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  1. Good bye everyone, it was a nice time while it last. Thanks to everyone who was so involved. It was amazing to see what a handful of very engaged people can do in a short time. also sad to see how quickly such an community can be destroyed, even without the zombie apocalypse becoming reality. I may or may not stick around in the game as Aburned. Don’t know it yet but my time that I invest in this game went dramatically south already and my real money spending has dropped as well. There won’t be any more spendings or watching advertisements to get advert bonus. again thank you for the great community spirit! CU AssetBurned aka ABurned ;-)
  2. This forum will be switched to read only tomorrow. So I wouldn’t expect help here
  3. Well most likely there are only a limited amount of crates and they go to the cheaters reported in the other thread? i know not possible but who at this company still cares about bug fixes? Just look at how often these issue was reported before.
  4. They don’t care about these reports anymore. This forum will be read only from the 14th on and till then it is just a waste of time to report things here.
  5. This isn’t the only topic where he and the rest of the company isn’t replying anymore. I guess there will be replies at the last day to address some of our complains and before we get a chance to answer the forum is read only.
  6. Sadly that is true. Everyone who is leaving just makes it easier to justify.
  7. Well it depends on what you get for it. In the previous bundle we figured out already that the bundles in Euro, US$ and CAN$ not only have different price. It also different content.
  8. So they screw us everywhere :-/ kind of bad that @Nikko doesn’t comment on this. But I guess these posts will disappear once the forum is read only.
  9. Yeah let’s make it uninstall day :-)
  10. Hi everyone, have a look at the Irish price and offer and tell me if yours is different (screen shoots preferred). i still don’t buy these as it is again a one hour pistol at your head offer. CU ABurned ;-)
  11. Well in Euro you get one premium crate more and 1500 gold more. Wondering why the track they do that? i assume that explains the price difference for the other crates too. As they might have different content as well. another thing that is shitty here is that we have to dig out such information rather then having a more transparent approach from flare. @Nikko can you explain that please or did you already packed your bags and left this forum? for the records I didn’t purchased this bundle. First of all I think it is a shitty thing to give just one hour dcision time. Secondary the discussions about different bundle prices scared me of and I concidered this a rip off.
  12. Hi, how much did the bundle cost in your currency? CU ABurned ;-)
  13. Maybe going back to the original game? Was plenty of fun and didn’t had this much of problems.
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