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  1. fundinstrongarm

    Conquest goto me button

    I agree. It is often difficult to find am alliance member on the map. Some way to zero in one named person would be nice.
  2. fundinstrongarm

    stone depot level 7

    I think for each tier the costs are different.
  3. fundinstrongarm

    Thinking out loud...

    Exactly. The 'you're in the wrong tier' argument doesn't address the issue at all.
  4. fundinstrongarm

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    Servers going down in a few minutes.
  5. fundinstrongarm

    Wisdom costs for Research

    This really needs to be looked at once Conquests go down to 5 days. Price could probably be a third of current prices. Also, academies, mines and villages should pump up their output (number and/or frequency) to play a part other than just being worth 20 points.
  6. I agree with you. Having Conquests as an eight day event just extends the futility (or domination). Once it gets cut to 5 days, it will be like wars. Sure, you win some and you lose some but it's over quickly either way.
  7. fundinstrongarm

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    Ah. Truth comes out. You find it fine that even in the bottom tier you can have horrible matchmaking when alliance level/rank isn't taken into account. All the talk of 'drop to a lower tier' or 'add more tiers' is proven meaningless. Really, it was never a solution to the problem to begin with and you've demonstrated why. Thanks.
  8. You can move past people so I don't think a tower would do anything more than make it cost lots of energy to leave your stronghold.
  9. fundinstrongarm

    Wisdom costs for Research

    Yup. We are level 5 stronghold that can hold 60000 wisdom. We are in a tier 3 Conquest. We've had a finished tower claiming 1 academy since early the second day. We will get a total of 8 research items. Perhaps enough for a 9th at the end which we probably won't bother with. Sure, we are average so donations probably get missed and individual levels of buildings isn't very high (maybe LVL 4 average?) and we didn't click the academy during the night. But to only get 8 research items finished seems poor. They could knock the price in half probably. But maybe others have done far more?
  10. fundinstrongarm

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    How many more tiers would 'fix' the above? Answer: not enough. Powerful teams could do this at ANY tier against purely random opponents. More tiers with only slight changes in rewards will not 'fix' the problem. Those calling for more tiers as a fix are incorrect in their assessment of the problem, imo.
  11. fundinstrongarm


    Thank you.
  12. How about this? On the week of the conquest, everyone in your alliance use their monthly free pro ticket and do the pro League instead. You will probably even get a team boost.
  13. fundinstrongarm


    Which score is used to determine your average for the tier you play next Conquest? Your final score or your high water mark?
  14. fundinstrongarm

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    This is a perfect example of why alliance level/rank needs to be a factor in matchmaking, no matter the tier.
  15. If my life became busy I'd probably play less. It doesn't mean I would rather do a festival instead of conquest. I've played since near the beginning. I remember well before alliances.