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  1. thomas239

    Heavily reduced trophies for 96%-99% raids

    This is because when you complete 0% (aka "you fail"), you don't get 0 trophies, but likely something around -60. So the range is 6 trophies for 100% to -60 for 0%. You can do the math yourself, for 96% you'll get (rounded) 3 trophies. Now what discussable is: why have the range to be so much disadvantageous for the attacker?
  2. Interesting! Do you have direct contact to him? What was the reason for banning FG gave? I thought if FG detects cheating activity (like in the case of the thread starter), they would remove him from the score board.
  3. He is not banned, he is inactive. He stopped playing. It's normal that you can attack inactive players. (Still, it may be a bug, but it is not limited to any particular player.)
  4. thomas239

    Scull bonus justly, please.

    Skull bonus is fixed at the time you declare war, resp. at the time you are attacked. Your skull bonus at that moment remains the same for the whole war. If you later on get a different skull bonus because e.g., you've lost a war, that new skull bonus will only affect wars declared after that. It will not affect wars already in progress.
  5. thomas239

    Change account on Windows 10?

    Hi @GalaMorgane, You are mixing the meaning of "you" in terms of service with "device". "You" is always a person, not a device. Of course a person is limited to one account, however, different persons can use the same pc (aka "device"), and so there can legally be multiple accounts on one device. That's exactly the reason for multi-user operating systems. Of course such a use is allowed according to Flaregames Terms of Service.
  6. thomas239

    Change account on Windows 10?

    Hi @GalaMorgane, Windows is a multi-user OS. When multiple users are using one PC, one user cannot know if the other has already used RR2 or not. A recommendation to use one device for one account is also not part of the Flaregames Terms of Service at . Such a recommendation would also not work, given the architecture of Windows OS. Please refer to Flaregames Terms of Service!
  7. thomas239

    Change account on Windows 10?

    A new user is the supported and intended way to separate user instances. Your way to switch just the user id by switching the settings.dat file will leave other data in the user profile shared between those two accounts. It may or may not work, it depends on RR2. For example, this method might cause reduced offers in video ads. Anyway, if it works for you, fine.
  8. thomas239

    Change account on Windows 10?

    On the Windows 10 computer, follow these steps: 1) Create a new account in Windows 10 for yourself, if you don't have one already. (Windows Settings -> Accounts -> Other persons -> Add...) 2) Login into this new account. 3) Install RR2 from the store. (The store account does not matter.) 4) Start RR2 and verify that it starts at the tutorial. At that point, you can connect to FB using your FB account, or if you don't use FB: 5) Copy the folder "%localappdata%\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap" from your other/old PC to the new account/new PC. Now your girlfriend should use her Windows account to play with her RR2 name, and you can login to Windows with your Windows account to play with your RR2 name.
  9. thomas239

    Voucher Disturbance

    Indeed I've meant to wait with forging until you get items of level 130, and not that you wait until your player is level 130. I must admit, that I also forged items with skull perks, although they had lower level. You can benefit immediately, right, but at the other hand, it always hurts me when I hand over items that have 20+ forges to blacksmith and see them crushed. I agree that forging items for an immediate boost is tempting, but keep in mind that sooner or later items with level <130 are outdated in level and stats, and forges cannot be carried over to a newer instance of an item, even if it is of the same sort.
  10. thomas239

    Voucher Disturbance

    Yes, it's very important to forge troops and spells right from the beginning! There the blacksmith work is cumulative and you can benefit for as long as you'll play RR2. For defensive structures, don't waste pearls if you'll most likely will not use the structure in future, like Arrow towers. Same for items, don't waste pearls to forge items unless they are at max level (130).
  11. Please make the alliance pro-score list available after the pro league has finished! It is very annoying that this list is only available while the league is in progress, and the list is not final. And once the league is finished, and the list is final, you can no longer access this list. Very bad to track status or record achievements.
  12. thomas239

    Bug with Pro Boost Activation

    @KKStar, @oPelle, I think you should contact customer support ASAP! I fear that you are wasting time in the forum here. FG would need to update the database to restore your well earned boosts. Most likely that's nothing that can be done from the forum or community here. Provide evidence like the screen shot above, that proves that the boost got activated and immediately deactivated. That's not a regular operation in the game! Just my 2ct.
  13. thomas239

    Bug with Pro Boost Activation

    Just out of curiosity: Did you have Mass Hysteria activated before (from the previous pro league featuring Mass Hysteria)? If yes, did your alliance pay / prolong it longer than today, the moment of activating the new one? Our alliance has similar "Please re-activate ..." and "... has been activated" messages, but in the correct order so that we have got the boost still enabled. It seems in your case, the activation event of the boost has outperformed (aka: was processed before) the deactivation event of the same boost, effectively leaving your alliance with no boost at all.
  14. The problem with mouse wheel scrolling in the stats area was a side effect of the changes in 3.9.0: They added that you can click on a stat and a tool tip pops up that describes the effect. That brought a very old bug into the scrolling of the stats area: Mouse wheel scrolling does not work when the mouse pointer is over a clickable area! It seems that the mouse wheel messages are grabbed by the clickable area, but then ignored and dropped instead of passed on to the underlying scrollable area. For example, in the stats area, mouse wheel scrolling does not work in the red shaded areas, because they can be clicked. However, the scrollable area itself is slightly bigger, so mouse wheel scrolling still works in the green shaded area: Same applies to the inventory, where horizontal mouse wheel scrolling works only between (!) the items: At least you can place the cursor in the gap between the top and bottom row to do the scrolling. However, in the chest selection, where vertical (!) mouse wheel scrolling only works in the green shaded areas above / below the chest, it is effectively unusable:
  15. thomas239

    whacked scores in pro

    Yes, 2190 = max score.