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  1. aslan


    Regarding conquests, the burden on leaders, general and infantry is different from heaven and earth. People change their opinions through their own Experience 12 days to the next conquest. Until then, there is an alliance fight and NInja. Conquest is still a lot of "unpleasant" time. If you have a lot of responsibilities it's bigger than anyone
  2. aslan


    Before and after the end · When there is a change, I recommend you to take a screen print of tear or score. This is my advice from you. Everyone recollects if there is a record. Flare seems to strive to warm up by wearing a fire by rubbing a match If a comfortable and interesting game environment comes, I and you and all of you will be excited. Let's wait until then.
  3. Please also add a forced return function to the castle to the players who participated in the unfavorable game. It is convenient to have notification to the mail. Of course, please attach the IGN of the person who sent him There are many severe situations in which you and me choose "exile or defeat" It is us who teach new players who do not know anything. Please take a remedial action on the system. Conquest chases the multinational alliance as much.
  4. Please improve on conquest so that you can not negotiate at all. It is the cause that I dislike this game. Inequality and unpleasant time is too long A strong alliance, strategic alliance, alliances many participants, participants gather in alliance team naturally on the top tier. There is no objection to it in any country or any alliance.
  5. What is her name with a more friendly face than Kaiser? I was interested in this cat beast for a long time but I did not know where to ask.
  6. Please put a free event like a festival between the conquest, ninja and alliance war. If you release a new equipment set monthly at the festival, it will also lead to flare sales. The festival is a time when the leader and the general are allowed to rest.  (If you buy a festival's box you can get back even if you take a break.) Ninja can also rest. A break is necessary. I know that not only young people but also retired people are playing. The event that will stay up late is short and once in 30 days is good.  It is for health.  Please do not say ”that you can sleep soon. ” Magic powers that wake up late to infantry, general and leader and stare at the map are in conquest mode.
  7. aslan


    After the conquest, members who have not played have been released. We are recruiting about 5 accounts. Those who want to play GOLD and want to play We are waiting for members to actively participate in the event. Inactive is not allied to Aslan 777. It is a rule.
  8. aslan

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    It seems I misunderstood that it was addressed to me. Excuse me My posts are full of feelings I do not want to express this time. The next conquest would like to play a little more comfortably.
  9. aslan


    If you want to keep that alliance Please have your family register with RR 2 newly and leave a single user account in that alliance. Please log in everyday. Those who are inactive or occasionally please throw them away. You can go to your favorite alliance anytime. Your king will not lose nothing. Please go with confidence.
  10. aslan

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    Can you point out that insult? I can not make out until you say it clearly. However, the difference between insults in the game and insults in the forum Insulting in the game does not appear unless it takes a record. The insult here is that he received an accusation that it is such an alliance. ”It is not worth the conversation to collide with this leader, they are convenient so they just sent a friend's request. In case” Do not you think this as an insult when this decision is made arbitrary? Country language · Ethnicity · Gender · Alliance size or myself? Why do I need to get such rudeness? Why do not you prosecute before they next run it to other people? To point out properly. For them. For other people, for RR 2 as well. If I do not like being pointed out I will ask you to improve the system. It will be at the same time. This is rude and bullying. There is no future for games that enjoy this.
  11. aslan

    What Exactly do Troops do?

    Even if the number of troops is small, the attack side may win. There is no problem even if it attacks the monitoring tower with advantageous ability. Still, we recommend that you take care not to turn around to the defense side while the number of troops is small. Skull points will be added big even if you prevent attacks completely
  12. aslan

    Your Current Conquest Scores

    It seems that my allied generals want to see my limit.🙀 He built three more watchtowers.😹  Conquest mode can earn GOLD💰  I declared war on the opponent until the end.
  13. Spring vacation, summer vacation, autumn vacation, winter vacation This is a long-term strategy game on a scale that should utilize the timing of the holidays. Three days of Friday Saturday Sunday opening day is good as well. Please reduce the number of conquests in order to keep the health of me and PC.
  14. aslan

    What chance did we have?

    I do not think there will be good dealings from now on. please do not worry. Still I enjoy matches and results.
  15. aslan

    What chance did we have?

    When expressed in Japanese "I bought it because another alliance sold a fight to me" Perhaps they wanted to sell me third place but I bought second place with a high price.