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  1. That happened to me with Scorched earth. I grinded the first couple events then this last one took me three days. And that's at 3000kills a shot. I just dunked around on the rest and f the game until I wanted to finish up the event.
  2. There's no one spot you can grind. After you complete a mission the loot goes down significantly. My basic daily grind consists of watching ads, defending base, daily objectives and if I have an hour or so i complete all of Interstate and Grey Valley on hard and medium, North Country and Silencio on hard and sometimes North Country on medium. Bout it.
  3. I think events now are going to be near impossible unless one is playing constantly throughout the day, which I won't do. Before I learned about farming scorched earth I tried an event and got the first level after a couple days. Even this last one took me until <10 hours left because i didn't play every second of every day. And that was getting 3000kills a round. So now only the people who play all day everyday will probably be winning the free crates. Thumbs up.
  4. Oh ok. I thought it said in nikkos post that you could respond to already created threads.
  5. Scorched Earth has 3 spawn trees. No more 3000 kills a round. My best just now was about 700
  6. What have you noticed that they fixed or added? Good: higher reward amount for daily objective bad: pop up ads and weapon inventory arrangement
  7. Hahahah yeah one ends, one starts seems to be the trend. Which is fine. More free crates
  8. Two higher level MGs and a high level cannon is what barely got me through medium. 40mm/70 lvl17 so if I can bring that or a 50mm up more i think I can squeak by and be 100%.
  9. Yeah that's been talked about a lot on here. the weapon balancing is way outta whack. Like the 50mm cannon being weaker than the 40mm. Wha?
  10. Yep $5. You guys across the pond are getting screwed, wth.
  11. Well there's only a day left before the great forum shut down so. Oh well
  12. Unrelated to the event, I decided to splurge on a random level 27 bundle and after the 2 elite and one premium plus using gold to buy two more elites, I ended up with a blue rkt100 and mostly useless green. Guess my lucky streak is over.
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