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  1. I touched both weapon and armor Infinity level. But can't kill 10199 th floor boss. It seems this game is over to me 😢 10199 th floor fight (YouTube Movie)
  2. No time for farming with them. lol What can you do in 15 minutes?
  3. I touched 9999 floors today! ... what !? this game isnt end at floor 9999?
  4. What you are talking about will be meaningless in front of alot of chaters. I know various methods(I am 9700+ floors player without cheat. I will touch 9999 soon), but for those with weapons levels exceeding 1000 in the first three minutes there is no point except crazy amount of billing to gems.
  5. I want to gain fame point (dunno what to say 'fame point' in English version) to get Legend rank of boss hunt. I cant earn fame point with cheaters because alot of them (always my boss hunt team have up to 5 cheaters) ends boss hunt soooooo fast. Todays boss hunt ends in 15min... what can I do with them? Nothing, lol
  6. I think it based on floor and pets magnifier. Skill damage is not affected gold amount.
  7. I hate cheaters than inactivity people. Devs please ban cheaters from the game.
  8. Yesterday, my hunt group is almost Chinese. Actually, every time my group have Chinese or Korean (time zone cause I guess), and they are almost cheater... 10 of 8 players got higher than 450 weapon level in 3 min after they are joined in ?
  9. A lot of cheaters breaking the game...sigh
  10. This is my experiences, each player has the maximum number of wild bosses. I believe that the maximum number of wild bosses will increase every milestone.
  11. sigh...seems flaregames going to leave cheaters.
  12. That can only windows version right now. iOS/Android can't pet off.
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