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  1. Once today, I had the server disconnect error, but the game recovered gracefully, and I did not lose my loot! Edit: I'm glad for the stronger buildings. I was always accidentally destroying barriers with very light fire.
  2. Prick! I still haven't bagged my first legendary.
  3. The troops didn't completely loot the building before time ran out. A forced evacuation took place. It's a bit confusing, because they lie to you and say "We got everything. Setting charges." Or words to that effect. While they're in a building looting, note the little progress indicator near the top left of the screen. When these indicators complete, a check mark pops up on the respective line. Each building needs its checkmark before you'll get your star. I didn't notice this for a long time, either, because I was, you know, busy killing everything that moved. ?
  4. Why is it unfair to us other players? We're not in competition with one another. We don't play head-to-head. I could give a rat's ass what anyone else does. They're cheating themselves of a challenge; ergo, they'll get bored of the game more quickly and drop out. C'est la vie.
  5. Samsung Note 5, Nougat I couldnt really speak of pros & cons without having compared to something else, and this is my first game on the Note. I got pretty bad gamer's thumb & wrist for the first couple of months, but that probably would've been true on any device. I worry about what I might be doing to my phone over the long haul -- I've certainly doubled the charge cycles since I got hooked on this, and who knows how the touch screen will hold up where the weapon triggers are. My wife has an iPad Mini, and I was thinking about installing to that out of morbid curiosity ("I wonder how those shambler vs. gs sniper death animations look scaled up?"). ?
  6. I just wanted to point out that this problem seems to have greatly diminished in the last week. I get far fewer of the "play a sample of our game" ads, and far more conventional trailer ads. I still get the odd server disconnect and lose my loot (always on the metal vs. the supplies, damnit!), but it it happens far less often now. Incidentally, for all of our complaining about other aspects of the game, the current setup for in-game advertising is just about perfect. The ads are relevant. The payback is fair and worthwhile. The option to watch ads is unobtrusive and not rammed down our throats. For the first time in memory, I actually find myself wanting to consume content. I get annoyed with myself if I forget to watch my quota of ads. You guys nailed it on this one. I'll probably try the Tom Clancy & Terminator games based on these ads. I'm just too addicted to killing zombies & grinding my weapons & base up right this moment. ?
  7. Excuse me if this has been mentioned before, but I suggest that zombies and troops should suffer damage if in close proximity to exploding trucks, buildings, et al. I'm dating myself here, but does anyone else recall the joy of taking out demons in Doom by shooting adjacent barrels of toxic sludge? That was the best! ?
  8. I did the same thing as OP. When I discovered the workshop limit, I did a bottom-up boost & fuse strategy, turning all of the 1* stuff into 2*. Now I'm about 70% through turning all of the 2* into 3*. In the first stage, I depleted all 20K bolts. Now that I've moved on, I scrap all of the 1* stuff that comes my way, and my bolts have recovered to about 12K.
  9. In Canada, it was $6.99, down from $13.99, which is very near the American price with currency exchange. And we got the lesser American content in the package.
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that for some time, too. Fewer walkers, but seemingly with more health. I just try to snipe them all to keep things interesting. ?
  11. How to Alienate Your User Base 101. I think Flame/Limbic have been taking PR lessons from Sean Spicer.
  12. I was confused by that, too, until I noticed that HQ holds metal & supplies, as well.
  13. Oh! I'm such a dumbass. I had the epic SMAW and boosted it to level 10 before I checked here. Sorry.
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