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  1. Connection problems

    same here, started happening when today's pro league started.
  2. this stupid windows 10 crash happened to me in pro league.i sent a ticket to support team,they replied after 2days,asked for the details,thats the last part,till now no reply from them,no compensation nothing.. the great flare support team,,they really suck.
  3. bad luck to u my friend,,i got legendary gems and legendary vouchers in one chest itself,,in today's war...every legendary chest gave me 49 gems and 52 vouchers and few pearls ,items..
  4. Introducing GalaMorgane

    welcome GalaMorgane
  5. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    i think the new basilisk tower also causes this slowdown ,,not just on orges,,on all troops,it happened to me with wolf,mummy,orges..since basilisk can also petrify. it happened while doing a raid in xp gear,there were no stone ninjas..
  6. we may have to wait for another 4hrs for them to announce the event..
  7. Fast & Repetitive Disconnection (DC) i'm able to connect.
  8. Fast & Repetitive Disconnection (DC)

    ur able to login atleast,,i'm not able to connect,,showing no internet connection,,even though internet is fine.
  9. y the f*** am i getting attacked even when i'm online,.and i know the reason we cant stay online for long,i close the game for more than 30min,some times even an hour. even then i'm getting attacked,i'm trying to reach 4k trophies,so that i can do 4k ninja tier,but every time i reach it,i'm loosing trophies,its frustrating and annoying as f**k. a level 123 player in 4300 trophy range can take 8 to 9 trophies from a 107 lvl player in 3900 trophy,but y the f**k does he give me only 4 trophies,he is in a high lvl alliance,lvl 70+. ( sorry for bad language,but i'm really frustrated by this bullshit.)
  10. its 2 extra battles,,i think its for compensating things..if game crashed during ninja raid,these extra battles might help,.i may be wrong, only flare ppl can tell what it is correctly,,or we have to wait for 1 day,tmr we will know what it is.
  11. Time reduction does not work

    same with me,windows 10 pc,videos worked for farms and other upgrades,but for free chest its not working from yesterday,even though we watch the video,we r not getting chest.
  12. Pro Phoenix cup

    in normal battles we can somehow try and manage pro firebolt,war gear makes it really tough.
  13. 1 - Yes the pro score will be deducted when a player leaves the alliance. 2 - Yes the pro score will be added to your alliance total when some joins from outside.
  14. any event starting tmr.. @flaretara , @Nikko , @oisia , @Archimedes
  15. No more free boost

    only vungle sdk..