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  1. We have one free spot. First come, first served!
  2. Why not phoebe in shop?

    This is absolutely rediculous. How are alliances supposed to make agreements on unlocking pro-beasts now? Say we all go for Janus now instead of phoebe, HOW LONG will we have the time to unlock this beast? At least make this info available or keep ALL pro pals available at all times
  3. Why not aska & nidogg collector event

    Why do you have to act like such a dick? If you want to give him advice there are normal, kind ways to do so.
  4. This is only the case if you use cannons though. I personally dont and I bet there are a lot of people that dont use cannons either.
  5. As the title suggests, please make it so you can see what kind of beast you are facing in the attack screen. Just beast yes/no is not enough. Phoebe beast is so overpowered it's rediculous IMO and I hate losing hard earned trophies to phoebe beast each time without being able to choose if I want to challenge it myself. When you face phoebe at least around my trophy lvl (4k) you have about a 99% chance to fail that base. I know, yes it is POSSIBLE to defeat it if you spawn a shitload of monks but since I dont use them in my regular setup it's no chance for me and a lot of people feel the same. @GalaMorgane
  6. Since they nerfed Mass Hysteria FB towers now heal towers are the OP pro boost. Please make the range the same as the original heal orb.
  7. I hate Stone Ninjas in offense!

    Another problem with offensive stone ninjas is that when they petrify units across path, an enemy wolf comes and screams at the petrified unit boosting all towers/units around it! Another big downside of offensive stone ninjas!!
  8. Game Crashing using Insta-Archers

    Insta archers will cause crashes for everyone AFAIK. Im sure flare is working on it but they dont like to communicate these things.
  9. Daily player - chill but wrecks

    Trophies, donate, player lvl and full IGN?
  10. Food reduction perk doesn't work on Dungeons unfortunately. (and neither does medal bonus) OP is right about the diamond league being unfair to lower players. The high players can just do normal attacks for 1000 medals per raid with medal and food perks. Once you go over 4k trophies the medals you get are starting to become reasonable at 100-400 medals but still not nearly enough to win the diamond league. It IS possible to win the diamond league as a lower player IF you are lucky and get a calm league but the time and effort you have to put in are out of proportion.
  11. Allow to pause game longer

    In the middle of a match you mean? Its less than 5 minutes.
  12. stuck in "A Stone's throw from Death"

    If you want to take some risk you can play the last island 3 times getting 99% on it the first 2 times. More gold
  13. That is what I'm saying "For example removing/rerolling a cape perk".
  14. He means to be able to get Pal Flute boost perk like you can with the other spells. For example removing/rerolling a cape perk and having x% chance to get Pal Flute perk.
  15. On my phone I can swipe from the right edge of the screen and out comes a menu that has a "back" button on it. Dont know if it's the same for you but thats how I usually exit those ads. If you really can't exit those ads then I would make a ticket so flare has a look at it.