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  1. DJ296

    Free Videos Error⚠ includes...saw the post in FB..
  2. DJ296

    Free Videos Error⚠

    does this include even windows 10 PC users also.
  3. yeah its happening again
  4. Device-windows 10 pc..there is no reason for it,it just keeps disconnecting..even if don't do anything.
  5. its fucking annoying..i was about to collect the skulls from chamber of fortune,i even spent gems for opening the chamber and the fucking game got disconnected..when the hell are u going to fix this fucking thing.
  6. do us a favor flare,just shut the f*****g game down,if u cant maintain is wrong with u...
  7. DJ296

    Wrong Pro Boost

    same with our alliance also,alliance name-deathdealerz1
  8. reaching 3500+ or 4500+ with only defense is a dream,not everyone are having fully forged defense to get 40 to 50 trophies @ once from a player. and these days offense is more powerful than defense.
  9. DJ296

    Collect all resources bug

    there were no background apps running,i was making battles for diamond league,that happened randomly,after 1hr 30min that button became normal. I use windows 10 PC
  10. DJ296

    Collect all resources bug

    it happened to me now.
  11. DJ296

    Easter Cup Bug on level X

    thats a really good compensation..appreciate it..nice work..
  12. DJ296

    Balancing changes April 5th

    an hr back,in the server break
  13. DJ296

    Balancing changes April 5th

    even i tested bela, still the same ..zombie conversion is still useless,it converted only 1 zombie in whole raid. thought of upgrading bela,if this conversion was good,but no,useless.