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  1. G1nasis

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My biggest achievement in this game is meeting great peoples from all over the world , i made some good friends and that's what made me still playing this game
  2. G1nasis

    pro shop proposal

    then pro-L will have 0 sense the whole point is to earn those crystal through playing
  3. G1nasis

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    @Madlen is still happened but with lightening tower , and for those who will say you just destroyed the tower you can see that my ogre long gone and my spells are almost both ready to be used lol
  4. G1nasis


    nemesis is the newest pal to the game it is a pro pal that coast 6x janus or ceres 150K crystal , some will say it is not the most expensive pal in the game , aska or nidhogg are but for nemesis you need more effort time and resources to get it is like a collector thing , few own it but no one use it you may ask why they spent 150k crystal for a pal and not use it , the answer is easy it is useless in raids his special abilities will give 0% advantage in raids like for that price and for the time we spent to get it and the amount of gems for tickets it should atleast have a very rare special ability 'flute' is cool and all but if it only had a great beast ability , it is owned by few as i said so they deserve to get smthg great for that price time effort put in to get some players like @Darkerion gave some good ideas for this pal for that price even eris is more useful than nemesis thanks
  5. rather buffing a 25k crystal pal to make it an option u should take a look at nemesis because 150k crystal pal and no one is using it is a little disappointment it is owned by few and they don't even use it
  6. G1nasis

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    let me quote too " veni, vidi, vici " Julius C' . I'll explain , if you gonna raid someone you need a way of approaching his/her base "veni" , u'll need a plan too :by observing his lay out by learning from other raids and by gaining knowledge over time " vidi" , and finally "vici" there is no win without a hard work there is nothing such 'OH phoebe is op nerf it so i can win ' this is no 'vici' this is just a fake win get stronger not make defense weaker so you can win easily .
  7. with all respect but if this idea was implemented in the game it will be the dumbs idea ever , do you want a civil war in every ally ? who gonna use phoebe and who will not ... the solution is to try hard to win , we all fight in wars and we face phoebe beast all the time , 2s with full skull gear knights ogre and wolves spells HS FS shield pal lvl 6 irmgard that's how long a lvl 2 phoebe beast player lvl 105 to 120 will last with all the heals and dmg that he deals my advise is to work harder so you can beat it we all started with that problem , how to kill it but once you figure it out it will be like cutting through butter , don't take it head on , just push it ito your army scream and shield them 2s later it will be dead hope this helps
  8. G1nasis

    Nemesis the most expensive pal

    i mean that what should be nemesis like he should be badass for that price , ithink flare should take into consideration your ideas
  9. G1nasis

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    phoebe is not that hard to kill believe me , my combo is knights ogre wolves BS shield and FS i don't have any spell that deals dmg and yet i take it down in 10s just push it to your army scream cast shield to protect your knights and let them do the work ogre will kill it fast with the help of knights and the howl effect easy for protecting your army and faster kill push it around your army stop for 1 sec each time so your ogre get a hit on it hope this helps , i'm using aska or irmgard , as an irmgard (mine lvl 6 not even that high) can take from 10 to 20% health with the special ability my hero lvl is 107 my troph is around 4k to 4.2k hope this help On the other hand as wych said Primal howl is a bet hard to kill specially if the waves are well done 1 ogre can stun all your army over and over because of the howl effect conclusion: it is not about being overpowered it is about knowing how to defeat it and working hard on your attack combo forge them max them and you'll see good result
  10. Hello, i guess i'm not the only one that consider nemesis an over priced PAL for that amount you can buy 7 phoebe or u can buy all the pals and some gears from the shop i'm not judging the price but for that price at least we want some OP pal that have good abilities worth spending 150k crystal about 6 months of collecting i know few players have it but do they use it ? no one use it , i's suggest buffing him give him a good ability when it transform into the beast mode this is my point of view and i know the owners of nemesis will agree thanks
  11. G1nasis

    PRO shop

    how about a little tease if there is any new pro pal pro set coming out soon ?
  12. well in my opinion if you are thinking about buffing janus and eris that their coast together is 40k that's a 110k less than nemesis and not even considering making nemesis a price worthy pal then buffing nemesis should be first on the list because for now nemesis real price would be 25k crystal not 150k thanks
  13. G1nasis

    My 1st PRO League thingy

    he said i did not use any real money nor gems lol just saying if u played this game for a good period you'll learn that flare does not give 10 pro ticket for free
  14. G1nasis

    My 1st PRO League thingy

    the game gave him 10 tickets :joy: flare gave this young man 10 free pro tickets HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well i know how you got them exploiting the prev donation system collected them on this account to gave them to your main and bam FLARE strike with preventing ticket donation and you got them on this lvl 10 throne room account and you can't do nothing only use them loooool FREE tickets i wish one day flare will give me 2 free tickets
  15. G1nasis

    My 1st PRO League thingy

    11 pro tickets ?? how you got them lool