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  1. Farewell to all contributors to this shared community. This space is one aspect of ZGS that I could count on being dynamic and engaging. My interest and involvement with this game will take a flaming nose dive liken to a blasted AC-130 gunship falling from the sky. TurboTIB - Over and Out!
  2. @Nikko, I wish you wouldn't force a certain play style, such as diversity, upon everyone. For some players, a repetitive grind isn't worth the reward where for others, it is. Just let players play the way they want and not dictate your preferences upon them. When someone gets tired of grinding or farming, they'll stop on their own, you don't have to force it. Geez.
  3. The real sad thing is, this forum is up an running without need for further labor to make it work correctly, unlike other game shortcomings. Dev's are taking the one positive thing about ZGS and killing it. I could partially understand if this area required precious man hours to overhaul and make right but that's not the case.
  4. @NebuKhan, You can 'peek" into each mission to see how much loot it offers. Look at the left part of the screen when in a mission for totals prior to deployment. You can Abort to go back and look at others. I recommend starting at the hardest mission you can successfully accomplish on Hard difficulty. Then run each difficulty setting (Hard, Medium & Easy) on that map one time per day since the loot bonus is significantly reduced after your first run. Work your way back through the various maps for the best daily loot return. Be sure to watch ads for free resources also.
  5. @BrodieGB, Here's a thread about this issue in the Bugs & Problems section:
  6. @whiskeywarchild, I think you misinterpreted the post. Once this space changes to read-only you can access (read) responses but not make them any longer. Sad, I know. Perhaps the folks who want to can private message each other? We'll give it a try in a few days unless/until they decommission that functionality also.
  7. You need to go straight to Vegas and bet your life savings you lucky dog. :-)
  8. Good point. Once you get to level 30, XP is a worthless commodity. I compared both maps last night. Fading Memories is the better option if your goal is resources. Thankfully it's a set-and-forget operation for me. I miss the days when we could farm it for full credit over and over. :-(
  9. Godspeed @OnLikeDnkyKong Flaregames, the premier ZGS community forum contributor pulling the ejection handle should be a clear sign that shutting down this area is a poor decision. Just saying.
  10. @XCaliber, The turnaround time from mission to mission is a good thing to consider when looting on 'automatic'. Did you compare average loot-per-minute with another higher level mission like Interstate - Fading Memories?
  11. I never would imagine a developer intentionally alienating their most senior and dedicated players and contributors by forcing them into a chat system that make's it more difficult to maintain a user community like we've started here. I for one will not be participating in the in-game chat system where users seem more interested in how many smiley faces they can squeeze into their post rather than engaging in worthwhile discussion. If you're really so naive to think this is a positive, community building move, rather than a way to silence positive and negative feedback and contributions from your long time users, then you don't deserve our efforts here. Ya know, another extremely successful mobile game that I play, World of Tanks Blitz, actually identifies and rewards players who go above and beyond to contribute game content to the community with special forum profile designations, advanced peeks into upcoming content, and so on. They even hired a user to provide play-by-play commentary during a live competitive event. Limbic and Flaregames could learn a thing or two about the gaming COMMUNITY from Wargaming. It's thriving there and we keep playing their games and spending our money on their content, as a direct result. I do thank you for giving us advanced notice on your plans to discontinue this space so we can say farewell to all of our fellow contributors. Guys & gals', It's been a pleasure sharing the ups and downs of this game with you from Beta to it's current incarnation. I wish you all Godspeed after the 14'th. TurboTIB aka SkyWarrior
  12. Can't believe I actually looted an Epic! This should fill a gap in the sheet.
  13. @ACEGLASS, I paste the URL of the YouTube video into my text and this site automatically replaces it with a video player rather than showing the linking URL spelled out
  14. I used the technique @mabaeyens described, with Mac and QuickTime Player.
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