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  1. Wrong Pro Boost

    same with our alliance also,alliance name-deathdealerz1
  2. reaching 3500+ or 4500+ with only defense is a dream,not everyone are having fully forged defense to get 40 to 50 trophies @ once from a player. and these days offense is more powerful than defense.
  3. Collect all resources bug

    there were no background apps running,i was making battles for diamond league,that happened randomly,after 1hr 30min that button became normal. I use windows 10 PC
  4. Collect all resources bug

    it happened to me now.
  5. Easter Cup Bug on level X

    thats a really good compensation..appreciate it..nice work..
  6. Balancing changes April 5th

    an hr back,in the server break
  7. Balancing changes April 5th

    even i tested bela, still the same ..zombie conversion is still useless,it converted only 1 zombie in whole raid. thought of upgrading bela,if this conversion was good,but no,useless.
  8. Easter Cup Bug on level X

    so,that's it,they will be actively working on it forever. another 2 days max,ppl will forget this happened,alliances wont get the level of the pro boost what they wanted. looks like this is flares way of saying go f urself.
  9. All cheated by flare n FTB

    don't bother,they wont reply. If they really wanted to reply,they would have done it 2hrs back itself, when gala replied in easter cup bug on lvl 10 topic. both of them,gala and ftb saw this topic.
  10. Easter Cup Bug on level X

    So F*****g great,we lost lvl 4 pro archer because of this,all they will say is sorry for the f***g inconvenience caused, we are looking into the problem. you useless ppl will be looking into it all day long.
  11. All cheated by flare n FTB

    i was wondering how his frosters survived,when the bucky beast came he had a ton of frosters,but i tried 2 times wasting a total of 7 min,but couldnt keep my army alive. now i know why his army survived.
  12. All cheated by flare n FTB

    Knowing Flare,this is not much of a surprise, they always do shitty things. pro league ends in exactly 5hrs,and they still didn't give us the confirmation, if they have solved that stupid pro league bug or not. what more can we expect from them. I don't think they will reply here,they don't give a damn.
  13. Video Ads

    Videos in windows 10 suddenly stopped working , i tried deleting vunglesdk folder, It didnt work this time, Before it used to work. Today i tried it many times,didnt work. Even reinstalled the game 2 times,still the same.i'm unable to boost my blacksmith,most imp right now. any one else having this issue. @GalaMorgane , @FTB , @flaretara , @Archimedes..
  14. its good against some top bases,,irmgard removes the fire or toxic effects with its heal.
  15. i dont have heal ring,also i donate only 750k,so cant ask for monk as insta..but irmgard helps in such situation,same combo,but irmgard pal.