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  1. swampwalker

    7/10 update

    Confirmed. I'm done with this game. Great job Developers. I'm enjoying Angry Birds Evolution way more than this crap. Maybe they need to look at Rovio and how to make a buck off players. 10/14/17 is the end of any involvement I will have with this game. Looking forward to having more free time in my life
  2. swampwalker

    July 14th Uninstall Day

    I enjoy this forum and the many people who contributed to answering many newbies question over and over in different posts without hesitation. I learned quite a lot just by reading and implementing what is posted here. I did not start playing early enough to interact with most of you. This is what a community is about. When they shut this down I think I'm done. Sad. I love this game.
  3. swampwalker

    Transition to the in-game community hub

    Sums it up quite nicely.
  4. swampwalker

    Best of luck to everyone

    Damn. This sucks. Haven't tried in game yet. I will find you as Byns right? Don't be a stranger.
  5. swampwalker

    Help with North County, The Dive

    If you ever hunted ducks or wildfowl use it to your advantage. You have to let the firepower rain down on them.
  6. swampwalker

    Help with North County, The Dive

    Aim for the titans feet. Seems a weak point. Best advice I can give unless you have legendary or epic weapons equipped to your gunship.
  7. swampwalker

    Bolts! Arrgh....

    Finished the event that started this morning. When you finish it you will have plenty of bolts from all the useless junk you have to scrap. Got nothing above a common (Green) weapon from every crate I opened. Either I already had one or didn't need what I received.
  8. swampwalker

    Keep losing Video Ad Bonus

    Are you referring to a black screen after watching a video for free loot? I get that a lot. Here is what I do with iOS. Hit the home button to get out the game. Do not swipe to close it completely. Open up the game again and it's there to collect. Has worked every time for me.
  9. swampwalker

    what do you play on??

    IPad Air 2 64 GB and iPhone 6 16 GB. I'm 50 years old. Need the IPad to see better. I use my iPhone for notifications about crates to be opened while away from home and at work. My iPad is wifi only but is what I use to play on as a primary device.
  10. swampwalker

    6/30 event weapon drop tally

    This is what I'm using with what I have so far. Has got me all stars on every level. I'm a strictly free player so everyone knows
  11. swampwalker

    6/30 event weapon drop tally

    My top weapons in this screen shot have all come from common or elite crates. Have never received anything awesome from a premium crate. The only legendary weapon I received came from one of those 8 hour to open elite crates you get from defending your base.
  12. swampwalker

    6/30 event weapon drop tally

    I was highly upset with the 1 star Green SMAW from a premium crate and the 3 star Green WLSN Shotgun. Everything else was uncommon grey fodder. Premium crates must mean you pay a premium to buy them.
  13. swampwalker

    Who's the idiot that put that base there?

    The 8 hour crate drop is how I picked up my Legendary AC20. May have just been sheer luck though.
  14. swampwalker

    6/30 event weapon drop tally

    Platinum: 1 Green 30mm Auto Cannon 3*. 1 Blue 40mm Rocket Pod 3*. 1 Green G-36 Rifle 3*. 1 Blue MP-5 rifle 3*. Alll out of the elite crates. Diamond: 1 Blue R870 Shotgun 3* from common crate. 1 Green 20mm AC 3*. 1 Green 25mm NZI Sniper 3*. 1 Green 40mm/70 Cannon 3*. 1 Green R870 Shotgun 3*. All from elite crates. Last but not least. 1 Green SMAW 1* 1 Green WLSN Shotgun 3* from the PREMIUM crate. Also gained a few thousand bolts from everything I scrapped.