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  1. The reason you cannot scrap or open multiple at once is to force you to spend gold to open them quicker.
  2. I agree, I'm on level 11 with a lot of weapons that hardly deal any damage and now I can't even do the "defend" without dying. All my crates drop junk common weapons after waiting 3 hours to open them and I can't progress any further than half way through North County on medium difficulty. As as it stands I have 2 options, delete the game or pay real money for gold. This game was sooo much fun up until I hit the pay wall. I'd gladly pay $5-$10 for the full version of this game or at least some decent weapons but unfortunately the devs would rather we spend copious amounts of money on gold to barely progress. Another great game ruined by micro transactions. The novelty of this game will wear off most after a few hours unless the dev team sort the many flaws out.
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