this for at least half a year! That player is more than 500 trophies out of your league and so he gives you 0 trophies
  9. Force Enemy Troops to have Different Colors!

    I would like to point out that Ogres do have a red diaper on defense, so Ogres are not an issue But I do love the idea of changing the werewolves to brown on defense (sorta like a Growl type color), but Gargoyles...those ain't a big deal. Nobody uses Goyles on offense, only on defense, so that can just stay the same. Plus they kill themselves anyway and they are much easier to spot as an enemy troop
  10. I remember posting a suggestion for this a while back, but I can seem to find it for a bump. But to refresh the memory for you guys, the suggestion is to change the robes of the enemy monks to red, just like all other enemy units. All the time I'll attack a base with monks and find myself trying to attack my own monk. It can be really confusing, so to put it simply: Offensive Monks stay at blue while defensive change to red
  11. Patch Updates

    Yeah, I asked this question cause, most of the time, they'll do bug fixes in server maintenance, so I was just wondering why it was in an update this time
  12. New War Boost: Freeze Gate

    I really think that when the king gets the slowdown effect placed on him by Frosters (or in this case, the Freeze Gate), the time to get the spells back should slow down as well. It would really put an effect on the ice attack damage. It would also help Frosters become more useful on defense
  13. Patch Updates

    Now I know that this is not a problem for you guys, but it is for me. The updates in RR2 take about 2 hours to download, and it's a big hassle for me lol. The internet is really bad where I am, so updates are just...the worst. But I really just came to ask, aren't patch updates originally just automatic updates? Or have they always been needed to be downloaded? It's not that big of a deal for me, but I really just want to know
  14. New War Boost: Freeze Gate

    Exactly. My main point of the boost was to have the arrows that come from the gate, slow down troops. To make it funner, I added that "maybe a flood of snowballs comes out, similar to Doom Gate." If you think the flood of snowballs would be to OP for the offensive side, then let's not have that idea. Or just change it up a bit to where, when the snowballs hit the ground, they cause a stun and everyone, including the hero, gets stunned for 2 seconds (just a random number). Lacuna, I understand that you are trying to give constructive criticism, and I can see that it worked, seeing as I just modified my snowball idea. Tell me what you think of it now. I'd love to hear your response to it