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  1. The only lowering of the weapon damage is on buildings, which is a good thing because now you actually have to think about how you are going to clear a path. On zombies it has remained the same, and from what I have seen the Imps are now easier to kill. If you want a game where everything is handed to you on a silver platter you've made a good decision to stop playing. This one requires time, effort, and thought -- doesn't sound like that appeals to you.
  2. Just a guess here, but you might consider telling them what device you have...
  3. If you are playing along steadily (without buying any of the packages or spending your gold on metal) the pace of acquisition/use of bolts and metal is probably in balance. Its when you start buying and spending large amounts of metal that you disrupt things and can find yourself with more metal than you can use due to low levels of bolts. And when you are moving things up to levels 4 and 5 in order to fuse you need alot of bolts.
  4. Early on in the game bolts seem a fairly useless commodity. At one point I had well over 20k. But, as you start moving weapons up the chart to prepare to fuse at levels 4, 5, 6 your bolts start being consumed at an alarming rate, especially if you are using gold or purchases to top off your metal supplies. Basically, your metal supplies (which through various means) are renewable, start outpacing your accumulation of bolts which cannot be bought. So I am sitting here now, awash in metal supplies (and gold) without a decent supply of bolts for upgrading. Yes, you get some bolts in crates and for each battle, but I am finding now it is much easier and faster to get metal supplies than it is to get bolts. Sure would be nice to be able to spend some gold to build up the bolt stock.
  5. I'm at 30 now. Using Epic 5.56 (5 Star) and Epic AC20 (5 Star) along with a Legendary Rocket 80 (4 Stars). Unlike many others, I got pretty lucky with my crates. I did spring $50 on 6500 Gold early on and bought on $20 Crate Special, but other than that its all come as the result of game play. Guess I will pass the time trying to get everything up to 6 Stars while we await new missions and challenges. Upgrading the weapons (and all the related upgrades to fuse) should keep me busy for quite some time.
  6. Thanks. Found one that I must have left some loot. Just beat it. 78/78 Stars! All 271. Now what do I do? Perhaps get out more...
  7. Do you need a 100% perfect (all buildings looted, no troops lost) battle to earn a star? I am stuck at 77/78 on Interstate, and I have successfully completed all battles at all levels of difficulty, looting all buildings fully, but I did finish one with a few soldiers down.
  8. Very impressive! When the clip first began I thought there was no way you were going to shoot fast enough to keep the buggers from the ground team. Well played.
  9. Few things in this game are more satisfying than when those decaying little buggers march across the field in a straight line. Lots and lots of zombie parts go flying around!
  10. Agree on the 5.56. Though it overheats faster, when you use on "tap fire" it takes out more zombies than the higher caliber weapons. It also has a larger firing reticle. In my opinion, you are going to need both. I've been using the 5.56 and AC20 (both purple) and I am now able to get through the all battles fairly easily.
  11. I started this process as well. Unless I am missing something, there are only 8 levels in Silencio Hts; 9 in North County, and 10 each in Grey Valley and Interstate.
  12. Thanks Mabaeyens. I'll stand by until you have successfully migrated to see if you have any additional insights. I can live with play on the regular iPad for awhile until I have a higher level of certainty that I won't be trashing days and days of work!
  13. I have just gotten an iPad pro and I am wondering if I am able to transfer ZGS (and all my hard work!) to the new iPad? If I restore my new unit with a full backup of my current iPad and ZGS game will this work? Well, here is a slight kicker .... Despite having backed up my current iPad to my laptop 3 different times, I cannot get ZGS to show on my list of backed up apps...
  14. Yes, mine is inert as well. The "action" I thought I was getting was (as others suggested above) the result of tapping on the map -- not the icon. Its just there in order to prompt people like me to ask stupid questions ...
  15. After days of playing I just noticed that in the upper right on battlefield maps there is a little Trophy Icon under the word Level. Does this have any significance? I do notice that when I click it the deployment location changes, often to a very difficult starting point. Is this like "playing from the blue tees?"
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