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  1. Archimedes

    About No answer Here

    @Warriornator Thanks for taking the time to bring this up. We will make sure to communicate this to the developers. As you probably understand, we are constantly working on making the game better, and sometimes (especially after launching a new update) there may be some unforeseen issues, which we will try to address ASAP. And it is the feedback from the players that really helps us speed up the process and identify those areas which require urgent attention, for which we are very grateful. Thanks again.
  2. Archimedes

    connection lost again.

    @denacaldwell Sorry about the problems and glad they got sorted. Have a good day.
  3. Archimedes

    I was banned. in PRO-LEAGUE why.

    Hey @hatsunemiku Please, enquire with the Customer Support as to a possible ban or any other reasons preventing you from participating in the Pro League: All the best.
  4. Hi, @Nadour ! Could you please reach out to support via this page? They will be able to take a look at your profile and help you if there's anything wrong. Thanks!
  5. Archimedes


    Hey guys, This should be fixed by now. Can you please confirm if you connect to the game now? If now, please, contact our Customer Support: Thanks!
  6. Archimedes

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Hey guys, We apolgise for the connectivity issues, they should be all fixed now. If you are still experiencing them, please contact our Customer Support:
  7. Archimedes

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Dear all, We apologise for the recent connectivity issues. They should all be fixed, could you please make sure this is the case for you as well, and if it isn't, please contact our Customer Support asap:
  8. Archimedes

    Oh for goodness sake FIX THE GAME!

    Hi PicklePete, It is understandable that losing those two battles would cause a degree of frustration, and we are sorry this has happened to you. There are many factors that are involved in 'connectivity' overall, and unfortunately, some of them are harder to battle against. Nonetheless, we are constantly working on improving the game, including the connectivity side of it. We are sure that you have already spoken to Customer Support about this -- and probably more than once, but it would still be our best recommendation at this point to do so. They might have some tips that would improve your connectivity to the game. Aside from that, thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated as always. Have a good day.
  9. Archimedes

    Problem in my pro league

    Hey @Issacj094 Thanks for getting in touch. It should be just a display glitch and you should still be in the scores, even though it's not slowing. Could you please, get in touch with our Customer Support, they will be happy to help:
  10. Archimedes

    I bought it and did not receive it. Need help!!!

    @NokiaLumia, We are sorry about that, please do get in touch with our Customer Support as rightly prompted by @RoyaleDing2
  11. Hello Kings and Queens, Ready to fortify? The Boost your Defense event returns tomorrow, April 11th, and will last until Friday! Get ready for the following bonuses: 🔨 40% reduction for build times and prices on all Towers, Obstacles and Defensive Waves 🔨 2 days max upgrade time for Waves, Towers & Obstacles 🔨 20% better prices for Workers 🔨 30% discount on the Gems to Gold conversion rate Get defending! —Royal Revolt 2 Team
  12. Archimedes

    Oh for goodness sake FIX THE GAME!

    Hey Pete, Really sorry about this. Duly noted, we will make sure to take it into account. Please, do get in touch with the CS about the issue.
  13. Archimedes

    Ninja Island Bug

    He guys, thanks for reporting. Well spotted. Have a great weekend.
  14. Archimedes

    can not participate pro-league

    Hello, @prataproy! Please submit a request to our support team. They will be able to assist you better with this issue:
  15. Archimedes

    Boost Your Castle event

    Kings & Queens! Time for some home improvement! The Boost your Castle event will return tomorrow! Here's what you can look forward to: -20% building time and -20% cost for all Castle buildings (excluding the Alliance Tower) 3 Days max upgrade time for all Castle buildings. Gems to Gold conversion rate -30% Workers are 20% off The event will last till Friday!