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  1. @Warriornator For the past two years making my alliance... Probably it was not able to win defense NINJA 20 times. Your story is nothing wrong. There are many players who will lose motivation. There are few users visiting my alliance. Just release users who are no longer logged in. I am waiting for them to play again. Or I will continue to run the alliance until the day my friends are all gone and I will be the last one. I wonder how long it is preparing and waiting for the regular that I am now. Until the beautiful day when my allied environment is filled with purple, filled with active users, chat is filled with active talk. The way to the goal is still long. I hope that this game will be there until then. Even if we love this game and will continue to play in the future. . If we seek the pleasures we can achieve with our colleagues. . . For example, we can adjust the matching of events to challenge and the norm of rewards. For example, if there are some participants in the game, you can clear the quota. Leader general infantry, will lead to an increase in the motivation of all allied players. Yes, of course we can not reduce the size of the alliance upgraded. Boost can not reduce expenses. Matching and reducing the territory will not be as small as I thought. The Ninja 's quota will not become smaller. An active user who still chooses my alliance that is saving a lot of savings looks as if to search for gold from the river. But I want to think that there are still few days to give up. Can we propose something to get the sense of accomplishment of alliance members at each event? The leaders and generals of all the alliances know the competence of their alliance. In case Do not lay them down lamenting. Please make sure that those in the alliance can enrich the time of the game they will visit in their spare time.
  2. ok.I will keep looking for ambitious players
  3. For example I would like to lower the Ninja coin's quota. Or count the number of times you played Ninja throughout the alliance. If it is the calculation method of the current quota It is difficult to earn rewards and ninja in an alliance where there are not so many members who have lots of trophies. This is especially true of alliances who are raising new members.This difficulty is getting bigger as the alliance is bigger in scale.
  4. Please tell me the conditions of royal flush pink smoke soon. I would like to ask how to raise the success rate of his magic trick.
  5. I save it without opening the everyday box and are waiting for that day. My friend saves gem and is waiting for that day.
  6. It is good to match the price setting of Nemesis Offer. It was 5000 gem and two skins and two nemesis.The Offer price is 5000 yen. This offer has not yet arrived in my account due to "opaque screening method" Even Gaspar of Guardian's rare, I do not feel like gathering unless the price is not easy to get. Those that are strong enough to be talked about will be bought the most for selling at a price that customers can easily pick up while selling. Ceres's offer was so. He was recognized for his skill and price and many people got him and gave him a lot of food. He is unhappy and weakened separately from the user's wishes. Please give him another chance.
  7. aslan

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    I can agree if this is the result of the lottery that everyone else drew. That is luck. But this matching is not something that is so decided. In the case of the system it is better to classify it more precisely. We are going to set a mission including at least this if we allow bidding at the conquest in this game "We will talk about how to compete" in the game of four different nationalities. It is not pleasurable for pure games to deliberately prepare fear of deliberately creating an alliance that is banished by words and flags of the country's flag. Rigging · cartel · bullying · minorities linguistic alliance and no consideration for the weak people · · · There is a risk of accumulation of elements that cause game stagnation and boggling more and more. The biggest bad luck of this game is that only a minority language ... I want you to make sure that this flow is not made by everyone. Matching of systems with a large sense of unfairness, such as reducing users, is getting narrower and narrower more quickly, even now if you benefit from it or even you can earn it advantageously every time. Please do not throw out the reputation of the game of the user of the flag you do not know. Let 's ask the environment of the game that they would like to make an alliance and want to participate properly.
  8. aslan

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Russia has two opponents for most games, not to be the same country as the members of my alliance. (JAPON/ TURK/BR ·/VN) League of sdows (America) 11位Russian heroes (rossia) 147位APMИЯ 3ЛA (rossia)184位Aslan777 (japon turk) 281位 This time we will be 0 points。。。 It is not fair to put two or more countries that have similar countries / thoughts to anyone.
  9. I like gentle players who always take videos.
  10. I think that there are people who want to decorate heroes and queen using eyeglasses and the eyepatch alone. If Flare sells Pals and Beast skins I think that you may sell skins of heroes. I think that it is better to sell the skin at a shop that can be purchased everyday at a fixed price rather than an offer whose price varies depending on the person.
  11. aslan

    Christmas skins

    I wanted to buy it for 230 yen
  12. aslan

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    With white fang IGN KAPLAN MT
  13. 🎬TAKE20・・・There was a report that Gaspard 's "Royal Flush" pink smoke did not come out no matter how many times it was done.
  14. I use to play this game is DELL's XPS desktop PC... But I think that it is not a problem of the environment of my PC. my friend who told this was doing the same experience.
  15. The game crashes twice in three times. I always fight against a higher ranking opponent but this really made judgment that we can not do anything. Next time I hope for the most as a user that comfortable games can be played.