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  1. whiskeywarchild

    WE DEMAND!!!

    in all seriousness, the last earned cannon should be the 105mm howitzer, not the 50mm. at it should have an area damage equal to that of like the hellfire.
  2. whiskeywarchild

    real money Leveling up buildings

    yeah the building leveling up is wayyyyy out of balance. what used to cost 5000 or 7500 for a level 1 fence, as you level up the HQ, now costs 20000+ for the same? I'm just gonna stop adding stuff to my base since it's pretty well defended right now. the only thing I will pay the stupid high costs for are more defensive buildings. but walls and busses and that crap, forget it. waste of supplies.
  3. whiskeywarchild

    We need more types of Missions

    this is probably one of the best ideas that's been suggested as far as gameplay. that was one of my favorite things about Left 4 Dead on xbox 360, yeeeeears ago. you had campaign, cooperative, survival, versus, etc. it made the game way more replay-able.
  4. whiskeywarchild

    Create a World Event

    I like it! come on Devs, set up a subcommittee, have a town hall meeting, take a vote and lets get it rolling. I've been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation.
  5. whiskeywarchild

    Night-Vision Technology - BLOOD

    yeah one of my favorite things is launching a hellfire in a solid black group of zeds and watching parts fly all over the map.
  6. whiskeywarchild

    What is the point in abort a mission?

    I abort when I place my troops, go to hit deploy and my fat finger simultaneously places my troops out in the boondock sticks of Egypt and starts the mission. ABORT - RESTART.
  7. Definitely down with this
  8. whiskeywarchild

    No advertisement bonus for a whole day?!

    There has to be some kind of a limit in a 24hr period. I haven't counted but it's between 6-10 pairs. Bummer. As it stands right now, I think I make about 70k-80k metal with ads, crates, daily objectives, and playing all northcountry hard, grey valley medium and hard and interstate easy and medium with a few hard. That will hardly boost anything in my inventory so an ad limit sucks.
  9. whiskeywarchild

    Ability to add perks to weapons

    Only water cooling I'm aware of is the old maxim/vickers gun, and variants, from the Great War. anyway, I feel like the game is a little too simple to add a lot of perking but some kind of minimal/simple modification would be alright I guess. My line of thought is that if you get in to too much perks you take away from upgrading to other weapons. But who knows. I ain't a FPS COD type gamer so.
  10. whiskeywarchild

    Graphic Bug (Shambler/Titan)

    I actually like the shambler titan. Freaks me out for a second. I lay out a ton of fire and see that this shambler is still almost full health. "What the hell?! Why won't you die?! Oh yeah...shambler titan". Lmao
  11. whiskeywarchild

    Zombie Slaughter is not a challenge.

    Yeah that does suck.
  12. Might sound nitpicky and low priority, but I would like to see some variation in firing sounds between the same class of weapons. 5.56 is gonna sound way different than a 20, 25, or 30mm. And definitely with the cannons, 50mm to 30mm, etc. i only bring it up because when I started the game and unlocked new weapons I was disappointed they all sounded the same. Hah.
  13. whiskeywarchild

    Zombie Slaughter is not a challenge.

    Whatevs broheem. I ain't complaining about the challenge. Compared to the one rIght before it where diamond was like 50k or 80k kills or whatever I'm happy with the 2 purple and 2 blue weapons that dropped
  14. whiskeywarchild

    Am not unlocking achievements and objectives

    Hahaha my storages are rarely if ever full. Bring on the pay day!