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  1. ABurned


    This forum will be switched to read only tomorrow. So I wouldn’t expect help here
  2. ABurned

    Zombie slaughter event not giving crates

    Well most likely there are only a limited amount of crates and they go to the cheaters reported in the other thread? i know not possible but who at this company still cares about bug fixes? Just look at how often these issue was reported before.
  3. ABurned

    Event Major Bug : Extra Crates

    They don’t care about these reports anymore. This forum will be read only from the 14th on and till then it is just a waste of time to report things here.
  4. ABurned

    Mailbox Content Thumbnails

    And another topic for this feature :-) still would like to see it as well. Especially as we are fracking paying money for some of those bonuses! In the normal sore you just couldn’t buy that amount and therefore you do not run into this issue.
  5. Hi honestly those slaughter events are a good idea, but a bit boring over the time. I bet most players play the same mission over and over again. the idea was raised to also add perks for titans or other types killed. i would go a stop further and suggest looting events. 3 different one. One for metal one fire supplies and one just for XP. so with that you would have 7 different event types already that you could run. The 4 zombie types and 3 additional types. also those would require us to play different missions and not always the same just one day long. cu ABurned ;-)
  6. Think of different materials that can be used for guns or the way how the barrels are stabilised. There are ways how weapons can be improved.
  7. ABurned

    Keep losing Video Ad Bonus

    Famous marketing speach “it comes out when it is ready”
  8. Could you give some info on the requirements that trigger the advert bonus to show up? is there a maximum per day, a specific time I need to play, does the time here in the forum (wenn opened from the game) count.... anything? also does it make a difference if you use IPv6, IPv4 or such an DS-light connection? What is with proxies?
  9. Jupp that has been suggested before. And I would love to see that as well. Especially with the cooldown and reloading it would makes sense.
  10. ABurned

    Graphic Bug (Shambler/Titan)

    Yeah just got out of a mission where it happened twice to get that tiny titans :-/
  11. ABurned

    Create a World Event

    Well if I see the loading screen correctly then there are 1.3 million users in the game? Would be hard to coordinate them to play all at the same time. So doing an all or no one approach mit not be a good idea.
  12. Hmmm ok so one situation where it is actually useful. Thank you for clarifying :-)
  13. ABurned

    Premium and Elite Crates

    Well those in game economics would usually evaluate how changes in avalibility changes the performance of the game. It isn’t only about how users are interacting with each other. Basically they do some math behind the game. And looking at the numbers that are already published in this forum... those have not been evaluated at all. on the other hand you could also see it the way that the server backend is one player and the person who controls the guns is the other player. Suddenly you have two players interacting with each other ;-)
  14. Thank you for let us know. in this case it was only a lot of supplies that didn’t fit in my storage anymore and even with the additional hours I likely wouldn’t have managed to get all of them past my leveling up. So I don’t mit it this time :-)