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  1. CB50

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    Can we get an eta like sometime in October of 2099 or something? Just your best estimate not gonna hold ya strictly to it either.
  2. CB50

    Strong Worldz

    Looking for war? Come join Strong Worldz 70 minimum level Please donate daily and participate in war.
  3. CB50

    Fury bug

    It wasn’t me I’ll see if I can get more details but yeah wondering if anyone else had it happen. Edit: mandydandy 8:40 pm pst something like “ what’s happening? Just logged in and it says we started another alliance war and now my fury is maxed” he was 10k vp ahead of everyone for vp.
  4. CB50

    Fury bug

    Anybody else get their fury reset durring war? Somebody got 9 free fury. You should look into that.
  5. I like mythology and tower defense games. Boom interested. Downloaded. Still playing.
  6. CB50

    Leadership Boots

    Leadership is how fast you summon troops. Depends on the hero and setup of said hero.
  7. CB50

    War chests

    I guess? getting two a week is very very easy to do.... Just more incentive for earning extra vp. Like it’s cool that out of each war you get one kinda good Titan item and two that’ll be forge scraps. But like the rewards aren’t enough to get some people to even try in war, and I’d like someway of boosting participation, and increasing the personal gains will help every allaince maintain better participation. Even something like you get this “title” for reaching X amount of vp in the season. Idk just want more players to participate
  8. CB50

    War chests

    Could you make the Titan war chests have more incentive like the sea Titan chests do.
  9. CB50

    Flaming Hero Statue

    If you see a flaming one screenshot it please I’d like to see it
  10. CB50

    Gate Keeper (GK)

    I really like the give all statues a physical resistance, and that LOH should be capped not at 25% but around 20k personally I have 22k on my Perseus and would like to go higher . Would be sad to see offensive Perseus nerf.
  11. CB50

    War season rewards

    Better organized. Blessings... War blessings are granted at the start of each war, and cannot be prolonged. They last until the end of the war. The winning team from each war gets to keep the blessings until the start of the next war(gifted not paid for).War blessings should be a set number by the league and have randomized war buff(all allainces within a league have the same “random buffs”. Between seasons all war blessings become available like normal blessings can be bought or extended until the start of next war (any league). Rewards... distributed the way they currently are...each league should continue to get gems. key to a cursed chest (Titan or even gods getting 2?) Polishing tokens (1-2) for each league. Top 3 allainces still get unique item chests. (Titan only) a gift from the gods ( something similar to the odyssey where each allaince can gain a permant boost) each league getting a slightly better %. it could be a choice of which gift or it could be ‘this is what they are giving you take it’.(maybe forging boosts ,touchy subject) any cool cosmetic changes that could be applied. Changing the look of the path, maybe an iron bridge, or like a graveyard. It’s hard to think of appropriate incentive to go into Titan...... help from those there would be appreciated...
  12. CB50

    War season rewards

    Couple things my allaince wanted for war rewards, a key or some sort of relic that breaks the curse of cursed chests OR curses an item for free. Unique item chests. Something to break a curse. Gems.
  13. CB50

    Matchmaking issues

    That’s kinda exactly what I started with
  14. CB50

    Matchmaking issues

    Whoops, sorry... but still can be done by anyone. In any league.