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  1. pets order

    I want to be able to decide the order of pet by myself. Please implement this
  2. seems server side reason. please fix it.
  3. Boss Hunt - Feedback

    I relly hate explode mobs. Explode ignores armor level. And when I died by explosion, game said upgrade weapons... wtf.
  4. MAX GOLD...again!

    Seems they gave up to fix 179TTT problem...
  5. POLL...Gold booster

    Gold booster is good for lower than 300 floors players. I will touch 6000 floors soon. Over 4200 floors players meet 179TTT problem. What is TTT? Its coin unit. : Kilo Mega Billion Trillion aa(not Quadrillion) bb cc ... yy zz AA BB ... YY ZZ aaa bbb ... yyy zzz AAA BBB ... SSS TTT(MAX. Im here) My booster level is 46, x54 and 2 minutes bonus. Woot, its great. But monsters gave me HH unit coins. Gold booster makes 3.37HH to 182HH in 2 minutes. What is the good of it? I want TTT unit coins. Mystery Chest gave me 53.9TTT anytime. What is BOOST? Sorry for my English
  6. Update 2.0

    I now have 6.65 trillion tokens that I can't use for anything!!!
  7. Boss hunt starting at 13:00 JST but at 12:59 time counter displayed 39 minutes left.
  8. Skip bounties?

    I dont know skip a bounty. But I have little information for you. Select a pet with the specific skill and leave it for a while. Pet will complete a bounty. slam : munk slash : jawstars spin : grouchy?(dunno spell. orange crab) or richard
  9. Open discussion. Let's be honest.

    Agree to Yipp. I guess they can't undo last updates. Because they can't fix TTT problem without pet changes
  10. POLL...Gold booster

    I HATE GOLD BOOSTER. It's useless at all.
  11. Weekend Raffle

  12. 5000 floors!

    6987! Cool! I found next milestone BTW, 179TTT bug is gone. Client is not broken and freezing when I get 179TTT or 5 stars pets... But still maximum coin is about 179TTT. Hard to level weapons.
  13. 5000 floors!

    I got 5189 floors now. Just leveling my weapon and armor (level 17500 now). Keep firming mystery chest (purple box) patiently. Everyday every time ... Go for it !!
  14. I want for options

    I really want to turn off ... Give us for option for them SHOP button sometimes active(yellowed) WITHOUT NEW. Multi-Killing Awards (Nice, Cool, Awesome, Unbelievable etc.) Coin Animation (Actually I do not want to get coins from monsters. They are useless. Only need Mystery Chests :-p) EXP blocks (sky blue cubes) Damage/Coin numbers.
  15. 5000 floors!

    Go for it Japan local leaderboard here. Who is the real no.1 in the world? Seems global leaderboard broken or filled by chater. hehe.