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  1. thanks that make sense , but i'm not sure i like the way it is now because we equip items to get some specific bonuses so removing them is kinda
  2. Did i say a ring ? it is OBVIOUS that i'm talking about horkos virus and zelos ring
  3. Does using a guardians removes hero's perks and auras ? i mean whenever i press my guardian icon and mount it i can't infect any enemy using my virus perk and no effect from my bomb kicking aura
  4. G1nasis

    in review No Guardian rewards

    i had the same problem with sultan and i said that it was all my imagination but now that it is a problem that happened to a lot of players i'd say i gained a total of 4 sultans and i was about to upgrade it when the bar kept glitching between 4 and 3 and then went down to 3 so yeah i lost some too i'm not sure about the others because i didn't pay attention
  5. G1nasis

    community manager answered Trophies calculation ?

    well i'm wondering how a player lvl 112 (i'm lvl 108) attacked me 3 times and got under 45% and still got 10 troph from me each time he is not low lvl how come that ?
  6. well the only thing that i could think of to correct nemesis flaw is and as mentioned in every dragon mythology is the ability to cast fire ice poison(acide) and in RR2 case stun/ petrifying spells , but that won't be enough because it needs to raise to it's price so as mentioned by all players almost it needs a re work for the special power and we voted for summoning a dragon maybe 2 who knows, and it might be a good way of introducing a poison dragon , regeneration is also a commun thing in dragon mythology in this case (healing) and fear is also mentioned in many cases. so for this first idea it will be normal ability is almost like aska but in addition it will have healing (blessing or a normal heal) , fear or confusing and if u felt generous u can add more to it ,ofc the dmg is more likely to be stronger and for the special ability u can keep the transformation but instead of summoning skeleton it will summon dragons. it might start for a lvl 1 100% chance of summoning dragon (1dragon ) and with each lvl a % is added until it reach 300% on lvl 10 for 3 dragon maybe 250% chance i will let the dev decide the % but with lvling it adds more dragon maybe 3 maybe 2 and a chance to get the 3rd maybe 2 is perfect amount. it will be the perfect combo for a high end pal i guess Another what seemed a good idea is to have it cast spells/scrolls instead of bombs . let me explain more ,the concept is nemesis can cast a random spell as a normal ability ofc the FS/blizzard/swordrain or stun/HS or BS are higher chance to be cast, the dmg will be the same as the player's based or it will be chosen and determined through tests the spell won't last very long it will be just an instant effect or last until the next is cast maybe overlap the other spell and last a few sec , stun duration will be determined and BM will work just like nidhogg's and for the special ability it will cast a scroll maybe 2 the higher chances are for timewrap and armageddon . i think the second idea will be harder to do and needs more thinking so i'll vote for the first lol hope i helped in making nemesis better
  7. G1nasis

    Pro League join deadline?

    yes there is a deadline , however once you have joined you will have the right to fight until the rewards are given , i'm not sure why there is a deadline but my answer will go for : to prevent cheating it is the only reasonable answer i can think of , my advice will be try to login before that deadline and join it after that you have till they payout rewards to fight
  8. G1nasis

    32/32 in year of the Yeti

    flare added 2 extra battles in case you faced an issue in connection or you did lost a war so they are just a bonus , in total there is 30 island and 32 fights.
  9. i think it is still to early to talk about price reduction , let's wait for the intended buff then talk about the price if it become worthy of 150k then why they should reduce the pricei think it is still to early to talk about price reduction , let's wait for the intended buff then talk about the price if it become worthy of 150k then why they should reduce the price
  10. my answer will be work hard and play every single PL to get 150k , i bet u only have 30k crystal now and trying to get it it is not real life here so those salesman ideology won't work . second it is not even close to be 1% fair to do such thing because some player want it to be reduced in price when others got it for 150k , 6 month of collecting crystal each and every weekly pro league ,1750*6 gems the price of tickets! why should it be reduced now ? few players have it because of hard everyday work , and almost every player in RR2 wants to get it because it looks cool but the thing is 150k is not affordable by everyone so they will try to convince flare to reduce price hahaha just try harder to collect those crystal. Nemesis is a symbolism of PL mastery reducing it's price will take away half of it's symbolism , being affordable by everyone will take the other half and it will become a normal pal where it should be top tier PRO-PAL like in normal pal nidhogg and aska. i'd say look when flare made the PRO-landscape purchasable it become a normal thing now everybody could have it , but before that it was just smthg that everyone want to have it but it needs a lot of hard work to get that 1st place. if the price is an issue no one forced you to have it, if you talk about real life sales , well i'll tell you if you want a 1,5K$ phone and u only have 300$ would u go bargaining about the price and try to get a reduced price or buy a 300$ phone and just go home. it is the same case no one forcing you to have nemesis nor is it a necessity of the game u can still enjoy the game without it so if u can't afford it buy another affordable pal , if u really want to get it ? collect the displayed price as in real life and buy it. good luck with that
  11. well how about those who spent 5x your suggested price to get it ? well the price is not the issue here it needs to be unique and strong
  12. buffing the current power won't make any difference it need a new ability suitable to the price every pal so far adds + with the special ability ,but nemesis' is a flat ability that does not help what so ever . so it needs a new ability we already agreed most of the player on the ability of summoning dragons one type of dragon per transformation i mean this will be so worth the price and the time spent to get those crystal
  13. G1nasis

    Conquest = deals

    u are totally right how about just a range not the exact value , a player with 4242 for exp should be displayed 4250 our so you got my point ?
  14. G1nasis

    Conquest = deals

    how to hide trophies of a player ? do u attack randomly ? do u attack players blindly ? what if u are a 4k player and attacked a 5k player what if u attack a tower with 3 player to supreme win and the guard is a 5k skull or plus .. it won't make sense removing ally/ players name is a good idea no deals no peace offering but however trophies should be visible for the fact that it interfere with the strategy and planning of attacks
  15. G1nasis

    Wikia - New Maintenance team

    https://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Pro-League pro league section is back give us your feedback please we are trying to complet it with all the new items and the new pro leagues