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  1. Still on Android 4.4 ? If it's the case, upgrade to Android 5.0
  2. FFS! This guy! I hate you so much @LegendaryCrate ?
  3. @ABurned Game uninstalled, so it doesn't matter anymore I wish you the best, hope you'll be brave and keep fighting for the cause. Maybe we will meet again in another community. Peace guys!
  4. @Nikkodidn't even bother to reply on this thread..
  5. @TurboTIBI don't think they care anymore.. sadly..
  6. Not asking you the whole version, but when you report something, try to be accurate, devs aren't gods.
  7. First time I see a post like this.. Oh wait..
  8. Bad strat buddy, I've got plenty of 3?without any upgrades. Yay, I just miss a Legendary, so maybe one day I'll spend these bolts ?
  9. I've only upgraded once to 4stars, at the beginning with my 5.56 uncommon. Then I had the feeling to waste metal so I stick with it until Interstate, where I've looted rare 5.56 and 7.62.. But now I think I'm going to have the same feeling.. That's why I've all these bolts I guess
  10. Glad to see you've find a use for your bolts, I've just reached 50k..
  11. I'll still open crates, farm the same maps, get the same crap weapon, but I'll not get involved with the community anymore..
  12. We won't be able to create new threads but you'll still be able to reply to those already created
  13. If your weapon have 1 star it must be level 10 to see the Fuse If it has 2 stars -> level 20 3 stars -> level 30 And so on... Exactly like @mabaeyens said...
  14. I'm not an expert, it's just my opinion, wait for @mabaeyens @ABurned @Primathon and some others
  15. The 50mm one will alway be weaker than the 40mm. The only thing that affect the damage output/level is the rarity, and they are both epic. You'll have more shots with the 50mm, but weaker than the 40mm if they are both level 60. But the 50mm is faster to reload and have a better fire rate, so you should consider this too. My personnal opinion is that the 50mm is better, it is a bit weaker but upgraded it'll still do a ton of damage.
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