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  1. SaNToS

    skull feature

    use my fear in the gun
  2. SaNToS

    skull feature

    Which one should I use? which is better?
  3. SaNToS

    pro shop proposal

    Crystal need to be sold with jewelery we need to buy crystal with real money
  4. need to have crystal sale with jewelery
  5. blacksmith activity had to be done
  6. SaNToS

    when the blacksmith activity

    we are waiting madlen
  7. blacksmith activity starts when madlen ?
  8. Keep the same as change you work very well
  9. how long will pro products stay?
  10. SaNToS

    4.1.1, whats updated now?

    can you give me a link
  11. SaNToS

    4.1.1, whats updated now?

    the pro shop is still the same when will it change ?
  12. SaNToS

    omega armor

  13. SaNToS

    War boost exchange

    omega armor is why the prolonged pro is not in the league please do not add officials I think the armor that everyone expects is long