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  1. That happened to me with Scorched earth. I grinded the first couple events then this last one took me three days. And that's at 3000kills a shot. I just dunked around on the rest and f the game until I wanted to finish up the event.
  2. There's no one spot you can grind. After you complete a mission the loot goes down significantly. My basic daily grind consists of watching ads, defending base, daily objectives and if I have an hour or so i complete all of Interstate and Grey Valley on hard and medium, North Country and Silencio on hard and sometimes North Country on medium. Bout it.
  3. I think events now are going to be near impossible unless one is playing constantly throughout the day, which I won't do. Before I learned about farming scorched earth I tried an event and got the first level after a couple days. Even this last one took me until <10 hours left because i didn't play every second of every day. And that was getting 3000kills a round. So now only the people who play all day everyday will probably be winning the free crates. Thumbs up.
  4. Oh ok. I thought it said in nikkos post that you could respond to already created threads.
  5. Scorched Earth has 3 spawn trees. No more 3000 kills a round. My best just now was about 700
  6. What have you noticed that they fixed or added? Good: higher reward amount for daily objective bad: pop up ads and weapon inventory arrangement
  7. Hahahah yeah one ends, one starts seems to be the trend. Which is fine. More free crates
  8. Two higher level MGs and a high level cannon is what barely got me through medium. 40mm/70 lvl17 so if I can bring that or a 50mm up more i think I can squeak by and be 100%.
  9. Yeah that's been talked about a lot on here. the weapon balancing is way outta whack. Like the 50mm cannon being weaker than the 40mm. Wha?
  10. Yep $5. You guys across the pond are getting screwed, wth.
  11. Well there's only a day left before the great forum shut down so. Oh well
  12. Unrelated to the event, I decided to splurge on a random level 27 bundle and after the 2 elite and one premium plus using gold to buy two more elites, I ended up with a blue rkt100 and mostly useless green. Guess my lucky streak is over.
  13. @Nikko this is a crap move and you know it. Very disappointed.
  14. Why is there even an ingame community thing anyway? It's inconvenient to use while playing since you have to look at it sideways. Just get rid of it and focus on actual quality relevant updates to the game. Leave the user stuff to this forum and expand this AFTER you fix all our complaints
  15. I have the following, what should I do? Epic 1* 50mm, power 10482 level 1- dmg 1624 level 10- dmg 2181 Epic 3* 40mm/70, power 10003 level 1- dmg 2741 level 8- dmg 3911 some of you have the smarts to figure out the ratio of leveling vs power vs damage, etc of which I do not. Then there's the kerfufel of damage having different effects across weapons. What should I do? On the surface it looks like the 40mm would end up being way more powerful with the negative being one less clip size which equal 3 less shots per mission. But then will the 50mm be more powerful in the long run after fusing to higher stars, etc? Help a brotha out. Lol
  16. I just got a level 27 bundle offer! Wth! Think I'll treat myself early. Hahaha
  17. It's the second mission in Grey Valley. I put this in GD since I'm not reporting it as a bug Has anybody noticed the zombie spawn #s are less in Hard than they are in Medium? I've been passively observing this for awhile and yesterday I watched the kill counter on Hard and with gunship, troops and mortar kills it was 101 right at 'victory'. Today I played medium and did the same and the kill count was over 200. Both were played with passive targeting, not "gotta wipe ever zed off the map". Mostly because they're weren't enough zombies to mow down. Weird, eh? Not that I'm complaining about a cake walk Hard for 1700 metal.
  18. that's a good set up, Commander. what epic cannon do you have? I got an epic 50mm in the last event that I have yet to upgrade, but it will be the next thing I do. as of right now, an epic hellfire does for me what your cannon does for you. impaler and titan defence, basically. to answer OP, I'm level 26 I think and still grind when I have a little time. but yeah, it's getting tiresome. I can usually burn through easy and medium interstate, medium and hard grey valley and hard north country in an hour or so and that's all I really do, including ads and base defence. not a huge can of cannons but until recently I didn't have any worth leveling up. we'll see with this epic 50mm. I have too many epics I need to work on. it's gonna be a long grind.
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