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  1. Biggest Scam Ever?

    1212 Gems for....this?
  2. No Birthday Festival?

    My guess is a big update, like I said before
  3. TheHeavyWarriors Recruitment

    You look cool, but I think to level up quicker and have better defenses, I'd suggest having basic rules for participating in wars and ninja events. It really helps to have active players that will help you earn new boosts!
  4. Forum Game - Design Your Gear

    First Place - Belt This Belt is shaped like a first place ribbon and gives you +1 more trophies per battle after a win (sorta like the medal bonus). It gives you Start Morale as well!! Next Item: Helmet
  5. Can't connect to game after ninja started

    Yeah true, all Gala would've said was to submit a ticket anyway lol
  6. Can't connect to game after ninja started

    So I'm in the chat talking to alliance members and I exit the chat cause the ninja event has started. Now, I intentionally stayed on the chat until the ninja started so that when I exited the chat I would get reward from Silver League and not be 2 minutes behind everyone else in the Bronze League. So I exit and the buffer signal comes up and nothing happens. It just sits there. I have to exit and now I can't connect to the game. Nothing to do with internet connection, cause I'm on the forums just fine, and everything else works. I haven't been online too long, only about 10 minutes. What's up flare?
  7. To Flaregames

    SP is for skull perk in that picture, right?
  8. To Flaregames

    With so many bugs going on, we need more than just one hour of GalaMorgane being online. We need at least one staff member present at all times. With all the bugs going on you CANNOT have only GalaMorgane looking at the topics for 1 hour. Put designated times for Community watching on your team and take care in what you do, cause it doesn't look like you are right now. You don't have forum events to make people interested, you very rarely answer to topics, and then when you do that, you say "Send a ticket in to support." Yeah right, cause we all know support solves everything! My suggestion for the community change is simple and clear. It needs to be the same with support as well. Have designated times for staff members to reply to people. It's really not that hard. Please read this and don't ignore it as it seems you do with everything else
  9. Biggest Scam Ever?

    I do, but that's not why I'm posting this. I just wanted to see your thoughts...and well, it's not a scam after all, just a high price
  10. Biggest Scam Ever?

    Oh my gosh, what the heck is wrong with you? I wasn't saying anything about flare...I was simply asking if you guys thought this was the biggest scam ever
  11. No Birthday Festival?

    Version 4.0: New Feature: The Bug Pal!
  12. No Birthday Festival?

    Yes, exactly my thoughts! Since there has been no update thus far, it's pretty easy to conclude that something will happen next week. Can't wait!
  13. Can't connect to game after ninja started

    Update: After 25 minutes of waiting, I can connect, thanks for the quick reply
  14. Can't connect to game after ninja started

  15. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    Most of the time I'll get answers
  16. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    Why? You think they won't help?
  17. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    @GalaMorgane @flaretara? Give us a little help here?
  18. No Birthday Festival?

    Since when has flaregames ever done something 2 times in a row? Answer me that. Not a Christmas festival, we had 2 straight years with festivals in December, but only one was a Christmas one. So maybe a spring Festival is up next. Shouldn't be expecting a Bday Festival
  19. No Birthday Festival?

    Picture this: 2 Birthday Festivals in 2 straight years Won't happen, I think it'll be an update with more bugs
  20. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    @Odkim with all the forges still there, it may still be the same order even though it is less XP
  21. Ninja Tiers

  22. Ninja Tiers

    I, along with many others, feel like these ninja events are too easy at the moment. I am in the 3000-3499 tier, and I think each tier needs to be bumped down one tier. For instance, the bases I get in my tier drop down to the 2500-2999 trophy tier and the 3000-3499 trophy tier would get the 3500-3999 bases. This would make things a bit harder and would also make the extra 2 battles have a bit more meaning
  23. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    *throws up* Not sure what flare was thinking here, what are you waiting for? Do something "fun" like you said we should be expecting this year
  24. Daily Rewards

    So, I was just looking at the Daily Rewards and I've been wanting to post about this for a while now. Why do we get such horrible rewards for the first half of the month, but great rewards for the next half? It makes no sense. I request that you slightly change this. The first rewards have close to no value at all