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  1. Wrong Pro Boost

    big thanks
  2. Wrong Pro Boost

    and we still have wrong unholy paladin. Help please. alliance:
  3. Hack?

    ha ha 1000 000 possible 150 000 no big score))
  4. Only dream((

  5. Portals shedule

  6. whacked scores in pro

    The main thing is to give an incentive to people what they are aiming at and maybe you will win the main prize, all this is cheating what you are given is yours and do not break your head who all these super players might not exist or they exist and know pro league cards and that how to do it.
  7. Most useless "special offer" ever

    You need to do unique things that either will fall very rarely or have some effects, and then sell second hands.
  8. There was a granny gray plate with an inscription for free, I pressed it and the game was closed))
  9. Frash image for old portal.

    Find me
  10. Guess who's in the picture?

    i try )))
  11. Kill dragons and win.
  12. Guess who it is ?

  13. Guess who's in the picture?

    yes this is Blacksmith