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  1. did the requirements for the diamond reward for the current event. 20k kills. From the Premium crate I got 8 single star grey weapons..... are you literally taking the Piss? is this a giant joke on us? the remaining crates gave up nothing new or exciting. green weapons of ones i currently own. seriously. fix you're fucking drops.
  2. your crate rewards are crap and uninspiring. I've opened countless crates to constantly receive uncommon 1 star weapons I unlocked 7 levels ago. but I'm not going to risk resources to upgrade a shit weapon when I may finally get a Rare or higher in the next crate. but after weeks of daily play I've practically given up any expectations of getting anything decent. the thread below of crate rewards is also a decent example of what to expect.
  3. what benefit do assault troops offer? they do alot less damage than a scout can do with a standard shotgun.
  4. b3nje909

    Good weapon drops

    the drops are balls. I've finally reached a level where I can get a 7.62 chain fun plus the 40mm launcher. and only get white. even after 10 or so drops of each ive yet to receive anything I want to keep and upgrade.
  5. b3nje909

    I am so confused

    I asked this a few days ago. they are yet to find a use for power so you can just ignore it for now
  6. What do Stars relate too? Also what is power associated too? My blue 30mm appears to be better than my green 30mm, but is less Power, and stars, so am unsure which would be better to progress.