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  1. Problem is, this time people are actually quitting the game. Keep in mind most people don't say anything on this forum so large numbers of people leaving silently. I see it all around me and I'm not far from quitting myself. Flare must already be seeing it in the statistics.
  2. I can not turn off dragon animations in Facebook Gameroom. It works fine on Android 8.0. Every time I turn off the dragon animations in options in Facebook Gameroom the setting doesn't get saved. When I uncheck the Dragons box, exit out of settings and go back in settings the dragon animations box is checked again!
  3. He is not complaining though. He is just stating facts and giving Flare feedback so they can make changes. These are all real problems that he sums up. What for sure would not solve anything, is not saying anything at all.
  4. I think what would be a good change is to have the leader and generals divide up the members between them or join eachothers' stack. This way leadership is in control of the movement and makes it much easier to co-ordinate everything. They should be able to appoint scouts who are free to move as they please or join up with a bigger stack like everyone is now. This way leadership remains in control of who does what. It reduces the amount of people asking for directions all the time and conquest will be a more exciting experience for everyone.
  5. Ads seem to be working fine again for me at least. Haven't encountered any problem with cooldown since 2 days.
  6. A lot of people with the same problem. Are you also playing through Facebook Gameroom? @13thMalkav
  7. @LacunaC This will be fixed next update, which is.. who knows when.
  8. This conquest takes too much time. I don't want to be logging in every 15 minutes / 1 hour / 2 hours and setting a timer after each move to remind myself I can move 3 tiles again. What worked so well of the other war system is that it was fair to people all over the world since everyone had 24 hours to complete their attacks. IMO this is the biggest flaw of the conquest system right now. Having to log in multiple times per 24 hours and the match evolving too quickly to be fair to people from different time zones. (battles over in less than an hour) I can see many alliances boycot conquest altogether if this doesn't change.
  9. Watched 3 ads in a row today. It is strange that it doesn't work some days and works other days.
  10. You guys will see how this problem will be fixed in no time because we have a new CM. @Madlen
  11. We will see after I farm enough gold to max my last spike. One thing is for sure, I'm able to watch two in a row this time. I seriously doubt it is fixed though. Maybe just not broken 100% of the time.
  12. Maybe in a couple years you will lose some of your juvenile enthousiasm every time they spoonfeed you a new CM. What we need are developers and a CM who actually PLAY the game and have been playing for a while. FTBs balancing changes were a step in the right direction although a bit over the top. In my case, I have lost all hope in Flare and RR2. They keep hiring people that have nothing with the game and do not understand the community and it's dynamics. I will stick around and watch how things unfold. ?
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