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  1. yes it is that's why i need to mention it because when ninja spawn and zombie from sneak towers +phoebe beast effects it might even crash the game is the mobile or tab can't handle it
  2. i know they can be healed and they do a lot of dmg but as u said probably if i use flute + phoebe i'll get more dmg than using nemesis in beast mode i think they need to add smthg to make it better , why not having it cast upon impact 1 spell or 1 random bomb effect that have higher stats like every pal do i think that would be better !
  3. maybe most of players will agree with me , there is a huge problem with ninja spawning in ! defense ninja they lag the game i need first u should work on them and fix the issue
  4. we can't get an overpowerd pal by keep asking to increase dmg or variety of dmg tho for the beast mode one solution is to have multiple types of dmg or make the attack AOE so nemesis won't focus on one thing usually a spike trap on the other side and leave every tower and every unit slip away , beast mode is an issue lvl 10 is 7s transformation duration 7s of 1 on 1 attacks beast vs 1 enemy, sometimes when i have to kill the defense beast my beast will focus on a werewolf that will keep healing from phoebe bless and howl when beast should focus on beast and dmg everything around him ( aoe attacks are needed armageddon or a powerful swordrain with stun duration or even an apocalypse like phoebe does ( which funny that nemesis worth 7,5 times as phoebe phoebe have a lot of dmg variety when in beast form and will take everything in range no need to focus on smthg ) ) . skeleton are mah we can't shield them and they get destroyed easily but they help when a howl is with them i hope u have some good ideas for the beast form the pal tho was a brilliant idea and it works great only problem is the small amount of moral maybe it should be increased a little bit
  5. all the offense ninja should get a small buff or at least the ability to shield them when they are doing the dash because if u don't watch them close and always shield them they will die fast
  6. i want to share my feedback too , i think for a level 10 pal the amount of moral should be buffed a little atleast copying a monk 10 moral . as @Jesper explained the main problem now is beast mode i'de recommande getting nemesis to 5 bombs and stop because the transformation duration is long and pal mode is way more useful so when my nemesis transforms i start waiting for the 7s to go away this is a fact i even told some to not make it lvl 10 the main issue with beast mode is enemy over paths and spike traps he will just stop and waste alot of time , his dmg is not era based or aoe attacks i watch it carefully and i saw only one enemy 1 tower got attacked at a time this is such a waste for the beast mode it should like phoebe beast do aoe attacks , flare you really did a great job reworking the pal but after some time the beast mode become a weakness u really need to do smthg about it maybe a large aoe attack maybe new dmg type or new attack maybe something else , nemesis now is not balanced between special ability and normal ability consider our feedback flare we are not seeking overpowering pal but it is just a waste and unpleasant to see nemesis beast mode don't stand up to the pal and price thanks
  7. we have a real life we can't just throw everything and wait for the server to be back and play pro-L we paid for tickets to get 5 days duration of pro-L our rights to have our full time ! one day of donation is 65M easily obtained this help in extending boosts now we have to pay X2 gold to extend boosts i didn't get gems so i need to pay from my own gems how about that ? is that fair for u
  8. I got 452 (pro reward) vouchers 😂😂 how i'm gonna skip donation with them ? Ok fair enough use my own gems boosts are not free + 1 day of donation is very important we have plans about leveling up our ally and we need to be on track so yeah one day of donation far worth more than ur account 😉
  9. so a whole day of donation is lost pro league troph medal collecting and just a compensation chest 😂😂😂 quite good
  10. my biggest concern is that our ally name is displayed but when opening it ,it says not found 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 fix it flare !
  11. ur connection is fine the proof is u can post here lol so it is a serveur end problem from FLARE
  12. we are using windows phone windows 10 androids and ios so it is all the platforms , still we can't log in what so ever if it was just 1 player it would have been a real connection problem on our part but our connections is working perfectly IGN all sleeping lion players
  13. are you planning to add some morale to the ability of nemesis because 5 or 6 morale at a time is so low
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