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  1. Samir

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    Be positive.. All the hard work @CaptainMorgan and all Devs have done was in the system war.. So let us wait another 2 days.
  2. Samir

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    No need more delay for the war.. we have been waiting for more than one month.. we wanna have a look into the new system in the war 4.0 Game already boring without war, Players just fight each others in the forum because nothing interesting in the game without war.
  3. Samir

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    You are doing a great work @Infamous i have seen you many times in many topic trying to help players, So Be Strong and don't let anyone says bullshit words! If they keep saying bad words just banned them don't thing about losing fans.. Many they gonna come better than them. If they don't respect you and in first mistake they start complain and they forget all the good work you have done and work hard have did it the developers SO Just kick them. everyone makes mistake.. I have been using this game for long time and spent a lot of time and i have many friends, Thanks for all your time.
  4. Samir

    Unable to launch the game

    Yeah even some of my friends now it work with them. @CaptainMorgan Now the bug have been fixed so will be better if the war start today or tomorrow, Because we have been more than 1 month without war and actually the game become boring!
  5. Samir


    The big change we gonna see it in the war system.. * But this is the first time we get the update without announce or details! I hope everything is fine.
  6. Samir

    Unable to launch the game

    Works well with me the new version 4.0! I'm sure the Developers work on it and they gonna fix it very soon. @CaptainMorgan
  7. Samir

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Wooow Super Awesome Update! awesome features as well! Many thanks for all the developers and special thanks for @CaptainMorgan I'm sure he's working hard to give us a great updates. Hopefully we will get the new update very soon. Thanks guys
  8. Samir

    Celebration Chest

    haha even if we get 1K its good.. BTW I got 2K same as you but for me its fair enough. If you want more gems, more than 5K check the link below..
  9. Samir


    You can find the answer in this topic.
  10. Samir

    Titan chest

    Just rest the game and gonna fix this issue.
  11. Here is clear pic from Hussam
  12. Hey guys, As you all know after the war over the Chaos Gate not blessing anymore and time to Phalanx Wall. But now I have attack one player she's name Mani from Russian team. Blessing still active there! It's Bug or what! Best regards, Aba Sohaib
  13. Samir

    To captain Morgan!

    another one This for my friend his name walid10
  14. Samir

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    @CaptainMorgan we need answer.. I wish we get the new update before the next war..
  15. Samir

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    This video for my friend, his name is walid10 He got 19% 💪