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  1. Spacebreaker

    upgrading items/towers/obstacles/units/spells

  2. Spacebreaker

    upgrading items/towers/obstacles/units/spells

    again. 371 pearls -> forge health of my lightning tower -> lost connection -> 233 pearls...
  3. sometime when i click on 'forge' i lost my connection. when i log in game i lost some of my pearls (for example: i want to forge skull perk in belt [amount of pearls - 500], click on 'forge' -->then lost connection --> back to game --> amount of pearls about 400). and after this i need forge 2 times, this 'bug' doesnt skip first try. my internet connection is good. this problem reoccur. solve this @Madlen
  4. Spacebreaker

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    Flare, why You dont remove crowns of banned players ? Thats not hard activity for sure
  5. Spacebreaker

    question to flare staff

    if you dont see the reason dont read posts. we only want to delete hackers from PL and from rr2. more posts more chance to they will read this
  6. Spacebreaker

    question to flare staff

    its impossible to get top1, top2, top3, top4 by one alliance, we both know it. flare should decrease their honours cuz its sooo unfair towards us
  7. Spacebreaker

    question to flare staff

    why you let RL cheaters get weekly and monthly rewards in PL? let me know why they are above the law, why they can claim best rewards and share it to alliance ?(pro pals, basic pals by buying pal chests [100k diamonds for 3 best guys]) start doing sth. 40 minutes to the end - they are still in leaderboard. dont be useless
  8. Spacebreaker

    Pro league question

  9. Spacebreaker

    Pro league question

    I dont believe their experience is enough big. Different sets - some players of RL in top places... Thats not experience for sure. What with other players with much better knowledge about game? Lot of them dont have the crown.
  10. Spacebreaker

    Pro league question

    Dear Flare, I only want to know why RL is so strong alliance. They all time have first and second place in PL leaderboard. Can You tell me why they are so good? Or maybe they aren't as god as we can see in rank. I think in this game some people are more equal than others. Or maybe I get my facts wrong then I will sorry all of them but now I have to say THEY ARE CHEATERS. And I mean PL and basic league too (and maybe more...).
  11. Spacebreaker

    Bug in the pro league again works !!!!

    @LordReptile can You tell me where is Your score in PL? You were on 1st place and now.... i dont see You... interesting...
  12. Spacebreaker

    Bug in the pro league again works !!!!

    Pro League: he starts the battle, switches off his wifi connection and battle is still active. closes the battle and log in game again. and the time in PL is unmodified. @GalaMorgane @Nikko ? he has the recording of this bug, can send in private message to You
  13. Spacebreaker

    Bug in pro league

    In first picture Your score is max...
  14. Spacebreaker

    level difference

    Better stats for each lvl.
  15. Spacebreaker

    PAL COllector Events ♥

    Now You can buy all set by money. Better deal for flare...