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  1. Birthday chest

    wow i wasn't playing yet back then, didn't know Flare previously actually gave so much information on patch notes.
  2. Birthday chest

    this is what I am worried about skipping one day, i thought you could not skip any, but maybe they have changed it... looking at my own list, i only have 5 chests left to get and it says new rewards in 8 days which lines up with what Thomas is saying. Anyway I will give it a shot, I am thinking if i skip a day, and I cant get the pal chest - nothing lost there as I couldn't get it anyway. I will lose 1 uber chest, but that is not a big deal. after all this I will probably just get tammy in my pal chest
  3. Birthday chest

    Thanks Thomas, I will skip a day and let the birthday one overwrite the uber chest
  4. keep clicking

    probably something wrong with blue stacks.
  5. Birthday chest

    thats the same feedback other guys are telling me too. However they are advising that the birthday chest still will not move in the way you suggest. That the birthday chest is not fixed to a actual date, and if I miss one day, the birthday chest will still be over the pal chest, and i will receive it the day after everyone else. edit: i'll probably just test anyway, i'm guessing we wont get a response from flare, and hopefully I will still get my birthday chest at least. I'm on the fence, in theory as you say the birthday chest should be available for everyone on the same day, but at the same time i can see that the daily chest is maybe not set up to work the way you describe. But in this manner, if people have missed more days by accident it means they would not be able to get the birthday chest at all which doesn't seem right either. dont suppose you have actually tested / seen it work the way you describe.
  6. Item pearl meltdown bugged

    Hello @GalaMorgane this is another issue the community has had that we do not know if it is a bug, known bug to be fixed or intended change by flare as no feedback / patch notes were provided. for your information / background: In general as stats improve the same uber item is worth more pearls. The amount of pearls received for melting down items reduced, sometime after the 3.8 update. There were some other bugs that flare acknowledged and 'fixed' but the amount is still less than it was previously. Per the below screenshot, the item on the right I obtained previously with lower stats, gives more pearls than the left one I just got today with higher stats. The new item on the left I would expect to give more pearls.
  7. Birthday chest

    thats not what I mean by miss a day. I mean miss collecting a chest one day, and still have enough days to collect all the rewards before they reset.
  8. Birthday chest

    hmm.. interesting, i always thought if you miss one day you just miss the pal chest altogether. never paid attention as I always just get the chests. anyone else confirm you can miss a day and still get the last pal chest?
  9. suggestion about battle reward and forge

    don't like the idea of xp in rewards, if you want xp put xp gear on / fight more.
  10. support ticket

    what do you expect to receive from your ticket? to be fair, its not hard to imagine they have no way of verifying your story, and they can't go around giving PL points (or compensation) to everyone that submits a ticket saying they got kicked from the game suddenly.
  11. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    thanks, that is good feedback.
  12. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Hi there Gala, I think you have gone off topic as the query has nothing to do with champions, but please do not lock the thread. If you read the again, Thomas is saying the bonus is changing through the war without champion - in line with LB from losing wars. which from your response seems like something is wrong since the devs expect it to stay the same. edit: just wanted to point out also in thomas's screenshot, the LB goes down in the second one. So obviously it is not going down from activating champs, nor will the opposing team LB change from champs.
  13. Birthday chest

    if you are suggesting we might get the pal chest the day after, I am not sure. This is a screenshot from Awesomest, it has just overwritten the one there, the following one stays the same. I guess we will find out when it comes, unlikely we will get any information from flare, and unlikely they will change chest rewards we will get.
  14. Birthday chest

    I am in the same boat, my once a month pal chest overwritten. I'm not as confident as Pellez i will get a replacement pal in that chest. And even if there were pals in that chest, I'm still 1 pal worse off than the next guy who got their first common chest overwritten rather than a guaranteed pal chest.
  15. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    yes that is what i was talking about. I did not know they now changed, and according to MK maybe they are supposed too? I am not sure now. I'm pretty sure they didn't change before once the war started, and thought that was on purpose so you didn't have to rush to fight before / wait til other wars finished due to LB changing. ie. once the war starts it is set, which made sense to me. good to know thanks for bringing it up, good thing CM didn't lock the thread for going off topic before your post