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  1. Glad that rank and reputation are going. I always found them the most useless features of forums.
  2. I am happy for the pinning changes. Not so happy for the attacking changes but it isn't turning out as badly as I first thought it would.
  3. Sometimes it happens. I would be more worried that they make the matching algorithm better or ways to prevent alliances than Flare try to also sort out countries of origin.
  4. Thank you for the information and the reduction in time for tile blocking. I would only add 10-15 minutes per person but still a good move.
  5. Our Conquest: Tier 3rd highest, Numbers of teams 200, 40 (plus ties) will move up/down. Us: Rank 338, Level 51, Members 54, HQ level 6 Enemies: Rank 269, Level 55, Members 50, HQ level 6; Rank 342, Level 68, Members 49, HQ level 7; Rank 424, Level 48, Members 52, HQ level 6(?). Tough Conquest opponents but to be expected.
  6. Only allowing those of sergeant and above to declare wars in Conquest is a bad idea, imo. Do we need to make everyone a sergeant to execute strategies now? I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this. I hadn't noticed this as being something that needed fixing.
  7. Agreed. I'll take 65 if I could get it but 75 would be great. Not sure I'd want/need more than that unless they made alliances bigger.
  8. Well, I have 45 friends and 5 pending so it looks like the limit is 50. I suppose I will have to split up the task of contacting new members with another one of the generals. Not ideal since I was the main person organizing our teams for Conquest. I would rather have the limit increased to 65 if that is possible.
  9. I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it. I like to contact each new member of our alliance by sending a friend request. This allows me to chat with them and is also useful in Conquests to organize things. However, I'm now at the point where I can't add new friends (about 50-55 or so). Considering there's a max of 65 members in an alliance, is there any chance of increasing the number of friend slots to at least 65? Thanks.
  10. Yes, whenever there is room in the Stronghold for any resources to be donated, button should blink if you are ready to donate. This should happen whether Conquest is running or not.
  11. You're definitely not forced to play Conquest. It's all about choices. You CHOOSE to be in an alliance that CHOOSES to have the Conquest boosts. You like the boosts so you do what's necessary to get the boosts.
  12. People who aren't in alliances. I also see several alliances, depending on tier, who have 0 points for the entire time of the Conquest, obviously choosing not to "force" themselves to play. Also, your continued assertion that matchmaking is heaven for all those outside of the top 100 is simply wrong. It's actually getting lame at this point when you bring it up way out of context of the issue being discussed. You can imagine all you want, plenty choose not to do them. Therefore, not forced any more than having a monthly subscription.
  13. I see many who choose not to play Conquest and willingly pass up the rewards. Next, people will say they are forced to buy one of the subscription packages.
  14. You choose to be in an alliance that chooses to maintain certain boosts. You and your alliance can make different choices. There's no force involved at all. It is sad that you don't understand this.
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