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  1. Come check us out! I heard Beavis is buying rounds this week @Beavis
  2. Maestro

    Message to Alpha Guard

    Hey AK, I was wondering why you were absent in the chat. We completely understand and if there is anything you need just give us a holler. Have a good one and hope to see you soon!
  3. Join us for next war and get the AG experience for free!
  4. Come pay us a visit if you are interested and enjoy our community 🍻
  5. Maestro

    When new update? For real...

    A lot of people getting bored with the game because of all the reasons mentioned by everyone in this topic. Flare really needs to change up the war boosts right now and work on making a more dynamic war system. I have people in my alliance just hanging in there for the social aspect of it and don't even care about the game anymore. This can not be what was intended and needs to change fast or more and more people will leave the game!
  6. Get in here and come check us out! Especially if you love beer
  7. Maestro

    Ceres + Necromancer = Noncompatible?

    Ceres only copies your own troops
  8. Check out our new video to see what to expect!
  9. Tainted love boost level 3 unlocked.
  10. We have 1 open slot. Get in while you can!
  11. Take a look at our new promotion video and come join us at AG!
  12. Maestro

    BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    It says the same in Dutch. Same question here. I thought chances were improved on all forges?
  13. Maybe in your experience. I have only met one person so far that truly acted toxic in my year and a half of playing. You must be joining the wrong alliances. I also feel like the lions share of RR2's user base consists of grown ups (correct me if I'm wrong @GalaMorgane). Ofcourse you have to take into account the children that play this game but don't act like it's just children playing this, because I feel like it's more like the opposite.
  14. Maestro

    To GalaMorgane

    Don't try to derail this topic please. I think your comment is funny but, no, I'm not going after you as you would be able to understand if you read my comment. I think you are awesome, just wrong in this instance. And @GalaMorgane please learn that not everything off topic is bad. Good things can come even from derailed threads.
  15. Maestro

    To GalaMorgane

    You think that is drastic? I'd say closing the topic of someone that has nothing to do with the discussion being held in that topic is a bit drastic! I'm sure she will agree that closing the topic is not the desirable outcome. Probably her tools are limited or something Just warn the people in that topic and punish them if needed. No need to close it, in turn punishing AK.