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  1. oh really, i thought they would take away the crowns if they were banned from pro league. what'd he do? multi account?
  2. haha... fitting name, unsure if he actually quit though? ?
  3. So we have a new undisputed #1 player in RR2 at least for now, no evidence of any bugs, cheats, hacks used, both to get his #1 placing and his monthly PL win. has anyone stayed #1 for such a long stretch of time before?
  4. so you know many players are trying to attack him, in addition to however ever many countless low players without a clue probably also just trying his base out (esp since he has abnormally high score) and the only conclusion why he must be online all the time is because he is cheating?
  5. that the #1 guy is under attack a lot is nothing new. that you can attack him seems to indicate its not a cheat / hack, but likely just being under attack a lot. So lets rule out cheater for the most part. so how often are you trying to attack him? 100 in an hour? the whole day? maybe you are online same time he is. are your friends also testing attacking him to see if he is online all day? maybe thats why he is always under attack??
  6. The 700 rule was added for top players, to stop lower players stripping their trophies (especially hackers). its very useful for top players, it was introduced basically only for the benefit of top players. it is not useful for players lower down though.
  7. do you guys actually have any evidence he is "cheating" to be always online, cause when you say cheating with no evidence it just sounds like sour grapes. actually we don't even have evidence he is actually always online, given I have seen him lose trophies I assume someone has attacked him (unless he has failed attacks...) and we know how you can be "always online" without cheating at all.
  8. I see he has hit 7000, whats happening with your guys, are they bringing him back down, or helping him up further ~!
  9. also ban all the others that are using similar strategy to bring him down, they are all getting pushed, most cannot take trophies from them, and they are online too much as well.
  10. one of my first comments to others about the drama was that I would have thought the top players would enjoy it, something different to spice things up. game on!! if i were the #1 guy I would set def as open base, to attract even more attacks all day. it is unlikely anyone that gets into range to attack him would fail at his base anyway.
  11. Theres your problem, you are a friend with him, when he is on friend list you can attack test his base anytime online or not.
  12. 6) I thought about this previously, think flare did this for good reason, shield would make skele and necro too powerful on offense (of course they could nerf the summon time etc to balance) but as it is just allowing shield would make them too strong i think 14) reduce stun duration, area effect of stun against everything. maybe make the damage aoe to stuns current area, but nerf the stun. Would bring back more variety / options with frost / snake other towers if they weren't just perm stunned with ogres attacking. Some OP things that could do with nerf 18) heal ring and / or bomb kick - reduce value. could make heal ring heal with cd rather than aura so doesn't instantly negate all dots... 19) wolves (on offense) - reduce hp, howl range, or howl effect. 20) ceres / aska - longer cd for ability
  13. one bit that I wanted to query was whether the quality is still based on rank, or is it based on tier. eg previously if you got high enough rank to get 4 chests (top 30 or so), the 4 chests were generally quite good, get at least 1 ticket, some pro items etc. This last one I scored high enough to get 4 chests, but I barely got into the top 200 since there were many high scores. my chests were rubbish quality, no tickets, no pro items etc. did I get unlucky with chests, or is the quality still tied to rank? which kind of means the rewards are still based on rank / affected by multi accounts etc which was one of the aims of the tiers reward system to make rewards not affected by other peoples scores.
  14. see those complaints about too many attacks a day? prepare for a whole new level of griefing. might be fun if alliances target a few players they know are trying to reach high ninja tier, drop them down to under 4.5k tier.
  15. not saying they can't use bots etc. But what i wrote is still true, it doesn't stop trophy dumps, and top 10 will cry for ninja, they are already crying its too hard to stay in top ninja tier. as with anything you don't want the cure to be worse than the problem
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