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  1. u miss a whole point @AwesomestKnightest spending ally gold on upgrades to help us win this conquest and in return the upgrades does not help at all it is just a waste of gold and we can lose the whole conquest for this reason FG should do a serveur update soon and fix this issue
  2. it is not only that bug even when upgrading tower capacity for troops u can only get 125 troop and it says max capacity 145 nothing working correctly @Madlen u should report this to the dev team it is a waste of the ally gold on broken upgrades they can test it
  3. G1nasis


    save ur gems
  4. G1nasis

    towers during construction.

    u can attack and destroy the tower before it is built 'prevent it '
  5. G1nasis

    Windows 8.1

    i believe 8.1 is no longer supported
  6. G1nasis

    More detailed activity log

    i know it was suggested but they must add this feature soon because it will really help atleast as u said only for leaders
  7. G1nasis

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Hello , my igm is G1nasis my device is a windows phone IOS windows phone 10 i found 2 bug actually 1 the normal raid menu takes sometimes alot of time to load the second one is Lightning towers i saw it multiple time after destroying it a lightning come out of the destroyed tower even after some sec 2 to 3 and still deal dmg and stun my units thanks
  8. G1nasis

    Nemesis with flute

    only skeletons
  9. as an ally may have 10 gens we need a detailed activity log to see everything done like who activated boost who did build smthg and specially with this new mode we need an activity log for it to see who build watchtowers and everything is done reported
  10. G1nasis

    Nemesis with flute

    just tested urself and u'll get an answer
  11. G1nasis

    balance changes

    This is my first topic about the last balancing and i hope to get answers from a dev , let's start u have a balance, one side is down and one is up to try to make them equal .. u don't add weight to one side and take weight from the other , basically this is what u have done the balance sides are now opposites way .. nerfing ceres could be understandable , but why BS orges and werewolves and more ? fighting in dungeon spent gems and all to get a higher lvl orge ,it is not fun to take the satisfaction away this is 1 point , the sec point defense buff , snake tower used to be around 50to60k health now 75k , blockade used to be 71k maxed forged for health now almost 85k and every tower got a buff +1 extra lvl while troops and spells got nerfed and no extra lvls if u think adding 1k dmg to SB will help u are wrong it does not help at all , i know there are a lot of combos that can work but u miss a whole point when buffing basilisk tower and every tower it takes more time to destroy and needs more troops spell than the usual ,well what about the towers near the gate ? how to destroy them ???? in ninja event or even in was season how to take them out specially basilisk tower and it game of hide and seek ? u tested everything but did u test for not forged spell ? troops ? for low lvl players? ( i'm not a low lvl player ) but i can imagine their struggle. how to play this game when taking all the fun out of it taking all the satisfaction i spent 6 mnth forging thee units spells i used when i reached almost max forge u just do this ? balancing is needed i know but at least give us a fair balancing buff some units or more spells not just 1 and nerf everything else take into consideration not all ally can afford extra boosts with this conquest mode using ally gold ... it just doesn't make sense to push players and force them to do use things they don't feel like using them .
  12. G1nasis

    Ceres..was a pro pal..now it isn't.

    finally someone who have my struggle it is unfair in every way nerfing it in every stat we can't use it now
  13. G1nasis

    Ceres..was a pro pal..now it isn't.

    u mean now it is like 20% of the old ceres? did u even use it ? form me i bought it since it was introduced now i can't use it lost 100 troph on easy bases used to finish them with 1mn to40s left time now i die so easy can't for an army at least keep the health at 50% not 22% and the boosted copied troops as they are not nerf them too it is now useless phoebe more useful now thanks thanks flare for destroying all the fun from the game idon't have neither aska nor nidhogg and was happy to use ceres but now i don't have anything to use and i own alot of pals waste of 2 years of my life thanks flare