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  1. Hopefully 10,000 aggressive Flare accounts that will enter your alliance and continue fighting donations and events. You do not have to be disappointed by seeing an empty alliance. Everyone wants to keep the game long and fun every day.
  2. aslan

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    Who wanted to be a BAN account with a game that took time! Please make a game that does not make such a thought and sell it. Even if you BAN smiley, that is the result of your failure! Out of the purpose of making the game playful and entertaining You are making a mistake! 
  3. aslan

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    Is this really a game management company like this Think seriously.Before the departure of the next new 4.0 update. How about this game? Is it a spider web for tormenting the user?  Why are you setting a trap. It seems I do not feel like playing happily. You should make sure that no one needs this necessity from the beginning!
  4. aslan

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    Well this is... Perhaps someone else will offer "scapegoat”every week. That's so crazy...That is to wait for accusations from users  There is no fair judgment but witch hunting. They are seducing this. You do not bother the user That is something that we can not do fairly  This game is interesting but has many serious problems. It seems that it is becoming an "accusation" horror game while you do not know ・Do not divide the terminal with familiy,Lovers and play with the same house ・All foreigners must understand your English instantly ・Children are not guaranteed accounts even if they play under the control of their parents You will not even explain here in the languages of all playing countries hey will step on mines without knowing. Baaaaaannnn! I always read Forums seriously, but I am seriously exhausted.  The bucky One time offer that paid money has also disappeared for more than half a year.  It seems like the offer will not go around to receive it... After this game is over if foreign online game”No matter how much the game looks attractive" I will not play even if translated in Japanese.  JPY 100,000 or more Play time is over 1 year and over。。。It seems to end with feeling helpless
  5. aslan

    ban from pro league

    Games neglecting efforts to increase users and fans are obsolete. Hierarchy in RR 2 is fatally nonsense  The kings and the queen revolt this game for this... The beginning of "Royal Revolt” lol ...
  6. aslan


    Half a year I worked hard with that rule 。。。 I got tired of compromising now, Passion has disappeared  Passion for continuing to persuade someone, etc. 
  7. aslan

    Leadership role

    Is it a coup? If you fail, you should collapse... Is this okay?
  8. aslan


    The first promise of my alliance was "Make all members general” I make a special donation at the first alliance war... "Nobody can use it at the time" There was a bad person who made a donation to the" Monk season war boost." The criminal was found but it ran away soon. This game is not just a good user account. There are also malicious ones inside. Do not forget your vigilance.
  9. Last year I was frustrated that employees ranked in the ranking of professional leagues despite the fact that he is working as an employee. I pointed out that.   Now that has changed. Even when employees participate, it is rare that affecting other players' awards. Then he can make use of what he was a user of. Now it is better for him to come back and talk to his fans. Even though he is playing in the perfect RR 2 world dedicated to all the employees who have everything, I do not think there is anything interesting as me. Test alliance is just like a completely captured offline game. I will uninstall after 5 minutes if I are respawn over there.
  10. aslan

    Today’s offer

    When I went to Turkey, the offer was displayed with TRY instead of JPY. When switching to the screen to be payment , it became JPY
  11. sorry , Aditya. I misspelled it. I'd like to ask FTB to respond to the alliance with the fans the most HOT right now.
  12. aslan


    Please bring back the expelled infantry With reference to records of alliance warfare and system mail.
  13. Since the prize of the professional league is different from before, I think that the influence on the problem pointed out is few. Even if employees play here, it is good for research. Please FTB play with the alliance with the proposer KingAdytaya Kumar. That is a professional job
  14. aslan


    We are looking for 3 members
  15. aslan

    Aslan777 royal revolt2 虎の巻 I have started a blog of RR 2 right now. Although it is Japanese, youtube and images were also abundant. And those who do not know Japanese may understand the contents by using Google translation. It is also a personal hobby.  I have not received any inquiries about the contents.  Please verify by yourself.  This will make your fun RR2 life!