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  1. Birthday chest

    I found the documentation about this!!! Don't say that FG is not documenting things!
  2. Birthday chest

    Please see below screen shot from a friend who is, well, a bit lazy with collecting the free chests. The chests that are still accessible have their time tag, those that he cannot open anymore because he skipped to many days, and a new set of rewards will be starting already in 9 days, those chests don't have a time tag. This is the way the game tells you when chests are out of reach. Also you can see that the birthday chest is still there, and is, from today, 5 days away. It is always at February 27th.
  3. Birthday chest

    See the screen shot that you have posted above. The pal chest is "27 days", but the sequence is available for the next 29 days, "new rewards will be generated in 30 days". You have 2 extra days, 2 days more to complete the sequence, 2 days more that there are chests. IIRC, it has always been this way since I started playing this game about a year ago.
  4. Birthday chest

    The birthday chest is at a fixed date, while the daily chests list remains the same if you don't collect one. And for the daily chests you have extra 1 or 2 days. So when you skip collecting the daily chest for one day, the birthday chest will move to the next earlier slot. In @Odkim's screen shot, the pal chest was in 7 days, but new rewards are generated in 9 days, so he can just skip collecting for one day, and the birthday chest will replace the uber chest, and the red pal chest will be available again in 7 days. Just don't skip another day, or it will be lost.
  5. Birthday chest

    @Odkim, if you want your red pal chest, your screen shot shows that you can get it! Hint: One part of the solution is written in the screen shot, the other part was already mentioned in this thread. @Fourofjacks, most likely (can't be sure without seeing your Daily Rewards list) the same applies to your case.
  6. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Or isn't it? Here the screen shots from the same war as above, at different times... @GalaMorgane, @Archimedes, my question is, is this a display bug and the bonus used stays fixed during war. Or is the skull bonus different when playing at different times in the same war?
  7. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Exactly this is not the case, at least for me. Just to be sure, you're talking about these numbers, right? These numbers are not fixed, they change when you or the other lose a war later on. These numbers always match the numbers at the skull bonus screen. At least that's how it behaves for me, and that's what triggered my initial question.
  8. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Hi All, please do not hijack my thread to discuss the shortcomings of the current war system. @GalaMorgane, since you're the community manager and seem to be talking to devs too, can you provide an answer to my quite simple question about loser bonus fixed or not for a running war?
  9. Is the loser bonus fixed for a war, and is it the % value shown when starting the war? Or does it dynamically change as your or the other alliance wins/looses? Currently the bonus shown in the war map changes, even for the stats of a war already in progress. Is this change really affecting the running war, or is it a display glitch? @GalaMorgane
  10. multitouch not working in fights w10 PC

    Multi-touch is working fine for me (Windows 10, version 1709, build 16299.248). All touch points work independently as expected. Well, it works as always, I'd still want it to behave a little bit different, but that's another story and does not belong in this thread.
  11. Lucky perks value down

    Actually now it is easier to see your total luck, because it is just the number shown in the hero stats. It's the 87% for you, and it was always this 87%, even when you believed it was 135%. But the 135% as the arithmetic sum of all individual perks is an irrelevant number, because the arithmetic sum never had any meaning in the game. It was wrong to assume that luck perks get arithmetically added. You have individual luck perks on your items. The behavior is "bigger is better". And in the hero stats, the game makes all the maths and shows you the effective luck perk that is used for you. It is very simple.
  12. Lucky Perks bug?

    Due to the wonders of mathematics, the order of multiplications does not matter.
  13. Lucky perks value down

    Nothing has changed in your chances to find an item or hit a skull trap. Just the value displayed is now the correct one used by the game. The same value that has always been used by the game. To open 3 chests always, without any chance for failure, you need the same as you've ever needed before: You need one single luck perk with 100%. That's the only way. Unfortunately, this is not possible (according to the thread about luck perk), so opening 3 chests always with no failure ever is not possible.
  14. Lucky Perks bug?

    The value shown was previously wrong, and was fixed with the update. Now it is correct. See:
  15. When a pro-boost gets activated for the alliance, we get a message in the inbox. This message has a button with a magnifier icon, which should take you to the description of the boost. However, for pro-boosts, it incorrectly goes to the elite boosts section, where it obviously cannot find the boost that it should actually show. Please fix it, so that the button goes to the pro boosts section, and shows the correct pro boost.