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  1. thomas239

    Money Money Money

    Yes, for the player boosts might be something to enjoy, but see this picture from another thread: For the alliance it is more like a punishment to spend, in the above case, around 310 million alliance gold at once for prolonging one single boost. Unless, as the title of this thread, you have money, money, money. That's a huge difference to getting the ninjas, in the current schedule, free for 6 weeks!
  2. thomas239

    Money Money Money

    It makes a whole lot of sense. They don't want to change existing events. You won't get checkboxes for participating them. But many requested less war seasons ("boring", "unmatched enemies", …), less ninja events ("always the same", "too easy", …), so they invented an event where an alliance is free to participate. They invented an event where dropping trophies is of no use (like in ninja). They invented an event where losing on purpose is of no use (like in war seasons). Conquest event is great. Your alliance can decide if interested or not. You don't even need a checkbox. Just don't participate and you're not penalized at all.
  3. thomas239

    Money Money Money

    Ninjas and defensive ninjas are assigned until the next ninja event. (War) Boosts needs alliance gold to be prolonged.
  4. thomas239

    New idea 4.0 conquest

    I disagree, I explained it here:
  5. thomas239

    Money Money Money

    I don't agree. The schedule war, conquest, ninja, conquest, war... would be really good! The whole point of conquest is: It is implemented so that you can completely ignore it! An alliance cannot ignore wars (you'll lose trophies, fiefdoms and alliance gold donation bonus), they cannot ignore ninjas (you'll lose defensive ninjas), but they can completely ignore conquests. You don't lose gold or trophies, you don't even get any attack messages when you don't leave the stronghold. An alliance can now choose the conquests they want to participate, and so they can choose the amount of time spent.
  6. thomas239

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    In Conquest mode, the opponent selection for war attacks shows wrong skull counts in the result and total result values: I didn't even participate in this war.
  7. thomas239

    How to gain these ?

    Build watch towers! The tiles around the watch towers make the conquest score. Some tiles have more conquest score ("special tiles"), some have none (water, mountain, etc.), but normally 1 tile = 1 conquest score point.
  8. thomas239

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Yes, please give an update about this 6h blocking from video ads. Also please don't blame the video ads provider, nor that it is a regional thing. I play other games that also use Vungle as video provider, and have not seen such a blocking period. So please also change the issue description from "Sometimes no video offers" (that would really be something FG cannot influence) to "Sometimes button for video offers is disabled and showing a cooldown timer" (that's the problem introduced with 4.0 that needs to be fixed).
  9. thomas239

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Thank you @PaSte for your explanation. At first, I'm very happy to hear that there is no cooldown for Video Ads intended or planned. However, then the new changes in the Video Ad system are totally broken! I've used Video Ads for a long time, and in nearly all cases it worked and I received the rewards. Right, sometimes the rewards are slightly delayed by a few minutes, and very rarely they are not received at all, but, so what, I'll just repeat watching another Video Ad and it'll work. So the experience was OK. Now "the rewards will be verified" - fine - and "This process can take up to 6 hours" - WHAT? After watching a Video Ad, the Video Ad provider sends a ping with the user information to your servers. OK, at times of high load, this may take some moments, or even be dropped at all, but you imply with your explanation that the verification code is designed to wait 6 hours for a ping? Seriously? When your servers did not receive the ping within, let’s say, 5 minutes, you believe something will change in the following 5 hours 55 minutes? And what sense anyway has such a verification period, when the strait forward solution for a missing rewards is that the user will simply watch another Video Ad. Isn't that the natural thing when you don't get the reward the first time, you'll try again! In that sense, how shall the blocking of Video Ads for 6 hours improve the experience at all? Neither in my case, when I successfully receive the reward, and then I'm blocked for 6 hours, nor in a case when I wouldn’t have received the reward, than the 6 hours blocking wouldn’t improve anything on the experience, either. Please help me to understand, what the intention of this 6h blocking was. And also, I get this "cooldown" timer, although I received the reward. So if there is really no cooldown intended, please rework your implementation, as it is definitely bugged and not working correctly.
  10. thomas239

    Actual storage in alliance stronghold buildings

    See the left side of your screen. You see what amount of resources has been created so far (from all members), but not exactly what has already been sent to the alliance storage.
  11. thomas239

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    We'll have to wait for the explanation from @PaSte:
  12. thomas239

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    I'm confused now: Is the 6 hour cooldown from the video provider? What are the rules for that cooldown?
  13. thomas239

    Counting down to the new update

    With 4.0 you're finally relieved from that tedious task of watching videos every 2 hours (for me it is 2 hours, not 4) for a free chest. With the new 6 hours cooldown after watching videos, including boosting blacksmith, taverns, farms, or even to shorten upgrades, the time for many free video chests has come to an end.
  14. thomas239

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Not just blacksmith, all possible boosts share the same cooldown of 6h after the second (or third?) video. You can't boost all 4 farms or taverns with video ads. Very bad indeed.
  15. thomas239

    Ads don't work (again)

    It's not an issue with Vungle this time, it is implemented in the game itself: After 2 video ads you have a cooldown of 6h! Regardless how long the time between these 2 is. So you can watch two ads for two boosts/chests/etc., and have the next one 6 hours later (rate is 2 in 6 hours), or you can watch one now, and the second 3 hours later, then still you'll have to wait 6 hours for the next video (rate here is 2 in 9 hours). Very stupid implementation, IMHO.