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  1. Told to take a Break?

    strange. hope developers explains that @GalaMorgane @FTB
  2. End-game items

    each lvl up increases bonuses in hero items and statistics in pals
  3. Told to take a Break?

    did you have exactly this info ? it seems so chucklesome
  4. Dragon animation of dracomancer takes too long time

    same here for me. i play with ceres and pyro all time and its really annoying when i see the animation a dozen times. thats waste of time. theoretically we can control the king while animation is picture but not altogether.
  5. Excellent idea! Sounds really interesting
  6. Blacksmith bug

    Almost 2500
  7. Blacksmith bug

    It can be right. Thanks
  8. Blacksmith bug

    Can you explain? I’ve this bug hundredth time... @GalaMorgane @FTB ? 55 pearls = over 2 hours
  9. How many XP-gain in war battle?

    the same
  10. A new Hero Gear/Item should be introduced

    that seems crazy. if you dont know what kind of units comes on the game is more interesting. this what you writed is too overpowered i think
  11. Incorrect Score

    the main result is your the best score from among 3 battles + 2.0% of all battles + skulls from chamber of fortune
  12. More info in attack history

    it seems pretty good, hope i will see this in game
  13. No pro league rewards

    nothing surprises us anymore
  14. Game will not connect...internet is fine

    same here... why this game is so spoiled?