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  1. So i am cool with it, but the big problem are the prizes. way to hard to get them - never was a problem with the old festivals beacuse it was just equip obtainable in uber chests later on. now for everyone who likes the skins you have to choose 1 of them (in fact its not sure to reach the higehst prices) and the other ones may be gone for a long time ? hope flareteam adds some ways to get these skins in later festivals frequently or really should less focus on implementing so many skins for obstacles, towers, untis, pals and even a new pal itself - thats not doable and only very few are willing to buy just nice to have and good looking skins for gems... thats a problem in all events but never have there been so many cool items before that you wont get by playing and just by paying. hope the flareteam comes up with a good solution im ok with 1 price a festival but i dont want the other ones to be gone (and just bringen them back and new festivals is also not a solution: when there are 5 new skin-items every festival and you normally can afford one of them then it doesnt matter if they just come back in the next festival since then you'd have 9 "new" items and only 1 to purchase) would be sad thing to have so many cool new skins ingame and nearly noone has them to show the work you know gwy
  2. Hello, i just wanted to do the electro cup and i cant start it. it says dungeon cup starts in around 3 days but isnt pro league always seven days long? electro started the 22th but did it already end? cant find info about that in the forum, at least i tried to search for some time gwy
  3. they wont dissapear.. just like the skins they introduced with the pals. you can switch between skins by clicking the skin button on the unit
  4. Oh hey, thats really something to keep in mind, didnt know about this part either - so thats generally a good advice to not leave this game for too long, thank you very much for pointing this one out ! Gwy
  5. ok thank you for this information i'm a bit late but it helps me out very well didnt know that alliances can be invisible but that makes sense to me
  6. Hello, got a serious question (or 3): 1.. What happens to an alliance when all members are inactive and the type is set to "invite other players"... Does that mean, that when they stay inactive noone will ever join this alliance again? 2. If 1.) is yes: can or will these alliances be deleted or are they save (kinda frozen) as long as the game stays around? 3.) and if the players get active again, the alliance can just go on as before or is something reseted (current alliance gold or donated pals or so?) if you have a good knowledge about this, pls let me know, thank you ps. hope thats the right place for this question
  7. Update notes: oct 20 - 2018 several changes and update notes at the bottom of the initial post
  8. Hey would be great if this worked out sorry that I didn't react earlier but the forum notifications somehow didn't inform me about your post here...
  9. Hey, I got another question to BS Event: Are all forging chances (i.e. chances for towers, spells, troops and equip) improved or only chances by forging equipgment (standing alone and rest isn't affected)? That what it says in German Text (meaning the second option). I always thought everything would get better chances for first forging try during event
  10. Another push and little change (didn't change it in the main article) - but I changed my mind because it's hard finding people to join: everyone is welcome you don't even have to compete ninja event and daily donations is no duty - alliance reached lvl 21 on my own so I got what I wanted - alliance is still open and everyone especially new players can join if they like to - beginner friendly with no duties See you
  11. just another push but guess no one is going to join haha - nevermind - if you like the idea of this alliance then welcome see you
  12. some months later: *Push* still haven't got members and I'm fine with that so far, only thing that sucks is the missing Gold-Boost but having 150% gold bonus i can also deal with that... however - maybe you are new to this thread and it fits your play style? then welcome to NIA ! you can just join ingame (English/German) alliance, but as long as I don't find many Germans I'd rather call it an english speaking alliance lol see you
  13. Guess it's totally luck... I mostly take 6-7 attacks and got lucky this time (don't think that flare cares about the crowns-per-attack-amount)
  14. Maybe I just got lucky this time or Flare made it easier to get festival currency. Got in total 7k and the price for Eldrak is really kind this time... That's the first time in months that I can got 2 items in one festival (always daily festival chests).
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