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  1. Ha..... so I finally got my second legendary item (from a common crate btw what the hell). It happens to be a fucking MS sniper. Hmm what do people about boosting this weapon? I can't seem to find much reason other than to kill the titans but I have a legendary bazooka for that..... can anyone find a reason for me to boost this?
  2. Boost it bro it's going to get you past the impairers in the last map
  3. So it's clear there is not much point upgrading your assault troop anymore once they can kill a zombie with on spray of bullets. The only reason if for health but they are already super tanky if they can kill a z with one shot. This makes the rarity of your assault weapons obsolete as well as a mere green weapon could do the same things a gold can do. So why not make boosting your assault rifle result in decreasing your loading time? And rarity of weapons should have relatively shorter reload time? this should lhelp users want to upgrade the weapon and maybe even use it.
  4. (Only for people who have significant progress through the game) So for those people that likes to take their eyes off the phone when they are farming this is the thread for you. I have found most maps with one building to loot is doable without shooting a zombie from your plane.the maps with two buildings to loot in silencio heights are all doable as well. My loadout is a bazooka shotgun and two assaults for survival ability.let me know if anyone has found any more maps easy to farm without trying
  5. No point upgrading I'm afraid. After your assault gun can kill a zombie with one spray of bullets. The only reason to upgrade is for its health. But I have a rare assault gun leveled to 30 and they basically don't die already. So yeh no point upgrading I'm afraid. I had this exact same thought b4 haha
  6. Well I didn't check because one legendary weapon I have is the Russian bazooka. So I'm never switching that out. In terms of health though they certainly seem less tanky than assaults.
  7. You are indeed correct sir. It's such a pity though, It's only level 22 and there is no point to upgrading it.
  8. yeh shotguns are definitely way to go. I already have maxed crappy shotguns tho and I want to wait until i get a legendary shotgun :). Until then I'm toying with my assault rifles to see if they are useful. So forgetting about the other load outs and what not, I have a rare M4A1 rifle at level 22. it can kill Zs in one spray and is quite tanky. I don't think your health goes up from boosting the weapon anyways though. So is there any point of boosting the assault any further? (excluding effect on titans cuz they can't kill them anyways)
  9. So I want to know if there is any point to boosting an assault rifle after it can kill a zombie with one spray of shots. The reason for assault ground troops is that their health bar is far superior to shotguns or snipers. I did a test to see how each of these ground troops would go fighting zombies alone. Each troop except the shotgun could kill the zombie one shot in this test. So assault lasted 60 zombies, shotgun 21, sniper 12. So now, if the rifle can kill a zombie with one shot, what would upgrading anymore do to improve killing zombies? Assault rifles can't kill titans anyways no matter how legendary your assault rifle might be. Maybe if by boosting to higher levels you get reduces reload time it seems useless. Thoughts?
  10. hey guys why can't I post in game forums?

  11. Has anyone who have won a lotto in their lifetime and bought a shit tone of premium crates and tell us what legendary items they got from them? My only legendary so far is a Russian bazooka. Wouldn't mind a legendary shotgun tho that would be the best item for ground troops I'd assume.
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