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  1. Its all fucked up now they dont want us to play anymore if there anything good left they will make sure it wont last long
  2. Or is dead FG has no community manager to run OR soon this game will be all dead
  3. last time same happened to u ? did u faced red squad were they in same league u were or no >?
  4. Thank u captain morgan its look like we will have something to carry on playing game otherwise all the game is ruined ???
  5. u will do what u want to so no sorries are required
  6. nothing is funny here i think
  7. if u have goood items for her it doesnt mean that everyone can have that. artemis is the best hero best from athena she has less attack not requires much cooldown leadership is good if not equip with unique she can do good
  8. indeed she can do solo but almost 85% players are not playing with athena cuz her leadership is very low and her damage as well she have 5 spells but are 5 spells enough?helen with 4 spelll is way better then her she has low damage then her but she doesnt requires demo, u have demolition,cooldown ring its a unique but it doenst mean that every one can have that ring.....
  9. not every one can costumize nor every one can have apple of discords to put on her she requires demolition chance she doesnt have a good leader ship as well .As a major goddess in greek mythology she must be powerfull then any other hero
  10. there are 3 major gods in greek myhtology they are much stronger, in game they are weak and the powers they have in real are not in this game for example Zeus is the god of lightning he must have the lightning power not athena,as the king of gods he must be powerfull but he is the most weakest among all heroes and gods,for athena fist of power is not suitable cuz she is the goddess of strategies she must have a large leadership,large then ariadne and can lead greatest armeis in to the battle,hades is okey with his unique power,you should put the 3rd major god Poseidon...please make zeus and athena strong so we can use them more .
  11. An alliance with 98 torches is facing alliance much higher alliance then its self in ranking and in torches how are u supposed to put a team that have 190+ torches and team that has 98 torches.i know weed is good for health but please not all the time ....
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