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  1. Best card in booster?

    the boosters have mostley the cards related on the cards you have to collect for gems. I have rarely a other card. But its possible my opinion to get cards that are not in the collection cards. I have got 4 times a ultimate dragon a few boosters back
  2. Buying Gems

    I enjoy the game whithout buying anything. I guess i had luck on gems and peases. Level 87 now and have great deks that let me win allot. Just saying it. And i hope your ticket is resolved
  3. Buying Gems

    i hope they fix it fast so you can get your gems.
  4. Buying Gems

  5. Buying Gems

    i never bought gems. Best sent ticket to support
  6. Happy New Year 2018

    happy new year
  7. Merry Christmas!

    merry christmas to you to
  8. The game is ridiculous

    i just play the game. I dont spent mony on it and i getting slowly to what i want. Have already few ultimates and working on my first legendary ++++ card. Most legendary are +++ now. i see that spending mony for cards is expencive and have no use
  9. you still active?
  10. about dying dreams

    i dont get how you get so much tokens­čś«
  11. i have a feeling they dont do anything anymore for updates and special events.
  12. ??? Why i get green card

    i get also greens but its all by luck. This event i had luck first drawing a legendary and i got 2 ultimates out of paeses
  13. Cards that hit multiple targets

    try to get legendary cards. And max them. Dont forget to max each card before fusing them
  14. Cards that hit multiple targets

    hello, its 1413/3= 471 even if you put him left or right its the same.