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  1. AwesomestKnightest

    not much gold around

    I'm in the 3000 trophy range and my usual attack screen will show an opponent with 100k-300k at the least. On some occasions, yes, I'll get some really low numbers.
  2. AwesomestKnightest

    Medals record progression in platinum league

    So? It just shows that it slowly got harder and harder. No cheats needed to get that, just a bit of time, that's all
  3. AwesomestKnightest

    (FLARE MUST DO) What Flare must do to make the game playable?

    All in all, the only thing we can do right now is wait. Wait till 4.0, then, and only then, do we have the right to complain
  4. AwesomestKnightest

    We Need Compensation ASAP

    Only in the OR section. But these rules should apply to all the forums
  5. AwesomestKnightest

    We Need Compensation ASAP

    I agree that you can't complain if you aren't gonna play the way you're supposed too, but how about instead of saying he's playing "retarted", why not just kindly hand him some advice without the tone that seems like you're yelling. If you do this and he doesn't accept it, then you did what you could
  6. AwesomestKnightest

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    unfortunately, yes
  7. AwesomestKnightest


    Love this idea, as it will make the new player feel like the leader has already found something good in him. I remember, in RR2, when I was first promoted to General I felt so good about myself. Of course, being a general is a lot higher than this suggested position, but my point is, when a player is promoted they feel good, and it makes them want to stay in that alliance!
  8. AwesomestKnightest


    If you're gonna restrict players from using the blessings, then you might as well kick them from the alliance
  9. AwesomestKnightest

    3 unique super items of which 2 are identical in a super chest

    I wouldn't say lucky, but it certainly is rare
  10. AwesomestKnightest


    Yeah, this is the perfect thing about a game with 3 modes like OR! If you don't like one of the modes, for instance the Multiplayer, one can just fall back to PvP or PvE. For those who don't want to risk getting revenged, then the Odyssey is for them. There's a mode for every kind of player, and it's great. RR2 has this and other games like Fortnite have this as well and this is what make those games great!
  11. AwesomestKnightest

    How to start a good and strong alliance?

    Nah, 2 years is probably more correct, cause most alliance have been around for that long. Probably only the top 75, maybe even 50, have been around for 3 years
  12. AwesomestKnightest

    New Spell: The River Styx

    Ah, my bad, sorry about lol
  13. AwesomestKnightest

    Pro league with no gate towers?

    no RevoltRoyal is right, more attacks = more gold, it just takes longer to get the festival chest
  14. AwesomestKnightest

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    Oh, I see lol, I forgot what level I was
  15. AwesomestKnightest

    (FLARE MUST DO) What Flare must do to make the game playable?

    I agree that the TC nerf was a good move by flare. TC was a way to save gems, cause it was a quick time warp