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  1. Dear Friends, I want to say you that our alliance leader is now inactive and i am searching for a new leader who can rule the alliance because i can't handle the, friends if you are searching an alliance of level 27 to become a leader quickly so please reply.
  2. Event not started

    yeah ! i also won't notice any mistake.
  3. New & Improved: Knights who say Ni

    This is an awesome alliance and I think it is better for me.
  4. Why phoeve can't not heal

    I have never tried phoebe but it have awesome power and ability
  5. Who Boosted It?

    You are absolutely right
  6. The Incredible Champ

    Our alliance won the war season again ! Hurry join now
  7. Towers Of My Dreams

    Thanks Thanks
  8. Happy Father's Day

    You are looking good my friend. What is your name in which country did you live. I am from india We are together
  9. Alliance towers need a lot of gems for upgrade.too loss and hard
  10. Shadow of Moon

  11. Towers Of My Dreams

    Awesome towers . this towers could also benefit me.the best tower I like that is the flood tower.that tower is awesome.I hope flare games would success to add your towers in the game in upcoming future
  12. Check this out