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  1. Forging items list

    If you want to train something with pearl for the first time What you intensively train with 20000 pearls you collected? What is most efficient if you train what? Not equipped・・・(The exchange is frequent as the level increases) The magic you use frequently and the unit you often use Yes, it is a threat to the opponent to intensively adopt one that forged 60 times rather than six kinds of things that were trained 10 times. Recommendation from me For Beginners first ! Upgrade cannon perfectly and continue upgrading castle guard... Fill the castle guard with a cannon. You will be satisfied with the work of the blacksmith for the first time 🔨
  2. Most useless "special offer" ever

    Next is July 13, 2018 ・・・  Equipment to buy with ”money” is  More attractive equipment would be good I want something fun to wear everyday
  3. Pal-a-din

    pal-a-din will disappear in ten minutes maybe ...
  4. Bucky Beast's Victory Dance is nice
  5. I spent more than a year at this schedule I will not refuse the war coming on the game system I negotiated as many times as we could increase our battle and earn GOLD. Of course I am trying to entertain alliances games for a long time. 🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️🐱‍👤⚔️   "。。。More Event (New battle stage) give me Pls"  A chat of the alliance will be excited if there is a new challenge
  6. I hope to hold a festival between war and ninja. This event can earn GOLD the best💰 And you can exchange for a wonderful one (Pal and attractive equipment) I also want sometimes new things.  The war sometimes uses alliances donations and many Gems at every game💸💸💸 Warrior has a lot of personal burden💪💪  My leader (I'M)not going to take a break。。。 🙄?! war? Is it delicious? 
  7. Pal Colector?

    Pal Colector!!! This event is my favorite at weekly events!😺🐰🐺🐼🦇🦉🐧 I try not to forget this twice a day. 🎁🎁 A great opportunity to pool Pal  
  8. Aslan777

    I added MAD Monk Elite boostto day. I am looking for some new members I would like a person who is active and will participate in the event.
  9. Winning A Ninja Event Battle in less than 40 seconds

    Let it Go~♪ Let it Go~♪ You glanced nicely The next challenge is・・・ Please keep the king relaxing in the tent
  10. I contacted support 22 hours ago... Our allies team mate could not do anything and the last game ended with this result。。。 I am sad about this result And we ask for improvement.               Aslan777
  11. Our alliance has 59 members。。。I can not play right after the alliance war game started Team members are also puzzled UBERCHEST is right in front of me。。。。。
  12. Should Ninja's be affected by Mass Hysteria?

    Cannabis and Green tea NINJA were making "阿呆薬・Ahou-Yaku"Medicine Medicine made from marijuana used to confusion the of enemy It is a professional of herbal medicine that is the same as” assassin”。。。NinNin
  13. To keep the forum announcements or not?

    The important thing is to appeal when "sale event" is held every week. How often will it be done? Surely newcomers would like to know... 
  14. To keep the forum announcements or not?

    Both FB and Twitter have the official announcement of the forum。。。All is important for  Newcomer Whether this is done frequently  Judge whether new users will play this game。
  15. Aslan777

    I have written new information