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  1. CB50

    War vp

    Also another thought would be to have a running total of Victory points similar to fame. And add quests for certain vp levels.
  2. CB50

    War vp

    I do not think they deserve war gems. For war. And no you shouldn’t get gems for donating your daily. Maybe they should add donations milestone rewards.
  3. CB50

    War vp

    they should add those peace allainces that were brought up a while ago, so that the people who don’t want to participate in war have a place to go so they don’t fill the leagues with 💩. I don’t understand why they’d not want to participate but they don’t
  4. CB50

    War vp

    When you would have to kick 20+ people you can no longer afford the blessing at your level and it makes recruiting hard. If we could back down our allaince level to something appropriate sure but since we can’t 🤷‍♀️. And then people come for the last war or two help out and then sit for 6 weeks or leave and come back, I’m sure we have people just gaining gems on their Alts. And then it’s holiday season so maybe they just weren’t home this week butll be back next season.. I don’t want to be like “ you went on vacation but your kicked from the allaince whenyou got back”
  5. Could you make it so war victory points has a ranking system for the entire season? and maybe that if you reach a certain tier of vp you get a bonus to the season rewards or something? Maybe like an allaince bench mark where all VP is pooled and you get a reward from that? Or make it so you have to hit a certain VP in order to receive the gem rewards of the season. People who don’t participate in war shouldn’t get gems for not warring.... *also I noticed that when Viewing the alliance hall of gods it sorts based on trophies first now. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏 *
  6. CB50


    I’m so disappointed in the war leagues, my allaince is too good to go down too weak to go up, the matchmaking is ***** one week we are wolves the next we are sheep for the wolves. The fights have gotten super boring, ( don’t spawn troops, run around kill the nyxs, spawn troops, kill the GK) a lot of the Perseus statues are easy to kill now so that challenge is gone. Blessings are stagnant and are just another thing I guess, like sure they help but they don’t matter, Overall war is boring and I see players leaving every week. Like going inactive not allaince hopping. Allainces that lose people this way end up not able to afford blessings and end up losing appeal when compared to a fully boosted team, makes the catchup that much harder. also you end up not being able to purge the alliance of active donators when they won’t show up for war because you need the blessings to recruit. The games losing its appeal, at least to me, and also without releasing an update from the App Store the game looks dead and uncared for to new players, seeing that it’s last update was 6+ months ago. ). Just wanted to share that some players are still unhappy with the direction your taking us.
  7. So I thought of something that may not be liked by all but would change the game.... so before you can save a defense as your defense you must first 100% it. (No gems) It would definitely make a lot of people rethink their GK and if your capable of beating your immortal statue then you should keep it impossible for anyone else. I cant beat my GK anymore so it would effect me.
  8. Sorry off topic but, how would one go about joining this very active community on line? Like my allaince uses it to chat but is there a public page or something?
  9. CB50

    Perks in 2018

    Thanks for making the list
  10. Really excited about the update. Not happy about 5k gems for less than double the donations...150 looks good, should make everyone’s gear drop by close to 28% so I don’t think bugged gear will stay an issue. That’s good. I hope they leave the odyssey difficulty’s how they are and then they add new difficulties with the updated towers/troops... I second having another power worker.... looks good looking forward to more to do.
  11. Can I? No not currently. I just got Athena and Hercules up to the point of beating them. My Odysseus is only like lvl 15, maybe Prometheus if I forged his stuff up but I don’t use him and haven’t forged anything for him. Sadly my Ajax is forged for war not for barricades and a gate. So he dies off a little too fast in difficulty 10s the damage output is to much deal with, I just recently got madness of Ajax and defense isn’t the easiest to add to him now. However I do believe if I had spent time forging their gear it would be a different story.
  12. It would take a lot of time, and I’m sure it would be low priority. Attacks from the sea, into the harbor, it would be a completely different way of attacking using ships and archers and sea monsters. The harbor would require a different gatekeeper than the normal path and would also use a separate trophy system. We may have to craft ships to hold hero/ranged people/monsters ie. Hydra archer... new sea monsters only useable in these kind of attacks/ defense. A wave tower that pushes you back away from the harbor. A storm tower that rains lightning on the ships. Have it be a system where you have like three barriers. (maybe something from Poseidon) you have to beat before you get to the harborkeeper. Maybe the gods rose a few rocky spires where towers could be placed in the sea. Just a thought.
  13. I’ll take Aphrodite, shell be the center of attention all the guys will focus on her, then it’s just me and a party with the ladies. Till she gets jealous and ends the party... I’ve been a sheep for 3 days now.... cb50. IGN
  14. With the right gear that’s been forged to 5star Titan items. I can walk through difficulty 10 odyssey’s with Hercules Athena and Perseus now. You don’t have to beat everything. Just barricades and the gate. Don’t waste your time going for towers or keepers or troops. Just reflect that damage back and keep on walking. I’m 126 and my gear has been flushed clean since the last big update so no broken gear. Odyssey is super easy. I’m sad you are messing with loh gatekeepers. They took a little to get used to but I kill 95% of the gatekeepers now. war blessings dissapoint because having lvl 70s in your allaince means it’s gonna be a year plus before they can do anything in higher leagues.
  15. Hi, I just lost 11 trophies and I spent 18 gems ( Prometheus fire and hades blessing) at gate broke the gate open got 3 stars for victory. Didn’t screenshot or record but it was in the last second or two the gate broke. And I was just doing normal taping through to fight the next island when it flashed -11. Enemy was around 6k trophies give or take 1000. Im at 10k Iphone6+, current iOS, Perseus. was gonna open my Titan chest but not gonna attack another island tonight now.
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