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  1. Two accounts on one device

    Inside the game.. got to Option >> sign out >> Type ur second email..
  2. Two accounts on one device

    u use android or IOS ? Because I'm using Android and i can enter email as many as i want.. Even if u use iPhone should be a way to enter new email.
  3. Two accounts on one device

    The best way.. sign out from the game and add ur email account so u both can enter the game in separate time..
  4. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Hello and wellcome GalaMorgane we are happy to have u here with us, What about our friend @CaptainMorgan is he's ur husband ( u both have the same name - Morgan ) Again we are happy to have u with us
  5. 24 h war - holiday already ?

    The second war will be after 12 days. Yeah war Blessings can extended 14 days! that's mean the next war will be 2 days.
  6. Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    Our hero Heracles || You gonna protect us You gonna take out all the enemy.. You gonna help us give back our islands.. You gonna give us chance to be strong and be safe.. You You are OUR HERO.. YOU YOU Heracles.. YOU gonna destroy all the gate with all your power.. When day the monster his name Ajax came with many ugly enemy to take our island and we feel scare but in the last time our hero Heracles came faster and destory all the enemy with his power and meet the monster Ajax and was very difficult to beat him! But our hero in that's moment remember all the good thing in our land and we give him some of our life to restore his healthy to safe us and he become strong.. He kill him and safe us from that monster.. My Account in the game: Aba Sohaib
  7. Is there any update coming soon!

    Ops! Your mind goes too far! I wish this not the reason! and never happen in future. Olympus Rising become part of our lives.. @CaptainMorgan He's the best! always here for help and support and friendly with everyone. lets be positive and waiting for new update soon.
  8. Hey Flare! @CaptainMorgan @oisia It has been a while since last update! Few hours and we gonna start the NEW YEAR! 2018 I hope to see great update soon. Happy New Year guys.
  9. البرنس

    بس فهمت كلمة ( العب ) وضح الكلام لنقدر نساعدك إن كنت تريد اي مساعدة..
  10. Black Weekend Raffle!

    In-Game name: Aba Sohaib Thanks
  11. Version 3.8

    We was waiting this moment for long time! But unfortunately disappointing update! 20 lvl to get the new hero! That's really bad, How u guys think and use many way to force us to use gems and update tower we don't need it because its very weak. I have more than 8k gems but will not wast them to unlock the new hero. U have to change the way u think because for me i feel become hate this game.
  12. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    Hey @RyanPlegics can u check now.. if possible go inside our Alliance.. If still blank that's mean there a bug. But i think everything its okay. Thanks.
  13. Server update

    @CaptainMorgan Just i wanna tell you " Thanks for ur support and include our flag inside the game, I have asked for ONLY Saudi Arabia flag but you have add more Flag for other country in Middle East one of them is for my country " Palestine ", Thanks again "". BTW some of our Alliance the rank now 59 " Islamic Union ".
  14. Forging

    there was many version updated and nothing we got! 3.7 is the big update and in 3.5 version have add Indian flag. I think that's easy to add more flag for many others counties if Flare DO NOT WANT add our flag just tell us.. We are not 1 or 2 members.. there are hundreds Arab fighter active in this game. We know you @CaptainMorgan help everyone as much as u can.. we hope to do this for us soon. some of our Alliance rank is now between 70 - 80 in the world.
  15. Forging

    @CaptainMorgan Its great the new update, But we have asked you before few month to include flag of Middle Eastern But Unfortunately nothing we get! I have been talking with u and @dumpster he asked me "which flag u want because there are many". I told him can use Saudi Arabia flag. Can u tell me why we didn't get what we asked for it?!