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  1. Fans of your creativity flaregames

    yes cake
  2. You are loved by your fans you are on the right track. Thank you.
  3. Flaregames I'm disappointed

    account recovered thx flaregames.
  4. Flaregames I'm disappointed

    Thank you very much for your help. I thought it was time to start again, because many of the Russian community tried and tried to restore the account, because it was very long and lost all hope.
  5. Flaregames I'm disappointed

    account no recovered but want rate support
  6. 200% gain in war or 300%
  7. Flaregames I'm disappointed

    section how and game Evoker is dead ,support you see what wrote.
  8. I play 1 year in Royal Revolt 2 and Evoker , i like this game. I reset all settings in the phone because it's turned off. Restore the progress in RR2 no problem (i have cloud and Sign in through Facebook). But I want Restore the progress in Evoker and And wrote in support of flaregames and that's what they told me : Chris E (Flaregames) Feb 1, 9:17 PM CET There is no account by the name of "ruf" there are zero matches to that name or "Ruf" Sorry that this is then ,I attach the photo and What do I do next, support is not written.
  9. Flaregames why App Store

  10. Flaregames why App Store

    In evoker last update may 2017 new portal. In store yes 2016) solo client game .
  11. Flaregames why App Store

    I play RR2 and see promotion Evoker this very nice game,but i press button and open App Store IOS my OS Windows Phone 8.1,why?
  12. Update 3.8.2

    It is impossible to play attacking the 60-70 levels of the alliance the game closes and I lose all the cups to the opponent. Please help.
  13. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year 2018