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  1. dear flare can u make pro league is possible to beat insta pro league is crazy make pro league possible to win. Not impossible how we can challenge if is impossible for us beat it?
  2. I just found this on my base what is this? Ign (L)eader
  3. coc and aoe can replay and I have all replay videos in aoe my replay store 2years video ago I can replay it -,-
  4. please add attack and defense replay and we can share we replay on facebook or alliance chat and pls fix subscription on windows my second account join alliance with subscription but I not earn any gems on daily chests but on in my iOs I earn gems on daily chests and and fix and rr2 in windows phone I play music open rr2 music turn off pls fix it I like play rr2 and listen music at same time :/
  5. what about confused tower is like aki can confused unit
  6. hope flare will make it i draw it with fresh paint
  7. alliance name : The last knight Min donated 10k participate war/ninja 15slot left
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