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  1. Wednesday and the question arises again

    unless that's the bug
  2. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    I actually have gotten a Growl from a pal chest. So that'd be a yes, but the chances are low and even then, the chances for a good pal are lower than that
  3. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    Fritz does seem like a good defensive beast. Both him and Phoebe
  4. Wednesday and the question arises again

    that's the only upside, you're right. Unless the defensive fritz has the same bug as offensive
  5. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Gargoyle Towers are simple to take down, no problem there. All I'm saying is, if there are gate towers, don't attack with cannons, or don't attack with many cannons
  6. Player gets kicked from game after over 1 year of inactivity

    Whoa! He just appeared back on my list. He was gone for 2 days, but now has turned back up to inactivity lol
  7. Pro League Restarted

    Did you even read the post?
  8. Server Maintenance?

    Can't connect to the game right now saying there's a maintenance break, changing the pal event already?
  9. Pro League Restarted

    he said he has already sent a ticket
  10. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    This may be a good sign, however, @JiggleFizziks. This could mean that their minds are on something else. Either the bugs or a new update. Either way is good...except the fact that we don't know when this event ends P.S. Just hit 1900 posts lol
  11. Boss Hunt change

    Many times when we are in a boss hunt, we participate with our own spells and the pal of our choice. I'd love to see this become like the Pro League in RR2, to where all players have the same spells and to spice things up for the players who aren't very good and won't get the pal pieces, ALL players will get the special pal (that you would earn after the boss hunt) during the Boss Hunt. Sorta like a test run with the pal. This way you can see if you even want that pal, or if it is even worth getting. Tell me your thoughts on this
  12. We lost our founder AND general!

    I believe the automatic mechanism in both RR2 and OR has it to where the highest player (in trophies I believe) in the alliance becomes the leader. @CaptainMorgan if you can verify this, please do
  13. Werewolf Sound Effect ​​​​​​​

    The archer is by far the most annoying. A high pitched squeal
  14. Told to take a Break?