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Hey, It's me, AwesomestKnightest, you may know in-game (oh, well, when I was playing) or just from in the forum. I'm !% years old. If you're smart enough you can decipher the age. I started in this game early in January. I was once in the Alliance: Street-Fighters for my first 4 months in the game, then I moved on to the Knights who say Ni, a very hospitable and funny bunch, really enjoyed playing with them. I played with them all the way till October 11th, I think. Then I came to Genie and Master (not "dot") and from what I saw, they were a real great group, and although I only got to play 2 days with them, I found myself once again at home in a new alliance. I'd really highly recommend going to both those alliances. If you want to play the game just for fun and not to play for tops. Those are the places to go. Plenty of competition but also the right amount of jolly jokes to go around. I've found that this game is extremely fun, unlike some other games that you would find while surfing through the app store (Castle Clash, X Mercs, etc.). The staff are not a**holes (see what I did there ;) ) and well, I can't really say the same about all the members on the forum :D but this is a great group. These games and this forum really brings together a nice blend of ideas. So until I can come back to the games, Adios!

- AwesomestKnightest

P.S. I wrote this in about 15 minutes and I thought to myself, wow, how does @Heroesflorian have the time to make all of his posts :P