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  1. I would like to sell bread🍞

    Sell bread 1000 →(I eat bread in real, take coffee and have a break)→ Raid 3 times after 3 hours ohhhh But! The market and the tavern have not been attacked! I can upgrade! 
  2. I would like to export and import something as a kingdom If I can interact more with you?There will be more people to play in this game for 5 hours every day Watch, buy, sell pleasant markets that everyone opens。。。It will be fun to next IN even if you log out of the game If you can get a market of kingdom ...The number of active users will increase and it will be lively.
  3. Biggest Scam Ever?

    Actually, since this offer came Your negotiation begins. If you Collect GOLD from now and fill Cumber...It will be a nice price For example, this offer ・+1 Treasure Cumber Level 1440GEM (75%Off) ・GOLD equivalent of the difference in level converted into gem (if LV 12 → LV 13。。3M capacity UP→75% of gem converted for 3 M of GOLD)
  4. Please stop it flare

    Hero's LV + 5 (750 gem) and craftsmen's sale etc. It will not appear if there are more gems that have it than they buy Item slot sale is・・・It will be useful to moderately reduce gem to buy it (!An attractive offer !)
  5. Naturally we need the information to manage There are a lot of people who do not need this. Who opened the boost?Who extended the boost? There are people who want to know their names as well. (Leader and general) Some people do not want to know. It would be nice to be able to individually select on / off mail function.
  6. Fans of your creativity flaregames

    It is a snowy environment!
  7. Why not aska & nidogg collector event

    Of course Ceres and Janus are easier to getSave the tickets and collect the crystals in the professional league.。。。 But I am looking forward to an event where they can exchange them. A collector event is also waiting. I am looking forward to becoming a beast. Asuka and needsheggs are hard to gather。。。
  8. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Cats are harmful when eating raw squid or octopus For cats octopuses should be avoided。。。 I hope the octopi' companion will be released along with swimwear equipment in summer vacation
  9. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Takoyaki is delicious  octopi!This will also be delicious   nice to meet you
  10. I do many favorite accounts that make it open base except for alliance match(I am always grateful for your help) There is harvest in a secret small room if equipped with LuckA little effort, The attack is over in 30 seconds. I also have an open base account so that I can be satisfied at any time. I am trying to earn even a little experience valueRaise the level of the gate of the castle Creating an environment to relax and play is important in games
  11. Of the Advisor's Language Problems

    I introduce the tutorial Adoviser in a screenshot and paste it here(How to rare respond to this advisor?)  Pls press "retreat" in the tutorial, the advisor comes ,you can see angry advisers... BUT I can not play games (account ban?)just now I am a leader。。It is a serious problem hummm
  12. Of the Advisor's Language Problems

    She is serious
  13. No PL rewards again

  14. No PL rewards again

    It seems that my computer is not broken Let's make a report