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  1. Wow?,7200 pearls per 8 hours. Thanks for information ?
  2. Thanks @RoyaleDing2, I will try it.?
  3. Yes you are right @RoyaleDing2,but the problem is that when i boost my BS,time reduction is apply to only my 1st item. 2nd item takes the usual time.
  4. Thanks @Dena4 but it is already boosted. When I boost my BS,boost only valid to my first item only. When my first item melted down then i don't know boost does not apply to 2nd item but when 8 hr boosted BS time over and i again boost it then again it applies to only 1st item.
  5. 4min/pearl means 15 pearls/hr but it is taking 12 hrs for 69 pearls means 6 pearls/hr. Are you serious?
  6. If you like to be a voucher friend of me. Enter Friend Code- THKAZCOFE
  7. Everything,you can get through video,Nice Madlen Awesome Update ?
  8. It should take 5h 30min.It also troubled me in bs event.?
  9. MiracleMohit

    Pro-League - Friday 23th of August 2018

    Awesome?,Flaregame is doing great job for us.I like it?
  10. MiracleMohit

    Summer festival details

    Awesome,I want all!!?
  11. MiracleMohit

    holiday chest

    What can be found inside holiday chest?
  12. please invite me IGN-Miracle Mohit
  13. MiracleMohit

    Server maintenance during war????

    i think,it is not enough for you,i say them to give you 999k gems and 100 uber chest with 200 pal chest if it is possible.??
  14. MiracleMohit

    dropping trophies

    thank you,i got you Warriornator,ShiroKo,Dena4,i also use to drop my trophies for ninja event.yeah! i also left an alliance and join an alliance to get high gold bonus.thanks all??