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  1. Unfortunately they don't care.. Its happened with my team before 2 times, Also now we are fighting the 2 alliance both of them in rank 22+ 28, and our alliance is 66! don't waste your time to complain they will not do anything for now.
  2. My mistake and even that's not good and they have to be more active and give some updates, Day after day the game become boring.
  3. ? ? ? ? This will be a bad step! Auto play help us a lots, we are working in the real life we still playing this game because some friends and to have some fun but if you gonna remove the auto play button, I think this will make more people leave the game, So think carefully before make this step! BTW many players from our alliance stop playing the game ( because of the 2 week off - During the war ). This game is great but if keep take too much time for new update and take always the good thing such as ( forge, 2 weeks between the war and last thing remove auto play button!) This message from many active players. Good luck.
  4. My story with Olympus Rising was before 2 years I found it in app ( Wizzo ) I'm not good in games but OR it's different, I love the graphic and character as well as the strategy in the game keep improvement and become more interesting ( just one thing 12 days between the war break it's too long ) Waiting for more updates for the game. Thanks @Madlen
  5. Samir

    Odyssey Adventure Bug

    Yeah same thing happening with me and some of my friends.. When you try to enter the Odyssey island disconnection and some of my friends when he try to start the mission.
  6. It's clear just have a look to the picture i have attached. all alliances in leagues of titans who's manage to be in safe ( not red line ) will get blessing for the first box in the picture, But who's mange to be the top 3 will get the second box as in picture i have attached to you.
  7. هههه ولك يا كيمو حكتلك السبب لأنك دخلت التحالف متأخر لازم تكون من أول الدوري في نفس التحالف ما تنتقل لأي تحالف آخر خلال الدوري، فش إلك جواهر مفيش معك متظاهرين لحالك يا غلبان ههه I have told you Ya Kimo the reason, Because you have enter the last war to a new alliance YOU MUST be in the same Alliance during the season don't move to any new alliance before the season end.
  8. haha so you know who's playing there in Sovereign Gate I thing the answer already here. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Captain Morgan Please note: We are aware of several Alliances which have been kicked from Wars in the new Incursion War. We have discovered the reason for this still happening despite the fix and will update the server as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these Alliances will not be able to take part in the War, but lost Torches will be returned, and Alliances which gained too many Torches will have their total normalised.
  9. Finally the war work perfect! No more issue or any problem! ? I hope all the Alliances enjoying during the war. Big thanks to @CaptainMorgan ?
  10. Yeah you are right 2 hour left.
  11. Between each strike 12 hour that's mean still remain 15 minute for the next strike ( I know now is a available ( flashing ) but that issue ))
  12. Samir

    Not fair war!

    I have taken screenshoot for all Allainces was in the league of God before the war start.. And the Turkish team not there.. so how come they are against us?! I need explain..
  13. Samir

    Not fair war!

    Hey guys.. @CaptainMorgan How come we have Turkish team against us! They have 47 players with more than 400k And they wasn't in same league! That's not fair! Last war we were with Red Squadron! Islamic heroes Aba sohaib
  14. Be positive.. All the hard work @CaptainMorgan and all Devs have done was in the system war.. So let us wait another 2 days.