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  1. Disconnections after disconnection

    loool yeah ... but what is it we got boosted ... nothing to see in the game
  2. Disconnections after disconnection

    the same message here still also
  3. Disconnections after disconnection

    It a big problem for both windows users and android users as well, we are really many that having problem, and get the message, " tjeck you internet" or like that It's 2 time today many of us expexiense this issue, but last time didn't took so long time before okey Is there news to us all
  4. We are many both on windows and android also, that can't connect after the last maintaince
  5. Wool thank you. We have a couple of available seats. We are a friendly alliance, we are enjoying ourselves and helping each other. In chat we only use English. We see genes you have repectible defense and are an active daily player. You make all your battle in event and war as well as donate gold every day. If you are level 85+ and can donate 250K+ We are open "Apply to join"
  6. We are waiting for you in GreyGuardians
  7. Looking for an alliance

    you are wellcome join: GG academic
  8. Looking for Active Alliance!

    also like you in GreyGuardians
  9. GG have some free slots

    apply to join us ...
  10. GG have some free slots

    info our beast so far
  11. look picture what we like and offer ...
  12. Heyy RoyaleDing I know dear, and have help him in understand it all. He is from Indonesia and not the best in English. But together and use picture and google translate he got it Now we just wait for the ticket to come ty for fast respond and help so far kindly korsaa
  13. Heyy I have done that plus helped him now write to facebook also, so both way done. Lets hope he soon get his packets he have paid for Ty for try help. Kindly from Korsaa
  14. Hey His problem is he have paid for it but haven't got the package he have paid for. If you read what he tried to tell, that is he show you the documention from his bank, money is tranfered to flare game from his bank, but still he have not recieved the offer in packet of the "the time offer" He is still waiting for recieve the chest and protickets he have paid for. Please try help him get the packets Why do you ask him contact facebook to get it, when the bug may lie by flare games. It to you he have paid for it. Please look at his documentation flare. I write on behave for my friend and member in my guild. Kindly from Korsaa He tried write here :