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  1. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    something high for sure. Given how serious war has been taken recently, wouldn't be surprised if alliances make exp bases for each other.
  2. Moral

    It helps make the game more fun for top alliances, maybe more people who will play long enough to get into the top alliances, all round better for everyone if we have more players getting stronger to play with / against. No you summed up it up pretty well. If you are representing old out of touch grouches, that think they know everything - great job. I guess you prefer it if the instead: - they taxed all players 5,000 pearls and 500 gems per week. - Increased upgrade times by 4x. - All Troop Academy upgrades now cost gems as well. - All AT towers costs doubled, automatic -1 level a month to keep players upgrading. - As far as Dungeon challenges go, if you can't get through 1 after 3 tries, you are locked out for a month. double digging time as well. Its great fun to wait wait wait wait wait........... and wait some more. As you say, makes no different since everyone else will upgrade as slow as you, and then everything can take much longer so you can take your time and have patience. Upgrades don't need to be instant, or ridiculously short, but its moving towards taking far too long. Almost all games as they make expansions, they make it easier to complete the original upgrades so people can move onto the new end game, RR2 hasn't done this, its kept the original upgrade times, and made the new ones even longer.
  3. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    at flare, they like tears - and many tears will flow when they increase level cap, and revert the xp amount back to the level 130 amount for anyone over it.
  4. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    I have never changed my mind, I still not against people using it as I have said above and repeatedly. I still recommending people to do it if they need gold / want to. I have never asked you or anyone else to stop using the technique. That doesn't change the fact I can see it is not good for the game. Because I can beat any base is not the reason I stopped dumping trophies, when I first stopped dumping I could only attack maybe 4.5k rating players. My plan was to stop dumping trophies when I reached level 130, and that's what I did. With gate towers, the end reason I side with removing is similar, because I don't think it is good for the game. It boils down to that it is not a 'fun' way to attack - having much time left, forced to limited spell, a big army and not being able to kill the tower. etc. But that does not stop me seeing the good side of the gate towers, from the other point of view. I practice and preach doing whatever you feel like, that the game allows. If you want to drop trophies to your advantage go ahead. If you want to put gate towers go ahead. Consider your opposing stances on the two issues, both are (arguably) bad for the game, both are allowed by the game. But you are totally against one, but fine with the other.
  5. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    @Dena4 If I am rewriting and repeating the same thing, it is because you (others) seem to keep missing things. As i mentioned, most of your replies you wouldn't need if you read my posts properly. As I have written. Those certain combo's and heavily forged items need nerf. This is pretty standard way across games, if something is overpowered, nerf that - not boost everything else. I wrote two suggestions literally in the post above. And you posted in your previous post above that you liked the suggestion. I have mentioned to you here, and on discord many times, I dumped trophy heavily for months (first 10 of 13months I have played this game) to get gold easily. I also stayed and took out towers doing this to attract attacks during wars. I recommend this to friends and alliances members freely. I don't bother mentioning this replying to you anymore, because no matter how many times I say it, you can never remember. Instead you keep having it in your head I don't like it / don't agree with it. The bit you are probably remembering, (but maybe cannot understand) is that while I think its fine for people to do this, and did it myself - I can see it is not good for the game. ie. firstly if everyone does it no one wins. secondly, the rating system is meant to let people have fun fighting roughly equal strength opponents. Yes if you do it it benefits you greatly, but I'm well aware doing it ruins other peoples fun in war, in festival raids. Down it the sub 3k rating - probably ruining peoples enjoyment of the game. Casual players who probably do not have in depth knowledge of the game and don't understand why they are match up against monster bases they die at the tent. If I am re-writing stuff and repeating stuff, its because people miss it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, nth time around. Before you talk about communication skills, respecting others point of view even if you disagree, take a look in the mirror. Won't detail other errors in your post right now, since my glass sphere is broken I cannot tell accurately when you are wound up and not functioning properly. But I will give it some time and consider it another time.
  6. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    @Dena4 so did you want me to elaborate? and explain? you did not say specifically. usually when people reply like you do, i get the general idea they want me to rebut, but when I do, you seem to keep telling me I shouldn't. Or is this again where you just want to post your opinion and not mine again? I guess this is how adults act? do as I say not as I do?
  7. Last minute notification AGAIN

    actually, the last castle event 2 weeks ago after war started on weds, which i found odd when i saw it, and was hoping that was the start of just standardizing events to start on weds to make things easier / simpler. I was hoping for the same this week, but nope!
  8. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    Great, was there anything else in my posts that you want to elaborate on? anything else you found incorrect had different opinion given this was only a small part of them. And because you are all about respecting opinions you disagree with, and you may well already understand all these good reasons for having gate towers so I wont bore you with details, but let me know if you would like me to elaborate. Eg: - they make defense stronger. - give more options for strategy / layout on defense - give more varied spell / unit setup in and out of war. - reward attackers who are skilled in gameplay / setup to beat gate towers. - reward attackers who spend the time and effort to upgrade and make strong multiple spells. Also my opinion gate towers aren't even the best way to reduce skulls in war, I argued against making everyone put gate towers in LBF. Given there are many good reasons to gate towers, personally I would prefer flare spend their time on other issues. Or stick with some simple change, eg just not allowing tower in that area, reduce gate area to single tile (turn it into a drawbridge) so units will attack towers more readily.
  9. Make pro firebolt boost more consistent

    Agree with making it consistent, has been suggested many times before that raids shouldn't be dependent on luck. Same goes with the aki confusion, petrification, everything that is % based should be changed to be consistent. It shouldn't be luck to successfully raid or not.
  10. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    Correct, was just guessing, since it seemed like you were wound up from my post again and miss stuff I have already said. I wouldn't have to rebut half your posts to me if you just read what I wrote (as in literally, no other hidden side meanings). Now I could be misinterpreting most of your long post, or out of context. But it seems like the overall message is that you are trying to show me why gate towers are not good. Have I got this correct? or is there some other meaning? because I agree with you, I have said that multiple times I don't think they should be in the game, for many of the same reasons you say. Only caveat is that I can also see the positives to having gate towers so I am not fussed that it is in the game. There are of course other things I think are not quite right with your post, but I suspect at this point you want me to respect your opinion, but do not want me post my own opinion in reply.
  11. Too high trophies for ninja tiers

    i think what you meant to say is: can't reach 5600. what does this mean? just play lower tier. what a tragedy!!!! need to make a lot of complaint post. A day and a bit left to see if anything will change. maybe if there is only 1 player at 5600, they can get first place with 0 coins
  12. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    no thanks Maybe try not post while you are angry. Just as IRL, you make more mistakes and say more things you don't mean when angry. And no need to take it personal if people don't agree with you. I have disagreed with a Lacuna's suggestions, but he also rubbishes and pokes holes in my suggestions which I have no issue with. I assume he is not taking it personally, since privately I ask him for help / advice and he has always been happy to provide it - which I am grateful for. I assume (hope) this same discussion will go on in flare, where they have suggestions, and they try to poke holes / see how different ideas might not work. That being said, it is a problem when people have misguided / un-informed / illogical views, they need to be corrected. As opposed to my disagreement with Lacuna's suggestion here, I can see reason behind it, the logic is there, but there is a difference in opinion where I think it is too complicated.
  13. Gala so you are revenging?

    is the ogre is male ?
  14. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    there is no arrows here, I may be too blunt for some who get offended easily, but that is another story. If you see above my reply to yours, i have also replied to FTB (flare) similar things as to you. That they introduced new items is normal part of games, that it is overpowered is easily fixed, they can reduce the range. It isn't easy to always get the balance right. By my understanding, bomb kick is not as strong as the heal ring. that you use bomb kick in heavy bomb / skull tower bases, or heal ring for heavy snake tower base is fine to me. RR2 will be like that, if the defense heavily specialises in one thing, the attacker can choose spell / units / item setup that beats it best. defended can choose to go that way, or go half half. lets consider players who have not had time to upgrade and make all their towers strong yet. The best strategy there (imho) was to find some choke point / u-turn and put all my really strong towers there. Who should be rewarded, those who are smart enough to figure this strategy out? or those who spread out and upgrade towers "equally" for a much weaker defense? In this case, i have no issue with players being rewarded for being smart about placing strong towers together in choke point, same as I dont have issue rewarding those putting in gate area. Then we consider the stronger / higher players, firstly the above still applies, you concentrate all your best towers at one spot. secondly, to make the best out of the gate tower strategy, you still need to upgrade the rest of your base to give attackers trouble. At least for me, i find a big difference in bases loading up towers at the gate, the good ones give you limited time a the gate area, weak ones you arrive at gate much easier. in any case it seems like you agree that there are a few really strong / overpowered items causing imbalance, which I have posted the same. Then as I say the better solution IMO is to nerf these, not to increase defense power overall. The separate issue regarging whether gate towers is good for the game or not, I do not think so, but that it is in the game doesn't bother me much, i see the good and bad side of it. My main concern as I have raised previously is that the solution be kept straightforward as possible. As in my reply to you, you should be able to beat bases around your rating, ie. beat yourself. And do it pretty much all the time (with strong gear) and more difficult, can't do major mistakes in war gear. I have also said the game is currently geared towards getting gold by beating higher ranked opponents, if defense is to change so it is hard to beat higher guys, the gold rewards need to change so you can get decent gold in bases you can beat. I have also suggested nerfing the few overpowered items / combos to nerf offense. I'm not sure where I have written that every base should be beatable for wide range of players, but I can assure you thats not what I think at all. totally agree i disagree with a lot of people. Sorry to remind you again, but I don't get worked up in disagreement, speaking my mind when i see something I don't agree with. Obviously most people get upset when people disagree with them, that is not me. I will happily respond back, and if I am proven wrong, no problem. Of course there are times when I do have my fun and wind people up, I admit that freely too.
  15. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    The difference here is that you can learn and find out how the pal system works, how the values work, how decide what is best. With your proposal, it is practical impossible to figure it what is the best thing to do even if you understand the how it works. Its complex in a bad way, such that it basically turns into a lottery. People will not know what they should do, they will just end up having to be random. For example, under your suggestion, go look at the top 5 VL members, let me know which one will give you the most skulls, using which strategy (eg try ot defeat all towers, or go for bonus). How can you work it out? or will you just try your luck? its impossible, and in no way fun. Theres good complexity thats fun, eg designing your base layout, getting your best attack combo. And theres bad complexity. Eg the trophy system, ppl understand it to a point, but no one bothers trying to understand all of it. Trying to work out how to max skulls in your suggestion. I doubt many will find fun at all. edit: adding in the more obvious 'bad' complexity being gate towers that is the source of this thread