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  1. ...or even "we are working on X, Y, and Z specifically to address the issues of A, B, and C that have been widely reported ad nauseum." C'mon guys, it's not rocket science. You've got an engaged player base. Let them know what you're working on behind closed doors.
  2. Please fix this. It is such a needless limit on communication. "Hello airmen, here's our new in-game community hub! The layout is worse, and it's harder to read, but also you can only post two sentences at a time!"
  3. I only did the 5.56 and 40/70, but it shouldn't be too hard to look at the other weapons and figure out the damage scaling. Uploaded to Google and shared here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iv4YzAeFUUvG1Fky-dmx9ZfVMkKS8W4aWknopiIuc3k/edit?usp=sharing
  4. @Satsloader yeah man, I'll be poking around from time to time. I do really like the game; have just been really frustrated with the grind and lack of any real communication from the devs other than "We've got so many great things to show you all! Great things. The best things. You'll love the things we'll show you." ... and then nothing happens. So far, anyway. There's probably an update coming soon, I dunno... I'm sure they're working hard, and I do appreciate that. A little bit of transparency would be nice, though, especially toward the balance of things that are good for the devs bank accounts vs things that are good for the players.
  5. @anas76 what's that cost to boost to level 2? level 10?
  6. With new game patches, all things are possible :-) will be looking forward to see what the future brings...
  7. @mabaeyens @OnLikeDnkyKong @Satsloader @anas76 @TurboTIB I just extended the calculations on my 2-star Gold 40/70 all the way up to level 60. Without any fusing costs (which rise very significantly as the multiplier between star ranking and rarity level) I was looking at over 2.8 million metal. For one weapon. That you don't have any way to get other than RNG. The multiplier ratio between star levels decreases slightly as you boost upwards in level, but since the amounts you're calculating the ratio against are so much higher at each tier, the costs actually increase quite a bit. I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption that 2.8 million is a low bound. God help you if the game drops a 5-star legendary on your lap. Hmm... 2.8m metal needed / 150k per day = ~19 days of grinding, at between 4 and 6 hours per day. Per legendary. Which you don't have any way to get other than RNG. ... Yeah. I uninstalled the game last night. Now, everyone has their own reasons for playing games. Personally, I play games to win. Especially single-player. It's a big reason I don't touch MMORPGs, but love a well crafted loot game like Diablo III (the guys at Flaregames could learn a lot from studying how they deal with weapon drops). If I wanted to gamble, I'd go to Las Vegas. To those who continue to stay in the fight, good luck and godspeed. I truly envy your abundance of time.
  8. @Trahor Thanks! Uploaded. We now have complete weapon data (all five rarities) on the following: 5.56mm Machine Gun 20mm Autocannon 30mm Cannon 40/60 Cannon 40/70 Cannon AG-114 Hellfire Missile 68mm Rocket Pod 20mm HRAS Sniper MP5 SMG G36 Assault Rifle M4A1 Assault Rifle I37 Shotgun WLSN Shotgun RPG-7 Russian MS Marksman Rifle https://primathon.com/zgs/
  9. Generally, more than seven figures.
  10. Another example with some data to mine through (about $350 worth, to be exact)
  11. I've found a couple tips that have helped make base defense super easy (though I'm only level 21, so no Impalers yet). Leaving a grove of trees near your base mean that the vast majority of enemies will spawn from there. It's covered by a mortar with a few layers of walls in front. This does about 70% of the damage. The other thing that helped a lot was basically just leaving paths into the center of my base and not walling off anything. Everything wants to get at the main buildings with the minimum of pathfinding, so most creatures will just funnel in single file, allowing me to get really good DPS. Seems like the enemy AI has a preference toward walking around a barrier if there's a path rather than trying to blow it up. We can use this to our advantage. Check the screenshots to see what I mean.
  12. @JimmyJazz Yeah I don't know how they calculate damage for area weapons like this. Just tested some direct Titan hits on hard, and for a weapon that says it's doing ~9k damage, it still doesn't kill 'em. Drops the health bar to about 15%, but the target remains.
  13. I think the damage calc for that is a radial spread over the area of effect. I've got it up to LVL15 or so, doing almost 10k damage, and it still doesn't oneshot a Titan on hard. Maybe a 100% direct hit right at his feet, but that'd be it. Really more useful to wreck the Impalers. Until you're not having trouble with any missions, I guess? There's quite a few in Interstate that still give me a rough time on hard. What level are you?
  14. Not having to pay attention to my troops and just watching the timer for the hold/go orders makes this level a cakewalk. I'm level 22 and racking up 2400+ kills per run. Not too shabby
  15. Would love to see Stimpack (obviously call it something that's not violating copyright law) added as a consumable utility drop. Adds an icon right next to "hold position" and "evac", using it burns 50% of your total troop health and decreases armor by 50% but doubles run speed, loot speed, and firing rate for 20-25 seconds. Kind of a "hail mary" play. It would also add some really interesting strategic elements as far as when you'd use it. It'll probably never happen, but damn it'd be lovely.
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