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  1. but... does it matter that it's a 6 star, if it's still only level 1, though? (not to take anything away from the rarity of the find, but seriously)
  2. I created an account here to say this. i'm sure there's a thousand other people with similar opinions who haven't bothered to offer their feedback. so no matter how crappy it is to hear it, it's feedback from a customer. I picked up this game while it was in beta. fun shooter, nice difficulty scale, good rewards for completing missions, looks fantastic, needs some polish. I even got some friends playing it too. now that it's version 1.0...i've stopped playing. i come back here to look around, and only hear everyone echoing my own thoughts and opinions. a game is supposed to encourage you to play. (read up on game theory, why slot machines are so successful) this game fails to deliver adequate reward for loyal player time. 1) multiple currencies to upgrade weapons (metal and bolts). fix: pick one. 2) weapons don't accrue experience during missions anymore - forcing you to only upgrade with metal and bolts. fix: allow experience gains 3) running missions more than once in a day yield diminishing returns. fix: increase the output of return for every rerun mission. or add a multiplier for missions run in a day. 4) common weapons are useless. game is unplayable with anything less than epic. fix: make common useful, then scale the others up from there to make it easier/ more fun. 5) crates take too long to open. i want to open crates when i earn them. if i have to wait, then make them auto open themselves over time. do not restrict me to 4 crates and then make me wait 3 hours. why does the developer want me to play this game less? fix: i earn a crate, let me open it NOW. do not then turn around and reduce the number of crates i get, because we all know that the stuff that comes out of a crate is mostly garbage anyway. 6) amount of metal required for fusing/upgrading is insane. i don't even use it anymore with the hopes that i will eventually get a legendary. but i hear that probably won't happen. since game is unplayable with anything below epic, why would i bother to spend anything on any of these weapons? fix: cut resources required to upgrade/fuse by a factor of about 10,000. 7) stop punishing me for playing your game. fix: start rewarding me for playing your game. the most annoying thing is, i'm not even asking for changes to the game itself - just some numbers in a table somewhere. until you meet my list of demands, i'm not even giving this game the time. so much for ad revenue, guys.
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