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  1. A war between Apoc und VL has been decided with a difference of ~100 skulls. We had wars with a difference of ~2000 skulls. These results have been influenced by the crashes! Many of us gave lots of dias to win all those warboosts. But we have to realize: Maybe only the alliance with more luck won this war. We will not get compensation. And gems or a community week would not be the right compensation. So why should we fight alliance wars in future?
  2. I did 16 raids as war champion and got 2 crashes! All those days the same! Thats a risk for all our Alliances! Results are influenced by this issue!!
  3. Help Flare to fix the game crashes, please

    Had 5 Crashes today during raids. Android, Nokia 6 Changed my Combo to proarcher, Pyro, ogre and the Crashes began. Anyone else with the same Problem?
  4. Missing pro archers

    Same here. Germania1 Alliance. Annoying, cause this was an expensive proleague!
  5. Totally agree! This new loserbonussystem is unfair in wars with Mid-Level-Alliances! If there are two Alliances A an B with nearly equal strength, Alliance A is only a little bit stronger in scoring and has only one more fiefdom in the beginning: Day one: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get "normal" LB Day two: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get "normal" LB Day three: Alliance B will win cause of the LB -> Alliance A will get only 30% of LB and THE LB F ALLIANCE B STILL INCREASE!!! Day four: No chance for Alliance A, no chance to get "normal" LB, cause they have two more fiefdoms!!! Day five: ... This is really unfair! We are forced to lose our wars in the beginning of war seasons. Flare destroyed the war system, cause they are focussed on Vanguard and Co. This will bring this game to an end! Most of us do not play this game cause of the proleague!
  6. Rewards pro league

    No. Nothing
  7. Rewards pro league

    Nothing. No Support, No ...😂 Same problem here.
  8. Für die fehlenden Ninjas bekommst als Vanguard 1000 dias, sonst 500 😂. Hatte ich auch schon.
  9. So give us all the full rewards as compensation ;-)
  10. Personally i am missing a connection betweeen the item preset slots and chosen troops and spells.
  11. Bladestorm

    I think it was an intentional nerf of the overpowered LT. I think it´s OK. Now there are more variants in this game!
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  13. Disconnections after disconnection

    No. Disconnection after disconnection.