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  1. Does Phoebe suck?

    that is true ceres is actually the best pal in game
  2. New tournament like pro

    so @GalaMorgane @FTB we want something like this. fights with friends - sounds really intresting. i bet lot of players confirm this
  3. New tournament like pro

    something like fights with friends. we can fight in the same battle with our mate. we want this!
  4. whacked scores in pro

    flare why You let players hack in pro? current top1 in pro leaderboard (and lot of people....) isnt legit, im 100% sure. her/his score..... almost immaculately, i cant believe she/he is honest player. and look at this advantage in monthly leaderboard, OVER 1200 POINTS! ridiculous...
  5. promotion for skull perks

    The game becomes more Pay to win than earlier...
  6. promotion for skull perks

    To all of You. I said its unfair because a lot of You (Cromka, oPelle and more more players who have played since start the game) collected sp and i bet You have about 35% and now new players can easily lvl up (even close to 120lvl) so they will get a nice sp in this offer on start (122lvl - exactly 30,2%sp in offer). Now wars can be more intetesting but this 'special promotion' for players with quite strong sp is so useless.
  7. promotion for skull perks

    Half year = about 120lvl. Some of my friends got it
  8. promotion for skull perks

    I dont think so. Tell me, thats fair for You? You probably have a pretty good sp and new players can get similar value like You. Instantly...
  9. promotion for skull perks

    flare, why did You give this offer for all players ? its really unfair, most people have collected skull perks from the beginning and now new players can get a good sp immediately......
  10. i think the items scale will be higher if you get one more lvl. it can be like items in events, lvl up = perks up
  11. Sounds really good. Great idea!
  12. Gala or Flare -- Please Help RE: Granny One Day Offer

    my alli friends got 5 new slots (they had no free space)
  13. Monk range bugged after update

    yep, over 6,5 for me
  14. Defeat with 99 % ?

    you probably attacked player a much less than you