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  1. I actually have 7 :/ AC 20, G36, 2x RL SMAW, RKT 120, and now just 2 30mm cannons cuz I just used one to fuse.
  2. I definitely spent some. My girlfriend actually had to put a password restriction on my phone because I was out of control. Don't know what I'd do without her. Just got my Bachelor's so I thought I'd blow some cash before I either pursue a career or higher education. I work hard for my money teaching and playing percussion and while I'm good at saving, sometimes I splurge on dumb stuff.
  3. Now if I could just find a gold AC 30....
  4. Arguably the WORST gun in the game, and the ZGS gods decide to bless me with three of them. I'm at a loss.
  5. Hadn't occurred to me that high-level guns on the ground increase troop health, but I read somewhere that it's a thing. Anyone have data on that?
  6. Oh I already had all the stars. What's VIP status?
  7. Oh, and these too.... It's like the game knew everything I didn't want and gave me that.
  8. The last hour or so has been a blur. Fed up with common after common popping out of crates, I gave in to the demon and bought hella gold. Like, HELLA gold. Almost $350 and countless premium crates later, see attached media for what I have to show for it. I've never had an addiction to a game like this before. It was pretty scary. Luckily I showed my wonderful girlfriend my spending history, which didn't even include the money I'd already blown on ZGS in the past, and she prompty turned off my in-app purchases and set a Restrictions password on my phone. She basically saved me from myself. Not that this matters or anything, but it was all money I'd earned myself so it wasn't like I shouldn't spend it however I please, but it just wasn't healthy. There are much, much more productive things to spend money on than this devil of a game. Or better yet, just keep it in savings. I wouldn't tell anyone what to do with their money, but believe a schmuck like me when I tell you that this game is not the place to spend it. At least, not yet. The only upside to this is that my hard-earned cash might help fund the devs to improve the game's balance and crate probabilities. Or, it will just make them think they don't need to change jack since they're getting paid anyway. Who knows. Anyways, I'm obviously incapable of donating any more to this game, so if you want to do it good luck. Hopefully you'll have someone there to cut you off when you go off the deep end too.
  9. Just wanna be safe. Any way to sync that I haven't already done automatically?
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