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  1. donkey speed is causing this crash..the moment donkey is used to to move fast,,game crashes
  2. looks like the game doesn't want me to reach 5300 trophies,,this is 3rrd time in a row..continuously..this is *****ty and annoying f*** it,,6times in a row...hate this ***** crash..
  3. when will it end...?still i have 51seconds,bcz of crash i lost battle..
  4. the damn game crashed when i was making conquest battle, 2 times it crashed in the middle of the battle.
  5. yeah...it includes...saw the post in FB..
  6. does this include even windows 10 PC users also.
  7. Device-windows 10 pc..there is no reason for it,it just keeps disconnecting..even if don't do anything.
  8. its fucking annoying..i was about to collect the skulls from chamber of fortune,i even spent gems for opening the chamber and the fucking game got disconnected..when the hell are u going to fix this fucking thing.
  9. do us a favor flare,just shut the f*****g game down,if u cant maintain it..wtf is wrong with u...
  10. same with our alliance also,alliance name-deathdealerz1
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