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  1. Flare.... Today i made 7 attacks, three of them was lost because of kick. Lets finally do sth cuz this game is not to play. I have a video when im kicking off IGN: Spacebreaker System: iOS not only my problem...
  2. it always works... if You melt 8 items and get pearls after start event You will get 3x more... others got 3x more but not me and few of my friends
  3. not only me. a few teammates have the same problem
  4. Flare seriosly? another bug... i melt down 8 pro items (about 5,5k pearls without promo) and now when the blacksmith event starts i got ...... 5,5k pearls... lost over 10k... @Madlen what with my pearls ? IGN: Spacebreaker
  5. Add a new button which will block collecting all resources. We lost lot of pearls because of it. Add this option for example before blacksmith events @Madlen
  6. again. 371 pearls -> forge health of my lightning tower -> lost connection -> 233 pearls...
  7. sometime when i click on 'forge' i lost my connection. when i log in game i lost some of my pearls (for example: i want to forge skull perk in belt [amount of pearls - 500], click on 'forge' -->then lost connection --> back to game --> amount of pearls about 400). and after this i need forge 2 times, this 'bug' doesnt skip first try. my internet connection is good. this problem reoccur. solve this @Madlen
  8. Flare, why You dont remove crowns of banned players ? Thats not hard activity for sure
  9. I dont believe their experience is enough big. Different sets - some players of RL in top places... Thats not experience for sure. What with other players with much better knowledge about game? Lot of them dont have the crown.
  10. Dear Flare, I only want to know why RL is so strong alliance. They all time have first and second place in PL leaderboard. Can You tell me why they are so good? Or maybe they aren't as god as we can see in rank. I think in this game some people are more equal than others. Or maybe I get my facts wrong then I will sorry all of them but now I have to say THEY ARE CHEATERS. And I mean PL and basic league too (and maybe more...).
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