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  1. After playing this game for about 2 months and understanding the daily ins and outs, i hope to share some thoughts to the developers. Let's start with Real cash: It is understandable that a game like this comes with real world cash elements. I mean, we all need to eat. Reading the forum since i started the game, plenty of chief complaints come in the form of agitated and disappointed "spendees" who have purchased gold to unlock crates (whether premium or elite) and receiving sub-par loot(while in my experience, it may seem like common crates actually give better loot). As with any type of spending, the trade-off has to be AT-LEAST pleasant. Playing all the "events" since its launch have shown me some flaws in the crate payout(assuming they ARE the same in terms of payout and not a separate loot table for purchased crates) In my experience, i have received only green stuff from the elite and blues tend to focus on 3 items. The 7.62 AC, MP5s and 20mm Snipers. I've received 1 legendary 30mm canon from the normal crate and 1 Legendary 50cal sniper from the elite crate(defense mission). All the premium crates i received during the events were sub-par giving me mostly what i mentioned earlier. I suggest fixing the loot-tables by increasing the range of quality of items the higher up you go. For example: Express : Grey to Green, 1-2 star (since its given to new level/difficulty clears, they should be given to players to try out their new unlocks) Common :Grey Onwards, 1-3 star(this gives average to hardcore players a fair chance to get good stuff without feeling like it is a NEED to use real cash) Elite: Green Onwards 2-4 star, 3 items rather than 2. Premium: Blue onwards 1-5 star. (this is based on the attainable crates prior to todays patch) Another issue with crates is the mixture and imbalance of the Plane and Troop equipment payout. This should be separate in crate payments(from express to Premium) and they should have a minimum-maximum in their own class. I have opened some premium crates giving mostly troop items than plane. again this loot-drop table can be adjusted. The RNG in crate payout is laughable at times Next, Fusing: To me, all i see in Fusing is adding another element of repetitive grinding to the game. Yes, this is a grinding game. No doubt. It may be wise to give more rewards other than just increasing the damage characteristic of an item(for the most, its just damage). Fusing weapons should include elements such as increased ammo count, blast radius, decrease reload time and etc that is DEPENDENT on the weapons you are using to fuse. For example, If you were to fuse missiles, it should add or increase the "blast radius effect" of the item(irrelevant to the base item it is upgrading for). And for weapons that should "share" a trait(i,e missiles and rockets), there are a few other characteristics to tweak and mess around for diversity. Scrapping: Items should scrap into supplies and/or metal as well. I currently have 57 THOUSAND bolts in my inventory. If i were to make a fantasy weapon of choice for my AC130, it would be a cannon that lobs explosive shells filled with bolts as shrapnel. This could open a new building. Workshop to MAKE weapons with chance to PRODUCE items ranging from Common TO Legendary. Gives us more to do For Defense minigame: Troops should be deployed to assist in the defense to complement the defensive structures. There isn't really much to say here. Adds more activities to do. For 11 July Patch(+ scorched earth nerf) This patch raised a whole new issue. Prior to the patch, events WAS a great way to get players to play the game(participation). However the approach to nerf Scorched Earth was counter intuitive. I do not have the numbers(as i would need to cease all loot collection to get data), but at present the game-killing act of repetition will turn people away from events. I will even dare to say that participation or playing of the game will be lower. Of course this is going on the ASSUMPTION that the event parameters are maintained(which should not happen, but let's wait and see) I would say the primary factor that kills single player games or games in general are things like goading or subliminally telling players, the only way to succeed is to pay more money. Considering that this is a non-competitive game this approach would only disappoint players. i would suggest to revert the map back a version or introduction of an arcade mode/infinite zombie minigame(which is best, considering it does offer a new avenue of play AND players will appreciate it more that you still consider their participation as key) To summarize, fix the loot drop of crates so players who DO send money your way get good stuff and players who do actually support the game by sharing and playing often feel appreciated. Find a middle ground so event players can still be rewarded with good stuff without breaking maps to do so. Decrease needless grinding or add in more elements so the repetitive part of the game is mitigated by a form of actual progress. As for myself, i am 18000 EXP away from LVL 30, i enjoy the game and would continue to support it as much as i can in terms of making it fun for others as well. I see potential for this game to go far and i hope my wall of text didn't bore anyone to death.
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