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  1. Well said. It does seem odd that many of the top 50 players rarely appear on our maps. I have been lvl 131 for quite some time and while the top guys often attack me, I can’t seem to find them 🤔
  2. Just after I posted I re-examined the stats and found that many are halfed. Which sucks, but not life on hit. Thanks for responding.
  3. I found this exact same bug!!! I use Perseus and for now the work around is to make slot 1 (I) the default defensive mode. Use 2 and 3 for attack postures. However, I also noticed that Damage reflection on my hero in slot one was 47% but for the statue it was only 24% this seems like a huge bug!
  4. Greetings olympians and warriors all, if you’re lookIng to grow stronger and more powerful and have a great time and lots of fun in the process consider applying for membership in our alliance! We have a blast. i am an officer in the alliance known as “Built” we are a small but powerful and proud alliance. Our general is a great guy by the name of Kingmidas1. Come join us. ??✌️?????? Here is a recent titan code if you’re new to the game this will help you gain reward points and it might help me too SGIPICPF
  5. I still haven't figured out how to get all four towers in the light of the Helios tower at the same time? If anyone has a defense layout that shows this being done I'd really appreciate a picture for reference, this is my current defense layout:
  6. It would be really cool if members of the same alliance could trade or borrow items! what do you guys think?
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